Cam Newton says he is feeling good in Week 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Finley Jeanbatiste

Let’s all hope Cam can stay healthy for the while season

    Toolive Worm

    Finley Jeanbatiste lets all hope you learn how to spell

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    @Toolive Worm wooops 😆

Krysta Carey

world record holder for most one handed catches. BROOOOOOOO. That is amazing. That my quarterback QB1

    max walraevens

    The man can throw, run and catch while looking like a linebacker. Gotta love that


    Notice that it was also 51 catches? Sam mills lol

CJ Washington Jr

Ace Boogie N The Cat Pack!!!! I’m here for it!!!

Jamaal Noland

I’m so excited for football to be back. My guy Cam is good to go.

    Sammie 2 Wheels

    Jamaal Noland will see for how long

    Mr. Clean

    Definitely way longer than the tread on 2 wheels #KEEPPOUNDING


I was never worried about Cam…he takes care of himself and he keeps positive vibes. Now he FINALLY has the weapons to go all the way to the top!

    BARITONE 1.0

    MAG lol…It’s a team game bro. Yea, I mean Cmac is the safety net. Every team has one. It’s just game one, we’ll see midway through the season. Don’t forget, up until the injury last season, Cam was completing 70% of his passes


    BARITONE 1.0 team game and cam ain’t wasn’t doin his part . Y’all would’ve done way better if he did


    Completing most of them to MCCAFFREY


    Who led the panthers in Catches ??? 🤔🤔🤔


    BARITONE 1.0 exactly

Yo Momma

Cam Newgoat is back 🐐🐐🐐

Kamarrius Harris

” I’m foccused on the rams”

WishingIwasOffGrid Parker

He really needs to do some more research. Veganism is great in the beginning as you detox but over time that high usually tanks. No disrespect to vegan people. One thing I wish they’d ease up on is look into seafood. One serving of oysters a week gives you all the high dense proteins that you can get from other protein. You need these proteins and what comes with it.

    Nava Che

    Did u know that Gladiators of old were vegetarians? u talking crap look at cows lil boy u sound stupid mang. let the man be go eat ur pork bud. lol. this character is funny. Your body heals faster on a veggie nutritional plan. #Facts.

    Santa So

    @Nava Che u a fucking weirdo on shrimp

    Mela Evans

    I agree with you 100%. Veganism is great in the beginning. It’s a detox. Not good for the long run. Cam please do your research and do a deep dive. Research people who had to give it up and why. Their stories of deterioration are all the same. Vegetables are for cleansing and meat is for building. There are clean animal products available. Eat what your grandmother fed you. Trust me. Take the middle way….

    WishingIwasOffGrid Parker

    @boomstick900 Yeah that’s all good but when you have that kind of money people pander to you and what you as an individual want. I know he was pescatarian but that has good animal and fish proteins. Veganism is all plant based. Do some research. It doesn’t last long.

    WishingIwasOffGrid Parker

    @Nava Che I sound stupid? Bro your spelling is worse than my 9 year old. That’s the only intelligent response you’ll get from me. Pretty sure your tiny brain had an aneurism just reading this.

Jovon Graham

My QB smokes rapper weed lol

    Mr. Clean

    Kori you’re petty dumb

NowiRealize WhatUR

Love my quarterback 🙌🏽 #beYOURSELF

    Santa So

    Dont commit suicide

Ephifan Sturdivent

“I’m focused on the rams” that man is ready for action and this is what we need including the cat pack coming along taking the league over by force.


Looking forward to a winning season & watching you give away many footballs this year : – )

Omar Moncayo

Cam really hates David Newton 😂😂😂

    Cullen Miller

    Don’t we all man, don’t we all.

    Darryl Council

    David is trash he is a very negative guy

King Heem

My favorite NFL player …get my dog a big time receiver…

    Matt Inman

    Just wait…Samuel might just be that guy this year


    Samuel is definitely gonna be the star receiver by the end of the year, over dj

    Unknown Memes

    don’t forget Moore,Samuel,and Hogan

Blue face Is trash

Hell yeah he’s feeling good, he was throwing 40 yard underhand passes

    Jeremy Helms

    Lmao yupppp

    MG Itznasgaming




SadPanthersFan 1

He’s pulling a Belichick… We’re on to Cincinnati = We’re focused on the Rams

    jman juiceman


Tenzin wangjor

This mans got a Nickname for everybody

ant 2419

Not a Panthers fan but how can you not love cam. Besides being a great football player he is a true character. He is up there with Joe namath and Kenny stabler as QB with that special mix of fashion, talent and just all around personality. All timer

    Michael weaver

    ant 2419 Joe Namath Is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever newton doesn’t even say I don’t know what you see but I think you need some glasses

    ant 2419

    @Michael weaver well since you know sooooo much and I need glasses let’s take a quick look. Joe namath threw for 173 touchdowns and 220 interceptions with a 65.5 rating. I love Joe and everything he meant for the league but know your facts before you talk bro

    Michael weaver

    ant 2419 He is not Joe man Cam is just cam average Not Great

    ant 2419

    @Michael weaver and if you look at Joe’s stats he is not great either. Again I love Joe but facts are facts

    Michael weaver

    ant 2419 That’s all I’m saying


Cam out here looking like Scotty Too Hotty.

    Jessie Jonez

    Wonder if he knows who thats is

The Hound

Cam like a 4 year old boy whose parents let dress himself.

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