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Cn Sd

Tbh i cant make a prediction. Gonna be a very close game i hope.

    Austin Nawotka


Josue Tejada

I’m actually kind of excited to see Le’veon Bell and C.J. Mosley in a Jets uniform

    Keaden Wheeler

    Don’t sleep on me Jamison Crowder

    Daniel Roberts

    He won’t. I predict he’ll have a good game.

Escocivo 30

Two dark horses face each other
Bills 28
Jets 24

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound


Mathew Boboros

Go bills 1-0 to start



    Mathew Boboros

    pokemon123josh Pokémon is gay. Same with the jets. Yup.

    Mathew Boboros

    pokemon123josh lol nah just playin, good luck this season!


People seem to forget that the Jets defense isnt much. If Josh Allen plays smart the bills will win by a land slide.

    John Doe

    @VMan29397 And 0 corners, gonna be a long season for the Jets!

    John Doe

    @VMan29397 Ya he threw for 170 yards, shredded. Lmao. The Bills fumbled that game away on special teams now remember.

    Jason Green

    @John Doe 0 cb? Johnson pick Allen twice in the one game,Darryl played well and was able to stop a couple of number one wr on other team’s and that was before they put him in safety, poole is a good cb and from what I seen he done a decent job

    Jason Green

    @John Doe so bowls was calling horrible and simple defense

    Jason Green

    @Israel Lopez Jr yeah because your team won against them last year right🤦‍♂️


The bills are winning this

    Angel Castillero

    @noisy boyyy woah Jamal way better than your safety and a defense of lineman is way different than a qb who has to read defenses from a vanilla defense in preseason. Williams was the 3rd overall pick for a reason and im pretty sure peterman was not a high prospect coming out of college

    Angel Castillero

    @noisy boyyy either way im just excited football is back

    Mandalorian Legion

    Prestige Shogun jets have a worse o line.

    Prestige Shogun

    Mandalorian Legion can I have the drugs you are taking?

    Austin Nawotka

    @Prestige Shogun stolen

Austin Nawotka

This game could go either way tbh I really can’t predict this one

    Angel Castillero

    so true.

Adam Drzyzga

I can’t see the Jets doing anything against the Buffalo defense on Sunday. I’m picking the Bills.


    Bro jets just picked up great players we can do something

    Jared S

    Lol Darnold already has a W against this defense

    Gmoney Anthony

    Bills have no offense though 😂. Jets offense is better than the bills offense

Jerry Junior

Buffalo 23, Jets 16

    Jerry Junior

    @The ref How good is the Jets offense this season?

    Jerry Junior

    @Pumpin George For who? Both teams?

    The ref

    @Jerry Junior the jets will be top 25 offense this year. Bell will be a workhorse but their offensive line is not even close to Pittsburghs. The bills defense was #2 last year and brought in ed oliver, I dont see the jets scoring much on this defense

    Jerry Junior

    @The ref good to know, my Cowboys got you guys AND the Bills this season.

    The ref

    @Jerry Junior cowboys are gonna be nasty this year


Let’s go buffalo!

jason w

Go Bills… Tbh, I’m just glad to be watching football again.

alejandro Moran

it’s probably the same for all QBs but there were 32 drops by bills receivers last year. If they would have catch half of them his average would have been around 60%

    quan Brooklyn kid


Jack White

As a Jets fan it should be a close game. However no matter what happens it’s going to be a long season. Win or lose off to the next one. Good luck.

Ken Simmons

The Bills have a total no-fly zone in the secondary!


    Ken Simmons is that good or bad

    Ken Simmons

    @Glitchy Uhh…I was thinking good.


    Jets will run up all in the Bills spot, our new offense is gon demolish the Bills

Deadeye Grizzly

#BillsMafia hoping josh allen shows out


Got my Jets winning in a pretty boring 17-13 game, wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way though


This is going to be a good one but I think Buffalo’s D is going to save them. I still can’t believe we let Hyde go to the Bills. 😒

Cristian 1

I think the bills will win this one


Buffalo got new receivers and a stacked o line this year. No excuses on why they cant win this game and have a great season

Capper 716

This game is depended on both defenses and the qbs so I’ll gove the edge to the bills

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