Camp Confidential: Episode 4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
TMS_ Clouds

Cam Newton in my馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹

Gary Allen

I really hope Cam can stay healthy this season, last year I had them Winning the Super Bowl (before facing the Steelers)

    Curlheinz Barbell贸s

    @Will Tyler what? you make 0 sense.

    Will Tyler

    @Curlheinz Barbell贸s you’re trolling.

    Curlheinz Barbell贸s

    @Will Tyler nah you just can’t handle my opinion, imo you’re trolling here.

    Will Tyler

    @Curlheinz Barbell贸s whatever I’m not wasting my energy

    Curlheinz Barbell贸s

    @Will Tyler then stop labeling me as a troll you idiot 馃榾

Jamaal Noland

Am I the only one that gets annoyed by the bias media coverage on Cam?

    Julian Lee

    Where’s an example of this bias?

    Christian Peters

    @Trelen Norton white people could literally give you their house all their lifes savings and you’d complain they didn’t give you the shirt of their back. You just want to complain and be a victim and you’ll get no respect from me if that’s all you amount to. Take charge man and give up this “I’m black everyone is so mean to me” bs act.

    Franswair Heard

    @Christian Peters what ifs don’t hold weight to facts or reality


    Imagine if Cam was retiring instead of Andrew Luck… He’d be getting slammed x55 even though he’s been MVP and been to a super bowl

Willie Williams

I didn鈥檛 mean to raise my voice. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    Dood Jenkins

    Willie Williams you getting aggressive? Talking with your hands?

    Willie Williams

    Dood Jenkins 馃槀馃槀

    Eric B

    I self serve!

Danny Zuehlsdorf

Cam’s feet need some serious animal protein.

    Franswair Heard

    Hey lay off our Quarterback.

Blunt Sports

Gerald funny as hell!

Le Loup

We need some better chemistry something for the offensive line. We aren’t going anywhere with that o-line and it’s not good for Cam.

    Son of man!

    @RaZe FrostyZz The dude have a character of a teenager. Which is definitely not good for an elite franchise quarterback expecting your offensive line to look out for you to carry you to a championship. Maybe you don’t see it.

    Tee Tee

    @Son of man!what are you talking about? Everyone of those players have respect for Cam and what he does on that field. When players go out on that field they’re focusing on the game. Aaron Roger’s is running around here looking like a porn star from the 70’s so what’s your point. Ron already came out and said there was miscommunication with the O-line. They need to get it together and protect our quarterback

    Son of man!

    @Tee Tee Of course Ron would say that. You believe everything people tell the media? I only spoke of his dress code because when you add that to everything I’ve stated about his character, clearly you can see where the problem lies.

Migos NBA Reactions

Bruce Irvin sounds like Bobby off last chance u lol

    JayR Soil88

    Brooooo i thought i was the only one that caught that 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

    Hue Jaynus

    Eric Lopez 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Bobby looked like he wanted to cry after he said that lmao

Emily Bowman

Cam will be OK and will be ready to start week 1.. They said this was the worse case scenario…the worst case would be a season ending injury.. He will be ready to go week one mark my words

    Mareese Barnes

    Marked 馃槝

    Heso Melo

    Aaron Donald Fowler Clay Matthews Brockers are gonna eat

Jacob Brue

I鈥檓 not even a big panthers fan I鈥檓 more of a Vikings fan but I love watching these. It鈥檚 awesome, it鈥檚 like free hard knocks. Thank you Carolina Panthers YouTube channel




    then come RS he’s way behind, no room in this league to go 0-2, 0-3, cant replace game reps.


    christian I understand where you are coming from but he is a vet, and the preseason is a fight for the rookies and backups

Johnny Jamison

Protect my fckn QB man damn!!!! Not another year of him running for his life!!!! Come on offensive line!!!!

    Peter R

    but that is their mindset isn’t it? You have a mobile QB so maybe you don’t have to put too much money into the o-line

    Johnny Jamison

    @Peter R o-line, and QB are very important when it comes to putting post on the bored my opinion… 2015-2016 our o-line was protecting him like a mother grizzly do her cubs!!!! Best season EVER!!!! He did want he wanted because he had time too…..


    He needs some milk 馃嵓 . It’s cams playing style that that ends up hurting him literally. But, the franchise has a part to do with it as well.

    Gabriel Garcia

    He needa retire getting banged up to much

Radovan Karad啪i膰

From a patriots horribly sorry no need for injury鈥檚 in the preseason I鈥檓 a fan of cam and I wish him swift recovery

jay lay

Really like McCoy and his personality! He wasn’t lying when he said he was the defensive Cam!! He is such a humble, awesome teammate!

Comrade Dyatlov

Not a fan of eric Washington….dont like his tryna be tough guy attitude or his play calling


    If Rivera allows Washington to make the defensive play calls, the Panthers will have an entirely new coaching staff next season..

Teaghan Finks

鈥淲hy鈥檚 it a mystery鈥
鈥淲e don鈥檛 know what it is鈥濔煒傪煒傪煒

Stephen Timmons

鈥淵ou gonna Duck?鈥
鈥淵eah the feds after I drop this n*gga鈥 馃槀馃槀


    Time stamp?

    Tony Alston

    @AtcBamBam 12:09


Can’t un-see: Greg Olsen and Cam Newton as Beavis and Butthead

Slim Hardaway

He had to explain to him why the flavor is 鈥渕ystery flavor鈥濔煒

Alex Herman

He said I鈥檓 just like this bro had me crying 馃槀馃槶馃ぃ

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