Cam Heyward Breaks Down Effort, Defeating Blocks & Point of Attack! | NFL Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Flared Tripod Reply

So exited for the new season

Kevin B Reply

It warms my heart that you guys keep releasing these breakdowns. Keep up the great work NFL. Your fans appreciate you!

Caleb Carroll Reply

Arguably the most underrated player in the nfl.

    stephen hyler Reply

    @Keith Cousins yeah he’s a OLB not a QB so makes sense

    LZR Reaper Reply

    @Keith Cousins You aren’t the actual wife lmao and that’s because your biased and a Vikings fan trust me Kirk has never been great

    Keith Cousins Reply

    LZR Reaper That’s exactly why Tom Brady played in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on February 4, 2018 and Kirk’s extension with my Vikings was done before it was made public that Tom signed with Tampa Bay.
    I love my husband.

    LZR Reaper Reply

    @Keith Cousins Lmaooo yea you are a troll, Goodbye have a nice day

    Keith Cousins Reply

    LZR Reaper How?
    The Simpsons returns for season 32 on September 27th.

kevin ricardo lopez Reply

So excited for the new season

Jackthegreat 06 Reply

Steelers r getting 7 this year 💪

    King Camaro Reply

    It’s April Fools already?

    Jason Black Reply

    @Taylor Bettencourt 7 rings dummy

    Deshaun Hairston Reply

    @Footballdj how about that titans game.. I forgot what happened

    Dan Lipke Reply

    Nah you’ll make the playoffs but no ring

    Ioane Vaaiiluga Reply

    Jackthegreat 06 steeler nationnnnnnn!!!! 💯

Dimitris Vennos Reply

At last, new season! 🙌

gunt Reply

Cam rarely gets the respect he deserves. Such a humble dude. Absolute monster on the field and a strong leader in that Steelers defense. Hope he has another great season

    Joe Rutherford Reply

    D tackles don’t get great recognition unless your name is Aaron Donald. Cam was rated the 2nd best DT in terms of stats and he doesn’t get any recognition

    Jarvase dundy Reply

    Lol he gets plenty of respect, the guy made the Pro Bowl (starter) AFC /1st team NFL All-Pro/ NFL Top 100 players list of 2020. He’s been a top DE/DT over the past decade 2010’s era.

    Joe Rutherford Reply

    Jarvase dundy hes never mentioned in a lot of conversations about best defensive players in the league. The accolades are there and he’s a great player but he doesnt get respect like AD does

    Jarvase dundy Reply

    @Joe Rutherford True, but I just see it differently brother. To me he gets the respect from his peers. And if you’re a true football head (like you and me) we both know he’s one of the best defensive players in the NFL. And there’s only one AD in the NFL lol. AD is a once in a lifetime generational talent.

Coookie Captn Reply

the bengals o line got exposed, lol

    IamaPainterYT Reply

    The bengals have an oline?

Hunter Dulaney Reply

So underrated

Ivan VK Reply


No Hate Reply

So underrated

Eric Snyder Reply

These are amazing especially featuring Buckeyes.

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

Orlando Pace was a dog! Cam is right 😂

Gavin Summers Reply

Easily most underrated player in the league

Ay Caramba Reply

Love Cam! He’s the heart and soul of our defense!

Jordan Duchein Reply

Doesn’t matter how good Burrow is, if the Bengals doesn’t get their o-line problems fixed he’s screwed

Allan Catellier Reply

You help me understand the new players and plays of the NFL thank you for your help

George Coull Reply

Cam is amazing at his job so smart and stronger than most very high motor. Pushes O lineman into the QB and great man #Heywardhouse

warrior for God Reply

He’s such a big part of the Steelers Nation defense 💪 he’s a og

David Allen Reply

Keep em coming!! I love these videos. Its awesome getting to see how pro athletes see the game and break down plays.

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