Cam Newton talks about shaking off rust in first game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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dUdE Reply

I think they did good saying on how they went against the Rams and didn’t get shut out

    Samuel Cohoon Reply

    yeah i mean they are an NFL team…hopefully you don’t get ”shut out”. Cam is the weak link in this team

    Christian Coffield Reply

    @Samuel Cohoon How?? Dj had two fumbles cam got sacked 3- 4 times

Flight Twitch plug Reply

It’s ok we almost had the Super Bowl contenders 🐐#keeppounding

    Sojo R Reply

    @Kaizaro123 “I knew it!! Ah ha!! You took the bait!! You’re not too intelligent!!” Ahh shut the fuk up & get out of your mom’s attic😂

    Tyler Hardin Reply

    Sojo R lmfaooo chill Sojo

    Tyler Hardin Reply

    Can’t believe all this happened over a Football Game 😂

    Sojo R Reply

    @Tyler Hardin Wait what happened? Lol

Bakita Ellis Reply

I wish this would’ve been a victory speach. 😿

    Literalyou Reply


    Kareem Goat 33 Reply

    This n look like a black kung lao.

Roderick Hood Reply

It’s okay were going to get it together!!!Keep your Head up & KEEP POUNDING!!!

    Jermaine Latimer Reply

    Exactly, it’s just Game 1

Underground Wes Reply

We should have won this game but at least we got the Bucs on Thursday. LET’S go!

    Literalyou Reply


    Daniel Lock Reply

    Get real. Ur really going to be happy with a win over the Bucs? Have another nice mediocre year.

    Bob Mannion Reply

    Daniel Lock a win is a win you fucking moron

    Ryan Heart Reply

    Underground Wes Cam Newton is finished the man has no deep ball whatsoever and lacks accuracy on his passes. The defensive unit Christian McCaffrey and the offensive line all played their behinds off this lost is on Cam .

Finley Jeanbatiste Reply

We better not lose to the Bucs

    Steven Buchanan Reply

    @Gideon Schürmann okay a******I love my team but I sure don’t like it when they lose know the difference between winning and losing moron!

    Hiddén Shàdøws Reply

    @Steven Buchanan if we lose too the bucks I might as well become a browns fan

    Steven Buchanan Reply

    @Sojo R losing to the 49ers by 14 is worse then losing to the NFC champs by 3

    Sojo R Reply

    @Steven Buchanan This is a new year so we really dont know who’s who yet. Never know, 49ers might end up being 12-4.. We dont know who’s who yet.. (You needed me to tell you this?)

    Steven Buchanan Reply

    @Sojo R respect

Mark Pride Reply

Why is he dressed like Erykah Badu?

    Terrence P Reply

    Mark Pride why do you care lmao

    Donnel Kach Reply

    Gay agenda

    Numba 9 Reply

    He got one of the magic hats from Zelda

    zcallis1 Reply

    @Numba 9what is a crustie?

    Marco Juarez Reply


Maine Gang 24 Reply

Most people thought we weren’t going to score, don’t look at missed field goals or missed opportunities look at how we did against the NFC champion, one of the best defense, and one of the best rb in the league we put up a fight and that’s all that matters right now 💪

    Ryan Heart Reply

    Maine Gang 24 no they should look at this play instead Carolina Panthers down 23-20 Cam Newton has the ball it’s 3rd down and Cam Newton overthrew a wide open Curtis Samuel .

    BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu Reply

    Ryan Heart You can’t go by one mistake.

    Ryan Heart Reply

    BuT wE’rE 3-0 wOu Cam Newton had a fumble on the 10 yard line when he threw a backwards pass to DJ Moore . Cam Newton overthrew wide open targets Greg Olsen Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore that would have been 1st downs in critical situations . And then to top it all off he had a horrible interception that basically sealed the game.

    Maine Gang 24 Reply

    I agree but that backward pass that was Moore fault any reciever should recover that but we all rusty well be ready Thursday

    Sojo R Reply

    Chill lol

Josh From Mass Reply

Lost by 3 to a solid team. It sucks, but, the defense is still working on the new system. Offense has alot of new talent. Cam had his first real action in 8 months. All things considered, yes the Loss sucks. But, theres alot of potential in this team.

    Jeff Watts Reply

    I agree. The team definitely has a lot of potential.

    Brandon Godfrey Reply

    GiDD stop worrying about another mans clothes bro. It’s not deep

    Numba 9 Reply

    CMC has turned the corner and is elite now, and Cam looks exceptional considering all he is taking on. I’m impressed.

    tkam54 Reply

    GiDD – We are Panthers fans and used to Cam’s outlandish attire. Plus it’s always entertaining to see what the hell he going to wear.

Matthew Thao Reply

At least they pretty much shutdown Aaron Donald.. o line did a nice job

    Sojo R Reply

    @Stephen Brady Uhh yall lost stephen 😦

    Sojo R Reply

    @Stephen Brady 🎈🎊🎉🎇🎆YEAH!!!!!!! WE CAME CLOSE TO WINNING!!!!! YESSSSS!!!! Go panthers 😵

    *Crack is crazy!!😵*

    Stephen Brady Reply

    @Sojo R So what? Still shutdown your air raid and exposed Goff. We just have to not fumble and stop the run better in the second half. Cam shakes off the rust in deepthrows and screens and we’re right where we need to be.

    Sojo R Reply

    @Stephen Brady Ok. Take care.

    Numba 9 Reply

    @Stephen Brady that’s what did it

Macdog12 13 Reply

Come on we can do it Panthers the rams are a good team but we are good too let’s go cam

Robert Stovall Reply

The Panthers out played the Rams but left too many points out there

    Sojo R Reply

    @Robert Stovall Meanwhile you’re 0-1 lol

    Robert Stovall Reply

    Sojo R you’re not looking at the big picture. Did you ever hear of the saying that” he who laughs last, laughs loudest”. Good things coming!

    Sojo R Reply

    @Robert Stovall Ironicallt he who laughs the loudest is sitting in the bleachers, (bcuz he couldn’t make the team.) *Lol (Laughing out loud)*

    dUdE Reply

    Erick Williams still put up a good fight just to many fumbles😔

    maedele lawhorn Reply

    2 many mistakes

A. K. Reply

No one expected them to play well today against the best team in the NFC. Bradberry , burns, and maccaffry played at an elite level today. Let’s all hope newton doesn’t get hurt.

    Jake Abernathy Reply

    A. K. Shaq had an incredibly underrated game

    Sojo R Reply

    You suck lol

Joshua Hodson Reply

So glad to see how the O-line protected Cam. Aaron Donald was an absolute non-factor. A few things to work on but this season is looking promising!

    Erick Reply

    Joshua Hodson Yeah Because they triple teamed him so of course he ain’t gonna wreck it, but guess what? That opened up for others to have 1 on 1s … Cam Was Sacked 3x Hold That L

The7Reaper Reply

Just week 1. Some fixable mistakes were made but only lost by 3 but there were a ton of bright spots. So glad Panthers football is back!

Keep Pounding!

Bishop Shakur Reply

I luv my team. I’m not upset about this lost I’m glad to see cam back out doing his thing. We beat the rams but not on the scoreboard. The 2 fumbles early in the game is what started our bad day.

CULT Reply

Cam lookin like a black mage from final fantasy.

    Kc gunz Reply

    hes str8 garbage overrated

Ronnie Bryant Reply

The Panthers, i believe, will be a contender this season, if they play as hard as they did Sunday and eliminate the self destructing.

God Emperor Pepe Reply

Cam Newton out here looking like an Anime Villain/Antagonist.

Erick Williams Reply

Cam took the home team down the field in 1’mins damn show him some respect lol

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