Cardinals Folktales Season 2 Ep. 2: Stanton Shuffle – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cardinals Folktales Season 2 Ep. 2: Stanton Shuffle

In November of 2015, Carson Palmer was under center for a thrilling victory in Seattle, where the Seahawks were previously unbeaten under Pete Carroll in prime time games. But it was backup quarterback Drew Stanton who stole the show as the celebrated the win.

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Can we please just win tomorrow!!! Please! Bless ya Thank ya 😂


Gif of Destiny

Chris R.

I need that Stanton energy tomorrow

Victor Salgado

going too the game tomorrow because no one will buy my ticket on seatgeek can we please win at home??

    No Fs given

    I’ll give you 5$ right now 😂


Always enjoy watching Folktale vids, thank you!

No Fs given

Lmao damn those reporters where keeping Larry Legend hostage 😂


Love it!

Marcus Flores

Building the culture

Jovie 20

I really miss the bruce arians era because the cards where fun to watch and had alot of amazing games with great finishes

Kade Miller

I still laugh every time I see it. True folklore. Lol

Victor Sanchez

Great stuff Cards digital team. Keep up the good work!

Jetson Van

Oh gosh, what a magical season. 🎉

Emma Tani



The GIF of destiny!


Kyler only had 3 days of video games to prepare for Thursday’s game. I worry about his accuracy tonight! Lol 😉


I miss Bruce Arians

Jorge Garcia

That team was one of my favorite Cardinals rosters of all time, so many awesome guys and savvy vets that was so special.

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