Buffalo Bills’ Week 3 Win Over the Bengals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David Price

Great win. Great to see fred jackson, as always.

    William Hardy

    He da goat i feel bad tho that he cant get a better platform like fox or espn

    NYK 69

    William Hardy gotta start somewhere. just glad he’s with the Bills organization in some way

Adam Magistri

Freddy Jackson’s the best!!!

James Jacobsen

bills Fan’s enjoy the wild Bill’s, wild ride season. super billieve LIV


glad to see Fred being rewarded for His loyalty and hardwork through all those years…great guy and a Buffalo supporter in every way..

Zac Chambers

Solid bills content. Wraps up everything from sunday, game and post game. Can they promote this more. Feel like it should have a million views. Freddy Freddy.

Austin Tuisano

Good win! Great to see Fred Jackson!

John Tate

Coach speech gave me chills.. what a heart!!

Anthony Holliday


    Josh Maine

    He did, didn’t he?


    Uh he already did

    Anthony Holliday

    Sorry guys i must have missed it


Just stopped by to say, “FREDDIE!”

Mike Meagher

Still not impressed! Prediction – NE will hand their asses to them Sunday.Best play and player of the game – Dawson Knox! If every player ran after the catch like he did today, this team has a shot.

N` chan

There was like a 2 year stretch that fred was the best back in the league but playing in buffalo he didnt get the recognition.


Here’s the problem next week. McDermott will not try to surprise the Patriots. The only way to beat them is to shock them with innovation like the Eagles did in the Super Bowl. Bomb away, Josh Allen. Send your receivers long, jailbreak fashion. Dawson needs to be key too. John Brown, Foster, the aerial attack will be how you beat them, not Frank Gore . Frank Gore is good for two to three yards. McKenzie is speedy, go to him on the end around. And Blitz Brady early and often.

    Steven J. Trump 2020

    Excellent comment! Great observation.


    I mean yeah but it’s not that easy

    NYK 69

    You are right but Josh has been running for his life, idk if they can give him the time for receivers to get deep right now. McKenzie sweeep has become predictable

NYK 69

Fred-Ex delivers as always


Need to see more of Fort Knox on the field! Pure Gold!

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