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Andre Holton

At this point we mind as well be 3-13

    Hacker Killer

    Andre Holton just don’t give the Dolphins a top 5 pick is the game now

    Your Dad

    @Hacker Killer it dont matter, we woulda picked a bust anyways, minkah fitzpatrick is basically the pick we woulda pick grant delpit

    Hacker Killer

    Your Dad what happens it Rudolph doesn’t pan out? What happens if another older star has a career ending injury? What happens if Mikih struggles and he himself turns into a bust!

    Look With LeBraringan

    Hacker Killer he won’t be a bust & fields & Lawrence are the draft after this there was no better option honestly

James Arris

He’s defeated you can hear it

    Jonte Stevenson

    He is frustrated that they are 0-3


    Jonte Stevenson thanks captain obvious

    you're right

    this organization is one big L


Only a 5 turnover performance can result in a loss with coach T.

    Philth- E

    Real talk…

    Julius Castillo

    Haha that is the truth. He will have the same old BS too when he gets on the mic. Art Rooney ll is ruining this team by keeping all this coaching staff. This team already looks done, their faces tell it all.


wake 😴 up 😳 Art Rooney all your gonna hear is the same ol same excuses and garbage every week


    Hes old i dont he can hear too good


you can ear it in our boys voices they are hurting just as much as we are 🙁 #RIDEORDIE

    you're right

    boo fucking hoo they’re getting paid millions to be 0-3. Pathetic.


Wasn’t the defense’s fault, this was on the offense, 4 turnovers and 1 FG to show for it… GTFOH

    II S H O C K II



    It’s the play calling that killed us, if you notice once we open up the offense got into rhythm.


    @MrScans1 True. We did do okay down field when we hold protection and the QB lets it loose. But the running game needs to step up! They need to give Snell Jr a chance to play!


I don’t dislike Tomlin, but the OC called way too passively. Mason is not a dink and dunk QB, he is comfortable stretching the field. Restricting him to a non factor running game and short passes killed it..

    Scorntalon Gaming

    This this and more this! The Run game is still in training camp. They’re abysmal. The offense has streaks. It’s just bad, you watch other teams (not even so good) and what they’re doing with different play action schemes and stuff. Then you watch the steelers — our offense has been extremely poor this year.

    Joeschmoe Dontjaknow

    Everything is actually coming along good far as I can tell. Got to bring the rook along slow with some confidence throws and work from there. They did that. Now it’s time to play. 1. Split johnson and washington out wide. Play juju at slot gentry at tight end and Samuel’s in backfield. Draw plays up from there with a very heavy emphasis on dropping bombs. Play Samuel’s and or gentry for short or short intermediate pass. But run those other three. Every play. Rudolph is strong and accurate enough to drop a catchable long bomb. All 3 receivers know how to set there man up while ball is in air and secure the catch. Then look to break the run. Work to complete the long pass work to run the ball.

    Jorge Gaytan

    @D4rk50ul-v2 exactly,,,,


    I 100% agree but to be honest they have been passive even when Ben was there. I used to get upset about how much of ***** Fichtner is sometimes lol

S.V Will

I thought they played pretty damn good,despite a sputtering new offense. The whole damn offense is practically new! Except for the Oline..Gotta replace those 3 Bs immediately. The D got tired on the field on a couple key drives,you could see it! They were high on adrenaline early and often and it helped. At least they showed some damn toughness but they were exhausted by the end,they needed an offensive system to help out but it’s gone! Get over it,it’s rebuilding and reloading time Pittsburgh. The draft will be crucial for the next 3 years. Hey it happens to the best of em!!!

    Jurassic Raptor

    Look With LeBraringan it’s never the time to suck. But here we are. The Steelers can easily turn it around. Just have to work out some problems, we will see what happens.

    Look With LeBraringan

    Jurassic Raptor that’s what kills me it’s been an easy fix/turnaround since the jags embarrassment & they hesitate bc they’re scared of the media calling us racist or something

    Jurassic Raptor

    Look With LeBraringan racist? What are you on about now? This is about football, not politics.

    Look With LeBraringan

    Jurassic Raptor that’s what every yinzer but the ones in charge realize..only reason I can think of he’s overstayed his welcome for multiple years now

    Jurassic Raptor

    Look With LeBraringan this isn’t about race. Tomlin-Ben have a really good win-loss record, second only to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I’m pretty sure at least. I know it’s good


Reminds me of last year when they couldn’t finish games…


Disappointed but not surprised🤦🏽‍♂️

Sean O’Donnell

Can’t sit back and be sad. Get back to work and win the rest of these damn games. Enough is enough


    This hiring within the organization is for the birds. We need another OC and DC. To much talent to look like we are looking weekend and out. You can have all the talent in the world, bad coaching want display what you really have as a team.

    Sean O’Donnell

    MrScans1 yeah man this coaching is brutal

John nie

Hey Steelers…after all you guys have been through, don’t lose hope now. You played pretty damn well in a hostile environment, against a team that spent years rebuilding, with a rookie QB and new players. Give it time. Rudolph may not be Ben but if he and the rest of you manage to make the playoffs Ben should pass the torch and retire or coach. This team needs time together as a unit without the stress of making playoffs. Nothing to lose now so play hard, have fun and wreck some havok.

Craig featherstone

The defense played an outstanding game and listen how they still feel that they failed. That’s the sign of a Steel Curtain in the making. All we need is the offense to at least be serviceable and we will make the playoffs.

    Sarin VX

    Craig featherstone the secondary collapsed in the 2nd half.

    Nick Bernath

    Playoffs? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jurassic Raptor

    Nick Bernath can’t lose hope yet, it’s only week 3. In 2013 we started 0-4 and ended up almost sneaking in if it wasn’t due to a bad call by the refs in a chargers-chiefs game. We can still rally. Plus, we could easily be 2-1 right now, just gotta look at the postives

    Sarin VX

    @prdamico the collapse every fucking game in the 2nd qtr no matter if the steelers are winning or losing…moron

Michael Gallegos

Hurts to see Cam like that. Heck, it hurts to watch the offense play.

you're right

our coaches are are a joke. I don’t find it very funny. Done watching this dumpster fire.

    Justin Derouchie


Duncan MacDonald

Defense was solid untill they gassed. Too much time on the field by the time the fourth quarter rolled around. The offence and play calling were horrendous. Gotta capitalize on those turnovers.

Somebody fire somebody.

    Ruben Cordero


Frank Herrera

“This was the offense, no it was Connor, no, Ben’s too old, no- it was this, no-it was that”. Same old crap since we lost to Packers in Superbowl. Change coaches. You change players. But one annoying pain in the arse remains…….Tomlin. Maybe THAT is the polyp that needs removal.


    Yes, Tomlin must go

Delvin W

49ers fan here….the Steelers played one hell of a game! I’m glad we won but I know y’all will turn your season around.

Joe Nobody

Hmm the all pro o-line gets worse every game. Idk why, they dadgum already got rid of Munchak 🤔


Hope is when you go 0-16 and coaching staff is gone.

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