Camp Confidential: Episode 3 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Gerald Fields

West Virginia Mountaineer nation loves you Mr. Bruce Irvin! so proud of you man!

    Eric Hinze

    Not proud of will grier

    Gerald Fields

    @Eric Hinze I’m SUPER proud of Will Grier however the video spotlighted Bruce Irvin.

    I’ve commented regarding Will Grier in videos that have him in it. LOL

Reid Perry

The three backup QBs are so normal then theres cam lol

    Eric Hinze


    Jermaine Murray

    Hey… But that’s why they’re backups and he’s Cam!

    Reid Perry

    Jermaine Murray couldn’t agree more. Cams earned the right to be as whack as he wants to 😂

    Eric Hinze

    Cam is still cam yea he has a bum shoulder but he had a bum shoulder during his 11-5 season now yes he looks crazy with his hair but hes still c1n and he will come for revenge this season if I’m wrong I need a insane asylum

    ncsam 000000

    Cam newton sucks balls and I’ve been a Panthers fan since the team was formed. He is absolute trash kid cares more about how he looks on cam after getting a first down and getting beat

Josue Martinez

Gentle wash cycle! Omg! 😂🤣😭

Brandi K

I LOVE how the narrator of our team can’t even pronounce Bruce’s name right….it’s Irvin, not Irving.

Josh Maine

Man, that 5-6 second clip of Rivera addressing the Bills defense. An interesting insight into the workings of coaches during camp.

Underground Wes

It’s only preseason but we better play more consistent against the Patriots.


    Underground Wes big facts!

    Aerus Ph.D.

    We? Boy, you ain’t out there with no PADS ON!

    Wanna toe job Papi

    Underground Wes I’m not worried because we played few starters that game against the bills

    Coo Hoo

    what.. LOL coming from a Bills fan that is bad

Cerro De la Wade

FOOD TRUCKS and SNOW CONES…GERALD MCOY ain’t playin! The production of this series A1!! Be where your feet at!
Side Note: At the end Tho….FLAWDA-Belle Glade(Muck City), Miami,954, etc..You get the point 😎😂

    saviron hipps

    Man gerald did the same thing when he played for tampa lol

    Cerro De la Wade

    @saviron hipps Yeah, that’s true. He just a good dude!

    saviron hipps

    @Cerro De la Wade yea ima miss the guy awesome character one of the nicest guys in the league up there with Andrew luck

    Cerro De la Wade

    @saviron hipps I totally agree Bro!! He’s an Class Act, and you don’t find Guys’ like him all the time. Especially in the league.

Eric B

Cam out there looking like Basquiat.

    Your Typical Bama Fan

    😂😂 fr though

    Cody Ferrell

    Love it. Favorite artist. And obviously Cam is my fav qb.

B Rus

Excited to see what the Panthers can do this year. With the exception of Russ, Cam is by far my favorite qb to watch. Goodluck this year

    Jay Maines

    Good luck to you too!! The Seahawks and panthers low key have a rivalry so we will see y’all during the season 👋🏼

    Cody Ferrell

    Hell yeah. Panthers my day ones. But I like the Hawks and Russ because I lived in Alaska and from Virginia. So always good to see them do good.

Arijan Graves

Absolutely Love this series! Let’s make Camp Confidential an ongoing series. Camp Confidential > Hard Knocks right now.

Boston Chris UFC

I have always been a Panthers fan but I am born and raised in Boston so I am a diehard patriots fan but I just moved to South Carolina recently so now I have two teams to cheer for

    Cody Ferrell

    Yeah bro. Imagine moving around a lot…. It gets all kinda fucked. Ha


“Be where ya feet at.” -Bruce Irvin.

I like that.

    Eric Brito Fitness

    wise words

Tyler Hoch

Love the respect shown between the Bills and Panthers

Spread Bill

Me: “Popcorn”
Vegan: “they can’t have butter on them, that’s not vegan”
Me Again: “Popcorn wit butta”

Yo Momma

Ngl im the biggest Cam fan on this channel but my boy hair dry as hell 😂😂

    Visage Team

    I love his hair, it looks so good

Justn Brnard

– “We got the mystery flavor”

– “Why is it called mystery”

– “Cuz we don’t know what it is”


O Dot

Hilarious, u ain’t from the crib! U bootleg 👀😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Psalm Lewis

6:56 he didn’t do nothing he just dropped it

    junior hawkins

    Psalm Lewis that’s a DB thing

    Taylor King

    A good DB has the reciever feeling their pressure without even being touched. When there is an easy drop DB’s claim it.

Sheed Williams

Never thought we’d have another corner like Norman…. until action Jackson lol that’s my dog yo

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