Building the Browns 2019: The Start of the Regular Season (Ep. 13) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Building the Browns 2019: The Start of the Regular Season (Ep. 13)

In this episode of Building the Browns, the 2019 Cleveland Browns prepare for the first game of the season against the Titans. After an unfortunate outcome for the home opener, Jarvis Landry emphasizes the importance of coming together as a team after facing adversity. From high-flying one-handed catches to hard hitting mic'd ups, you'll get an inside look at how Freddie and company are striving to become better every day.

Building the Browns is an Emmy award-winning documentary series that follows the front office and coaching staff during the Senior Bowl, Combine and the Draft. The series takes the viewer inside the process that goes into selecting players on draft night. Building the Browns also takes fans along with players to visit their homes and see their lives when they are away from Berea. Episodes air Sundays in Cleveland on News 5 (WEWS) during 4 weeks in April leading up to and immediately following the NFL Draft and are archived on and YouTube.

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John Gerrard

Still have faith! Go Browns

best impact

just believe and we will get it done!!!

mark sims

Everybody on the team made at least 5 mistakes. Coach kitchens made 5 bad play calls. They keep it down to 2 mistakes a piece they can win a lot of games

    Son Huynh

    the problem is just first game jitters due to the fact that we have a young team and a young coach. Couple that with our starters not playing in preseason means that its probably gonna be 3-4 weeks in until we click. Still have faith, Go Browns!

    Lord Sephiroth

    Offensive line is HORRIBLE ontop of waaaaaay too many flags. I hope they do good im 1 hour away from Cleveland but lets go patriots!!!!!

    Edward Gaines

    @Lord Sephiroth Hopefully they’ll take things seriously.

The Bus

We’re so lucky we have Jarvis Landry on this team what a leader and great man

    Nick L.

    Love him. Geaux Tigers!!

    mark harmon

    @Pat Rafferty he’s actually overrated considering how much money he’s making. he’s a solid wr but doesn’t deserve to be paid like a top 5 wr

    Edward Gaines

    Yeah, Jarvis is good but it’s his friend Beckham that worries me.

    jerry cruz

    The Bus great man a little cry baby when they got trashed the other day the reporter asked a legit question and he snaps at him he’s a clown

    stephen greenwade

    Didn’t look so great against Titans

David Ash

Still here. Still a fan. Still believe.

    Brian S

    Nah, Im sick of belief. Put up or shut up time. Enough with 20 years of losing.

    D C

    Not when you go 2-14

    Im Chance

    same here brotha

    Edward Gaines

    @Brian S If you can’t stick it out 20 years, how would you deal with a bad marriage? Divorce? 😁

Derek Tumblin

Juice is my favorite Brown, such an inspirational dude

    sjaak verduijn

    For sure he show how great of a guy and leader he is in this video I love it!

Spastik PS4

Not gonna lie…was hard to click play on it this week. But as a Browns fan, that’s what you do…you just push forward and keep fighting and keep believing. Go Browns!


    John Adams Lol don’t overreact

    Spastik PS4

    Ghost yea…just found out that Darnold has Mono and will be out on Monday. We caught a break there. We need this win…and we need to start playing together.

    Edward Gaines

    @John Adams We won’t lose. Sam Darnold is out with Mono, for the Jets. And if you’re the type to run away after 1 loss, you’re not a real fan anyway.

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    The most underdog overhyped teams usually dont do well. Teams like patriots and kansas are humble and just play. No talking.

    Spastik PS4

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million not true at all. The Fab Five was hugely successful and talked nonstop. Richard Sherman and the Seahawks talked constantly and they won the SB. The Golden State Warriors talk more trash than Burd and Jordan combined (both won multiple titles as well) and they won 3 NBA titles. Your statement is just plain WRONG!


I love Landry… he’s going to be the main reason this team turns about

sjaak verduijn

Need that Landry Jersey asap seeing how great of a person and leader he is!

    Lucas Nubert

    Edward Gaines you’re a beta for even thinking about that.

    sjaak verduijn

    @Edward Gaines WTF how does that make any sense to you?

    Edward Gaines

    @Lucas Nubert Considering how many QBs have come and gone in 20 years in Cleveland, is it really practical to wear another man’s name?

    Edward Gaines

    @sjaak verduijn Support the *TEAM* not the person. Don’t inflate egos with this “unearned hype.”


Baker will be tested this year. He has to adjust. Freddie is def going to make mistakes. The penalties can be corrected.

    Brian S

    If the oline doesnt improve, baker will be out for the season by week 4.

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    Hes so cocky and overhyped. Browns will have a horrible losing season

sean mcnabb

Landry is an amazing football player and easily the biggest motivator on this team. If we do turn it around, his leadership will be the reason. Thank you for what you do Jarvis!

Go Browns!

Mediocre Productions

I’m a GreenBay fan but damn it if I don’t wanna see the Browns succeed.

    Sloppy Jo

    Mediocre Productions I’m a Ravens fan, but damn it if I don’t wanna see the bears succeed

    Edward Gaines

    @Sloppy Jo I want to see Trubisky succeed, since he’s from Mentor Ohio. Pissed me off when their kicker missed that field goal.

Sub 4 Sub its free

This series is all season long. THANK YOU BROWNS!
Niner fan.

    Theresa Deleon

    You sound as happy about this as I am! Go Browns!


Good to see Schobert winning on and off the field

Larry Henderson

I just want to thank the haslem family! For a inside look at the team that I have loved all my life. This is what real browns fans love! Thank you Dee.

Supa Sayin Jaii

How Jarvis isn’t a Captain blows me. He’s like the main one uplifting everyone. Saw it during the game too

    Backup Terry

    On Pat McAfee show he said teams usually dont pick the captains its either the coaches or pr team

    Supa Sayin Jaii

    Backup Terry That’s Wild you’d think the people that pls with him would vote.

    Backup Terry

    @Supa Sayin Jaii Yea its crazy he was saying tgat some guys just have a presence about them in the locker room but wouldn’t be really great on the playing field but nun the less captains of the team but i definitely agree Juice is a leader and a captain if that team if not THE captain

Dirty Dan

We gonna bounce back so damn hard against the Jets I feel bad for them

Ps Jarvis Laundry you’re a great human being

    Edward Gaines

    That punch in the mouth was just what the Browns needed. Like the Tortoise bitchslapping the Hare.

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    This is why the browns lose. They arent good and will never be good. Too much hollywood divas on that time especially mayfield and Obj

Chris Devine

This is no reflection of the Cleveland Browns.

The Titans are for REAL this year, and the national media has not caught on. That’s why most of yall didn’t see this one coming.

As a Titans fan, I saw this a mile away. However, the Browns are a talented team which just needs a bit of Chemistry building to gel. Keep working hard Browns! I expect a strong season from you guys.


    Chris Devine

    @Anthony Davis lmao all i can say to that /

    Anthony Davis

    @Chris Devine Hey its just facts

    Q Horton

    I gotta hand it to TN. They are def talented

    Wildan A. Nugraha

    As a browns fan y’all legit bro, elite db good pass rush and derrick henry is new beastmode. Y’all just need to protect mariota give him a chance to throw to your new rookie wr he is nice bruh he got wheels.

    mlark 85

    There not…titans gone be trash


Landry is amazing. I am going to get his jersey once I pay off my student loans

Lucas Servidio

You can’t watch that and see Jarvis as anything short of a phenomenal leader

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