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Building the Browns 2019: Overcoming Adversity (Ep. 14)

In this episode, the 2019 figure out who they are as a team after two big wins on the road and one tough loss at home. Hear from , , and as they head into week 5 sitting in the driver’s seat of the division. From high-flying one-handed catches to hard hitting mic'd ups, you'll get an inside look at how Freddie and company are striving to become better every day.

is an Emmy award-winning that follows the front office and coaching staff during the Senior Bowl, Combine and the Draft. The series takes the viewer inside the process that goes into selecting players on draft night. also takes fans along with players to visit their homes and see their lives when they are away from Berea. Episodes air Sundays in Cleveland on News 5 (WEWS) during 4 weeks in April leading up to and immediately following the Draft and are archived on and YouTube.

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Mark Wood

Awesome, but seeing Kirko in pads at the beginning breaks your heart a little. After the work he’s put in the last few years and to get sent home early from this party has to be killer on him. It’s no surprise that he’s as active as he is with the team even injured. 100% class.

    Mark Wood

    @The Stoobers No he tore his pec(I think it was his pec anyway) against the Rams. He had surgery today, done for the season.

    Benjimayn Vai

    It’s tough. Great locker room guy. Just reckon business will catchup with him.


    @Mark Wood It was against the Jets. Macks first start was week 3.


    @Mark Wood 😢

    Mark Wood

    @SAAdesigner07 Thx Mike.

Unquiet Grave

Lol! Mack Wilson saying he played decent. Dude played fantastic.

    Kris Cody

    That’s that Bama coming out. It’s how Saban built them. Watch Jalen at Oklahoma, same thing. #RollDamnTide

Ziyad Khateeb

Still pinching myself. I had nose bleed seats but I’m happy I decided to go/able to go. 🐶✔

Mercedes Jones

They’re so supportive of each other😭


    Be great

Tony McVaney

This docuseries is so good. I really appreciate the artistry behind the film making here. Browns fans are lucky to have a stellar media team

    Jason Weslager

    Steelers fan, and I can’t get enough. I really love watching the human side of football.

Stomping Peak

Hope we come out even more hungry against the 49ers

Eddie Diederich

I never want this series to end. This is gold.


    Me neither. Don’t forget though. When it’s over, it means the Browns are built.

    sjaak verduijn

    @Evan They can Change the name of the show by then and continue right!

    Kris Cody

    I dig it too. I’m a huge Bama fan so I love watching Freddie & Mack. As a Bama fan I love SEC football and this team is loaded with some good players from the conference.

RZFL Sports

Best series of all time

Magnum Cox

Chubb juked that dude out his helmet

    Perpetual Student


Benjamin Wagner

Dee Haslam is part of why this is amazing


As a 49ers fan I’ve always enjoyed watching this series. Hoping for a good clean game with everybody coming out healthy next Monday.


    Gonna be a good game. Appreciate the positive vibes. Good luck this season, except this week lol.


    Some History here my friend. In 1950 The 49ers, Colts and Browns were 3 teams that were accepted into the NFL from the AAFC. So we brothers from way back.

Mohab Galal


rj doggman

Chubb had that Bo Jackson look when he went into 5th gear. He just separated from everyone. I didn’t realize he had jets like that


I personally feel like the reason we lost against the Rams was due to poor play calling and not giving the ball to Chubb. As you saw against the Ravens, if you get the ball to Chubb, he will get you the yards you need – Chubb is the clutch play maker. We had a many 1st and goal scenarios against the Rams and we didn’t even attempt to give it to Chubb to get us to the 2-3 yard line and we saw that exact thing happen against Baltimore. 1st and goal and we passed all 3 plays and it was so congested, we didn’t and couldn’t capitalize. Nick Chubb can straight up pound the ball and turn 1-2 yards into 5-7 very easily and if he finds the slightest hole/opening, he’s gone. Our way to winning is to 1.) give Chubb more chances with the ball 2.) Utilize Beckham in either tying up the defense with being heavily covered, thus opening up more receivers or give him chances to make those playmaking catches and 3.) be quicker on Bakers release of the ball. The trend I have noticed is that the quicker Baker can zip out the ball, the more likely they are to connect and make solid receptions and YAC. The longer he holds on to the ball, the more the receivers get jammed up and the pocket closes in. When you get those main three things in gear, the Browns play extremely well – whether that’s in a singular drive or a whole game. Im excited to see them get their game tighter and play way more solid than they did week 1. It tells me there is way more football to come. GO BROWNS

Chris Bailey

freddie really ripped the bong right before his interview 😂


    He’s probably slept like 3 hours since the season started

jaidenxk Forbes

Still dont understand how greg robinson ended up in the endzone shortly after chubb

Jacob K

How hype was Baker when Kitchens said see y’all Tuesday 🤣🤣🤣

Duzzit Matter

Best part I love about Chubbs running is that he’s not looking back for anyone to potentially tackle him. He’s totally focused on that end zone and basically knowing that if he’s bookin’ it like he’s supposed to, ain’t no one gonna catch him.

Dominic O

I’m a huge fan of Wilks. He seems to have earned the respect of his team, but also reciprocates that and approaches the game with a meticulous manner.

Gordon Graham

“See ya all Tuesday”…Love the reaction to Freddy givin’ the boys a day off

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