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MIchael Norris Reply

This draft was an A+


Wow Ballard got all his guys ! That what Colin Cowherd said, Another executive of the year award ?! Lets Get it ! Andrew if ur reading this plz come back next year after this !

Emerson Masuccio Reply

Ballard casually drafting two future colt pro bowlers in the second round. Best GM in the league

AJ Reese Reply

For a guy who said he’s super excited he didn’t show much excitement lol

    NogeGoda Reply

    I noticed that as well watching Pitts vlog but Ballard didn’t seem excited either but from other clips we know he was I think they both were just being professional cause Pitt was excited as soon as he hung up.

    Abhishek Agrahara Reply

    in an interview after he said he was trying really hard not to smile and play it cool. He was pumped on the inside.

    big blue 32 Reply

    What do you mean… he and his family jumped for joy when he hung up

Keylin Marker Reply

Love how they were talking about who was better for the team. Pittman or Taylor, and they ended up getting both guys. Can’t wait for the season!

    Brayden Wormer Reply

    Keylin Marker they did that last year too with Banogu and Okereke.

Chris Maker Reply

This virus cant die fast enough. Bring me my football! So pumped for this year.

    big blue 32 Reply


Darrel Humphrey Reply

Truly enjoy watching the Colts show us the fans how they go about drafting players.

Grant Barretto Reply

Excellent overall draft. I love how Ballard was aggressive this off season with acquisitions of guys like Buckner, Rivers, and Rhodes. Not to mention the draft addressed positions of need and got more explosive offensive players for Reich’s offense. Can’t wait to see them play this year!

Z25tech Reply

In Ballard we trust!

john noble Reply

I love the “With The Next Pick” series! wish they would do this kinda content all off season perhaps their own version of Hard Knocks would be great.

    miniHAWK n00b Reply

    I’m hoping this series is a warm up for that. I feel like they could honestly kill Hard Knocks and bury it with their production skills and the characters we have on our team.
    Just seeing clips of Leonard and Walker Jr. on Twitter is enough to make my day. Imagine a whole series of that but with our whole team.

    big blue 32 Reply

    I agree

Michael Ajenifuja Reply

Hats off to this production team 👏👏

Michael Ajenifuja Reply


CD5iVe Reply

As a Browns fan I wish they would do something like this and put it on their YouTube page, but I am becoming a huge Colts fan as well. I love Ballard. I heard him on McAfee’s show and since then I’ve listened to every word he’s said. I love his spirit, I love that he listens to everyone and says “please speak up!” when it comes to players. Seems like a really great guy to work for. Obviously Dobbs thinks so because he took his name out of the Browns GM search. Big things for the Colts. I’ll be watching close as a Browns fan. Hopefully Browns/Colts in the AFC Championship game this year!

    miniHAWK n00b Reply

    First: I’d love if every team in the NFL made a series like this, especially in the times we live in now. I’m a die hard Colts fan, but I’m definitely just a football fan overall, and would love to watch stuff like this made by all teams.

    Ballard has completely flip flopped this roster since he hired in 2017. Our roster consists of an actual team, unlike the previous Regime (Ryan Grigson) who built a roster with no names on it and just expected Andrew Luck to carry them to the Playoffs every year, but yet, never gave him an Offensive Line to save him from getting sacked 50+ times per season. Grigson is 100% responsible for Luck retiring early in his career.

    So now we have an actual team, and a GREAT Offensive Line due to Scouts and a GM who actually listens to them, and a great Assistant GM. Now we just gotta get that QB of the future. Jacob Eason could very well develop into that with the talent he already has, he’s just gotta clean a few things up.

    As for the Colts-Browns AFC Championship game? I can respect that. One of us just has to go through Kansas City and Baltimore first, and that’s a bit scary to think about.
    But if you…. you know, wanna just ditch the Browns and become a full-time Colts fan, you’re welcome to do so 🙂

    Brayden Wormer Reply

    CD5iVe yeah we are very lucky to have Ballard. I love his style, some of his moves (or ones he doesnt make) frustrate me, but it usually winds up being way better than I imagined. Glad to have you following the colts.

    Quenton Stein Reply

    We don’t need no ban wagons stay a browns fan

    Quenton Stein Reply

    If Browns ever play us we will murder y’all

1 Man Dynasty Reply

Best gm in the sport man where the hell would we be without ballard

    Quenton Stein Reply

    Yes look how good we are roster wise and as a team he’s done outstanding job draft he’s great free agency he’s great he’s better than polian or is better than him

    Quenton Stein Reply

    Chris Ballard is the best GM In football then John lynch from 49ers 2nd

    1 Man Dynasty Reply

    Quenton Stein agree

    Jamie Craig Reply

    Colts fans miss you, Grigson!

    1 Man Dynasty Reply

    Jamie Craig ctfu chill 😂😂

Apex Funny Moments Reply

Easily one of the best drafts I’ve ever seen by the colts.

ColtsSoccer18 Reply

Colts fan from Wisconsin here! I love that Chris didn’t hide his Badger pride!!!

TheRealRasmus Reply

I´m not even a Colts fan but that was a great watch!

Ryan Johnson Reply

The Colts are so blessed to have Chris Ballard as the GM, best in the business. Even more blessed that Josh McDaniels’ word isn’t worth anything, and making way for Coach Reich to come in. He’s definitely a man amongst men, and one who values integrity and character. This is a dynasty in the making for sure.

Sam Tharp Reply

I wish all managers were like Ballard. Hes such an amazing leader

Randal Smith Reply

“I’ve been in motels back in ’82. I know what you guys are up against.” I friggin love Jimmy Irsay

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