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Joey Cramer Reply

I hated it when he got 200 yards off of my Packers TWICE A YEAR

    got you Reply

    Because they suck

    Luke Sanchez Reply

    last time I checked you don’t own the team

    Alan Grey Reply

    But loved it when he racked up 329 yards against the Cowboys

    Joey Cramer Reply

    Luke Sanchez the Packers are the only team owned by the fans

    Pouch King Reply

    Joey Cramer lmao yea the one franchise with fans who can say that 😂

HT82 Smash Reply

Remember when him and Andre Johnson were competing for best WR? Now it’s no contest

    John Carter Reply

    I’m a Lions fan. I use to get into heavy arguments because I was and still is a huge Megatron fan. He could come out of retirement and still be one of the best.

    Tim Lettiero Reply

    There 4 different guys who could all reasonably say they’re the best lol

    Chris Paul Reply

    Andre was just as good though. He never had a QB as good as Stafford and still dominated

    The Legend27 Reply

    @Chris Paul Schaub led the league in passing one year while andre was there. And megatron didnt have stafford his whole career. In this video alone you see passes from Orlovsky, Kitna, Culpepper, and Stanton. Not exactly an all star cast there

Brody 123 Reply

Should Calvin be a Hall of Famer
Like yes
Comment no

    Ben Zahradka Reply

    Yes he’s one of the best its not his fault the lions were trash haha

    John Yost Reply


    Micki Star Reply

    considering he never really had a winning QB, YUP, he should be first ballot.

    Petey Pierre Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT yes but you are comparing a wr to qb

    Willy Beamun Reply

    Hell yea

From The Stands Reply

Megatron retiring was such a punch in the gut, even for fans of other NFL teams. The dude had unbelievable talent.

    Lorne Glenn Reply

    He is truly missed. And this is coming from the dude who’s favorite team he torched for that 329 receiving yards and basically mossed our secondary all afternoon

    sds606 Reply

    Yup. His and Patrick Willis’ abrupt retirements both hurt more than Luck retiring

    Dynamic Duo Reply

    I’m a lions fan

    Captain Obvious Reply

    sds606 what’s the point of being luck into this as a comparison?

Andrew Holmes Reply

Probably the best wide receiver of all time and my favorite

    Luis Chauca Reply

    Andrew Holmes Yeah I get that, Calvin would have had all those rings too. The 49er’s were so good they were still the most stacked team in the league without Jerry for many years, including the year Jerry even started as they were already 14-2 Superbowl Champions,

    Andrew Holmes Reply

    But calvin himself man was a beast not the team

    Smokii Reply

    Chris Rindahl I don’t know about that Jerry was known for being able to get up for the ball

    Luis Chauca Reply

    Smokii Not near the level of Calvin tho.

    Leon Sanders Reply

    Chris Rindahl he ran a 4.3 that’s fast

John Carter Reply

From a die-hard Lions fan Megatron was not human. You couldn’t stop him, even when in triple coverage he could still beat them by jumping over everyone or beating you with his speed. A physical specimen. The year we went 0-16 with 3, 4 different QB’s put up 1331 and led the NFC with 13 TD’s. Megatron you were a great and humble player. Legend.

    oBLINKING Reply

    Seahawks stopped him and he retired

    John Carter Reply

    @Pouch King Very true. Still die-hard but it’s not the same.

    John Carter Reply

    @Pouch King So true. Well said

    m c Reply

    Revis shut him down.

TurboSupra91 Reply

The good ole days when you could easily draft him #1 overall in a fantasy league.

Braden McHenry Reply

The most physically gifted receiver of all time

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    Did his name become a verb like moss?

James Allbritton Reply

a bunch of those catches could’ve easily been interceptions if megatron wasn’t on the receiving end of them.

    Jo G Reply

    not could’ve, would’ve. Stafford threw ducks when he was with calvin, the best thing for Stafford was when Calvin retired because it made him into a QB who had to throw to humans, not artificial life forms. If Stafford had the accuracy he does now, back than. Calvin would have 5 out of the top 10 of the most receiving yards for a single season.

    Anthony Hutchins Reply

    Nah because he’s like Moss in the way that made QBs just cut the ball loose. Stafford wouldt have thrown those balls if Megatron wasn’t te target

mathew Osborne Reply

If I have to pick one receiver to start my team, you can have Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. I want Calvin Johnson. The dude was not human.

    Bee Lor Reply

    @Anthony Hutchins no-one got tripled team more than Calvin. Calvin was consistently being doubled team and tripled team and played with an Above Average QB. Joe Montana and Steve Young are HOF QBs. Pair Megatron with Any of the top QBs in todays age and we already know what the results would be.

    Anthony Hutchins Reply

    @Bee Lor of course but that’s still unfair to say that automatically makes him better than Rice. You can’t fault someone because they had a better opportunity. He’s the GOAT because he’s straight up earned it.

    Bee Lor Reply

    @Anthony Hutchins I’m not taking anything away from Rice. But all im stating is, Calvin could of had similar numbers to Rice if Calvin was in a better franchise.

    Anthony Hutchins Reply

    @Bee Lor you’re definitely right about that for sure

Meechie Meech Reply

As a Detroit fan he gave us his all and we didn’t deserve him with the type of front office we have

villah7 Reply

He got size, crazy speed for his height, spectacular catch, double coverage catches blah blah blah. What more would you want? 🤔

Megatron: hold my 2k yards…

Ryan Brown Reply

Remember kids, if you’re a player with once in a lifetime talent, don’t play for the Lions

    James Pegg Reply

    Michael Shan hey you got another tight end this year though 😂

    Speck KiiiD Reply

    coming from a 120 pound skinny loser of a dude over the internet stfu

    Michael Shan Reply

    James Pegg I actually liked the Hockenson pick. Easily one of the most NFL ready players from the draft. He is far from the same player as Ebron or Pettigrew. Excited for him.

    Mr. Negative The Negative Man Reply

    Can’t even knock this

SouthSide Chicago Reply

Being a Bears fan, I’m glad he isn’t playing anymore. Legend.

    Dee Manns Reply

    SouthSide Chicago 😂😂😂

Maxwell Lewis Reply

Megatron is that Mycareer player the game has to patch cause he’s too good

zeek Reply

He only retired because he was a lion. Cant blame him

ItzTokio Reply

Matt Stafford: Ok, CJ go get it. On 1 ready break

itsyaboyalek Reply

Him and moss are the reason why I love jumpballs so much. Moss and jerry rice beat him statistically but if I had to choose one to play a game on my team, I would pick calvin.

Michael C Reply

It’s extremely rare for a big guy to have hands andd route running skills like that. Def HOF IMO

Zac Abadi Reply

the speed of a olympic runner,
the explosiveness of a running back
the hops of a hof NBA dunker
Megatron had it all…
except for a team 🙁

    m c Reply

    Olympic runners are faster than 4.3

    Cameron Belanger Reply

    @m c Depends. That’s based on the 40. Calvin is too tall to have fantastic acceleration. But long distance, he was one of, if not, the fastest player in the NFL.

    TheReal6God Reply

    Usain Bolt

    m c Reply

    @Cameron Belanger based on no actual facts, just what you think you saw. My statement is based upon facts.

    Cameron Belanger Reply

    @m c Based upon something that most front office employees don’t look at. Lol. If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty, they split the 40 into 4 quarters. The first quarter, almost none of them care about. The last half is most important because that’s indicative of their actual top speed. Look at Usain Bolt. Always has a slow start. His 40 is actually pretty average amongst wide receivers. However, his top speed is the fastest in recorded history. By a long shot. Don’t try to bring me the “I’m all about the facts” argument because facts still have context, and facts without context cannot inherently exist.

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