Byron Leftwich on Chris Godwin’s Strong Start | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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jgriffin 6272 Reply

He will be HC of the Bucs or Cardinals within 3 years

    Justin Sarmienta Reply

    he throws no shade what so ever

andrew d Reply

i dont like our offense but the defense is good we cant lose todd bowles

Will Johnson Reply

If you know what the players can do well why aren’t we taking Jameis and moving the pocket?

    Dilly Billy Reply

    That’s how ppl get injured. Running the ball is what takes pressure off the qb

    Will Johnson Reply

    @Dilly Billy Jameis is very accurate outside the pocket is all I’m saying and it’s something we haven’t seen with this new offense. If we want to maximize his skill set and truly find out if he can be a franchise QB we should be doing things he excels at as well as running the ball to take pressure off of him. I know it’s early and as the season goes and everyone gets more comfortable the play book will open and I hope to see him rolling out a few times a game by design.

    Dilly Billy Reply

    @Will Johnson I’m fully on board with Jameis being the franchise, and I agree that it’s still early and they still have to work out this new offense. But I think his focus needs to be developing as a game manager. Let’s minimize his risk to injury and turnovers.

The Meme Boi Reply

We can OJ Howard involved more by throwing screens to him. And Mike Evans needs more catches and targets

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