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Utilize budda and Andy Isabella more after the first 2 tds you guys got too comfortable

Octavio Portillo

Viva Trump


Click bait, 8 sacks & 2 interceptions? That’s potential? GTFO with this BS positive spin you guys trying to get your fans to believe in this trash you put on the field. This organization should be ashamed of themselves. It’s a college playbook of an offense that’s 1 dimensional leading to 8 sacks. Seattle about to drop another L on y’all next week.

Ryan Berry

The defense look like crap the o lines of to hold up


forced commercial quickest why for me to unsubscribe … dont watch the game ( I mean the commercials with some game sprinkled in) anymore already. Bye.

Gary Tellez

DJ Swearinger is the biggest liability on defense I don’t see why he is still around

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Because we don’t really have anyone better


The second half they put no pressure on the qb, we have 0 run game, the OLine still is a problem, and the defense secondary was absolute garbage. Murray can play, he’s just under waaaaay too much pressure and has to change his game completely when he has to get rid of the ball right away. We can beat Seattle, we should beat them. This really shoulda been a win. Cmon Cards you guys can turn this around. I believe!!!!! Let’s go fans!!!!!For Larry!!!!


We need to do better sign offensive lineman trade for lineman

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Indeed. But Steve Keim doesn’t think we need an oline until it’s too late, which is why he needs to go

JR Lagasca

This is where halftime adjustment come in and and a experience HC come to play. Kudos to Rivera

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