Cam Brate on ‘Frustrating’ Loss to Rams | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ann Cridelich Reply

Hey ByronL & BruceA,
TB is only the GOAT if you get it out of his hands in less than 2.3 seconds.

It’s been 11 games & you still don’t get it.

When the KCCs drop 50 on you next week, don’t be surprised.

To beat the KCC, you MUST score at least 40 by the end of the 3rd.

2.3 seconds or less ! You were irrelevant tonight.

Look at your game tying drive at 24 points with a stop watch about 100 times.

No Riskit, no biscuit is irrelevant.

    Khechaun Ward Reply

    ? anyways you act like they gonna see this

Zirzoh 0 Reply

Facts The Offense did let the defense down💔💔

    tedfio1tedfio1 Reply

    The Defense got 2 turnovers but they had their letdowns. Look at the WRs Rams Catches and Yards. Too Many!

Fabian Rodriguez Reply

Y’all need to pick it up . We are going the wrong direction. Secondary was straight up TRASH 🗑 . Please fix it and I’m not even going talk about the offense looked like last years browns😔

Tony M Reply

Who’s fault is this? No risk it, no biscuit. That’s not how Brady won 6 SB’s. This on BA! Let the GOAT run this offence his way.

    Dmitriy Nesterkin Reply

    Yeap! Longer throws are more uncertain. They were humming with shorter throws. This one is on Arians.

    Mysticrich Reply

    Brady won 6 SB that’s media BS the Pats won nothing cause of this fraud. The last 3 SB Pats won Brady had 5 INTs including a pick 6 .The 1st SB Pats Brady threw for 140 Yard and under 50 %. Pats would have won more SBs with anyone good .

    Anthony Paganico Reply

    Brady is 75and 2 when the team runs 35 times a game and has 2tight ends more often. I know it’s easy to sit here and second guess and coach from home. But really 18 rushes then you stop running and start throwing deeper routes really. How about this go to a hurry up on and off during the game so that the tempo picks up and the D maybe gets put on the heels. Keep it short and quick then when you cross their 35 maybe pump and go

    Karate Fight Fitness Drills Reply

    They should bring in Josh McDaniels to be Tampa Bays Headcoach and offensive coordinator and superbowl will be in Tampa Bay.

    Berryz Bridge Reply

    Bruh… I’m slow to criticize the coaches but after intently watching last night’s game it’s apparent that the play calling is inept. Period

Larry Chiang Reply

No risk it, no biscuit is such a dumb saying. I wonder what the Head Coach’s playoff record is…

Larry Chiang Reply

Buccaneers, hire a sound professional

inn news Reply

Stick with shorter throws and move the ball down the field. Long throws only when playing against weak defense and if absolutely necessary.

    Luis Perera Reply

    Arians fault

Golden Eagle Reply

No excuses for the way they played tonight

BrocLarter Reply

I feel like Brate knows exactly what’s wrong with the offense. He kept saying they have to be more efficient and get more first downs…. aka stop chucking it down field.

    Anthony Paganico Reply

    I agree take what the D gives you that’s what makes a successful team.

    Berryz Bridge Reply

    See my comment. Lol

God Reply

Audio is atrocious

Frank Artanis Reply

Plain and simple Brady needs to be the offensive coordinator. I know he never will he won’t throw anybody on a bus,

Anthony Paganico Reply

I’ve watched Brady for Over 20years and what I’ve noticed is he looks like a guy who’s playing not to loose instead of a guy who’s trying to win.

    Berryz Bridge Reply

    I wonder if coaches read these comments. If not they would be wise to

Berryz Bridge Reply

Should Cam Brate be promoted to OC???

    Karate Fight Fitness Drills Reply

    Right!! They have plenty of time but we just have to throw deep balls. They should make Brady the offensive coordinator. I tell you if the Bucs doesn’t go to the playoffs this year they should fire Leftwich and Bruce Arians and bring in Josh McDaniels to be the headcoach and offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay buccaneers and guaranteed to win superbowl.

TewksburiZ Reply

The defense didn’t do a good job, the secondary just very disappointing.

    Austin Burns Reply

    The defense kept us in that game

P Pumpkin Reply

The owner or GM needs to take over and wack BA and Byron Leftwich they have a Super Bowl winning team and they are screwing it up. They need to design plays for the players they have, rather than one size fits all. I’m beginning to understand why Jameis Winston made so many bad decisions – his coach forced him to risk it, no biscuit.

BA keeps defending the coaching decisions and calling out his players because he knows that management realizes the truth, he’ll be canned.

    bowlchamps37 Reply

    Yeah, we had Jameis last year. A turnover machine and inaccurate player. But instead of heping him out, we let him sling it. Arians never made an adjustment.

Devin Henderson Reply

Brady is washed and slowing us down. Making reads like a rookie

Bigggie Smalls Reply

The defense let this out of control early on, most yards allowed after catches and easy passing! A couple of pics does not make this better but the D did improve the second half. This team has to stop looking for 15 plus yard plays…more screens, crossing routes, subtle /legal picks..especially when we can not time, must go short and maybe do what they did and use a no-huddle (hmm like how NE usually goes deep in the Playoffs with Brady). I hope we wake up on D and get rid of the zone (Be what we are meant to be..fierce Man Def) where we get burned every time and can start to run a more efficient off. Offline has to blast off and make some holes for at least 3-4 yards per carry! Man so frustrtating

Karate Fight Fitness Drills Reply

Rams knows what the Bucs offensive coordinator does is always deep balls. Deep balls aren’t Brady’s style it’s Byron Leftwich style. Smh.
Have you guys watch Patriots first 3 superbowls? It’s going downfield running short passes then touchdown in red zone. Smh

W1ld T1m Reply

I love how he doesnt hold back his true opinion

Me You Reply

If BL don’t get out of the way this team isn’t going to do anything in the playoffs IF we make it. Stop with all the deep shots, take the 5-6yds and let the receiver get some yac, stop taking Rojo out all the time when he’s the focal point in the run game we win but BL keeps forcing Fournette in there and then to only run the ball 18x is just pitiful. The things this offense could do with a competent creative play caller is scarey.

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