Buster Skrine: ‘There is no ceiling to this defense’ | Chicago Bears – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Juicy bloop Reply

I finally got first comment. Pretty proud of it considering I’m a huge bears fan so that’s nice.

    HarrisonLive05 Reply

    @Juicy bloop Well QB is the most important position in sports so if he continues to suck Bears will continue to suck. That should make you care if you’re a Bears fan.

    Juicy bloop Reply

    @HarrisonLive05 Dude if mitch does bad foles will come in.

    Juicy bloop Reply

    Mitch isnt our only qb.

    Luke Smith Reply

    HarrisonLive05 real bear fans would also remember his 2018 season and realize that the qb isn’t the only position. Last year he had no blocking, no run game, no one getting open besides Arob, and everybody was hating on him, how could even do good last year… and credit nick foles got hurt, but he still got beat out by a rookie Minshew last year when he came back. Plus people also forget we would’ve beat nick foles philly team 2 years ago if it wasn’t for a missed kick… Last but not least if you search up actual accuracy %’s, he was better than half the qbs in the league! Everyone just needs to give him a chance!! If the offense as hole picks it up I think he’ll play great. Bear down 🐻🔽

    HarrisonLive05 Reply

    @Luke Smith I’ll give him a chance but it’s year 4. No more time for excuses. He had many times last yr with no pressure throwing inaccurate passes to wide open receivers. You can only blame Mitch on that.

Lil Toaster.Dog68 Reply

Love buster !!!

Khemus 4 Reply

Solid dude! That’s the main thing I’d give credit to Pace for bringing in high character guys. Humble brotha

Bad Boi bears Reply

Buster would be great along side fuller make one of the new guys the nickel duke Shelley

4th and 21 Podcast Reply

Love how he has a team and win first mentality.

Dichotomous Reply

Pat Finley works for who, now? Washington Post? NY Times? Sure as hell can’t be for a sports outlet.

    Luis Villasenor Reply

    Cant stand him

Larry Daniel Reply

It would be awesome for our defense to out score every team we play… with our front 4 I see many turnovers bear down Defense and show da world why y’all #1

Luis Villasenor Reply

Pat Finley.

Geno Hall Reply

Impressive Individual…🐻⬇️

Legend Gotta Catch Em All Reply

As long as we have an oline, then Goatbisky will shred.

OLD GOD'S Productions Reply

“We all want it to stop… No matter what color you are” LOVE IT!!! Amen, we are all Americans once we see that this will all stop “ONE NATION UNDER GOD!”

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