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Seth Missel

Bills easily taking this one

Ikr Yytt

Bills Defence is too good, Bills 2-0.

    michael thompson

    I’m sorry I missing something like since when the Bills fan think they that good to be honest your quarterback is mediocre as hell or trash is going to lose you on the game and Bills fans think they defense is going to stop saquon Barkley really like come on now the Cowboys defense is 10 times better than the bills also when the last time the bills beat the Giants yeah just like the Jets that would never beat the Giants😂😂

    Yo Bills fans yeah never going to be nothing never going to win something like a Super Bowl 😂 shut up know your place we’d a the team in New York the Giants


    @michael thompson litteraly copy pasting the same phrase

The Way

Bills about to sweep in New Jersey

    Summit XBL

    subjektproductions this is a much improved team this year. Look at our offseason acquisitions


    Im not here to hate on the Bills but you guys should be humble lol this game can go either way, with or without your 3rd rated defense lol that’s really all im saying ,,you guys are 50/50 with a team that has NO defense..think about that

    Summit XBL

    subjektproductions our offense is better than you think. Especially once Singletary gets more touches.


    at the end of the day, I think you guys “rebuild” the right way, im just saying that your QB looks very mediocre so far! I wish you guys the best man! Keep that defense together and get better LB’s and you guys are going to make noise! No hate from me


    @michael thompson Can someone decipher whatever this moron said? My assumption is this is gibbrish for “your teams trash”

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

This is going to be a good game

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Bills defense is going to destroy that offense.

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

    Everybody but Barkley

    Brandon Steward

    @Griff Tanner well as a cowboys fan I dont know because my defense disappointed me last week.

    Hard Work1994

    josh’s bullet club lmao keep dreaming buddy
    Our d is elite and our offense shredded the jets all day
    We made a few sloppy turnovers which is y the game was so close it should of been a blow out
    You have ZERO pass rush your secondary is even worse than the jets, you’re not stoping Allen and Eli statue will be obliterated
    Our D is top 2-3


    I’ll bet you the Giants score 20 plus

    Duck Squad

    I mean we went against a stud last week, and we held him to 60 yards on 17 carries. Our defense is probably better then Dallas. People seem to over look the bills cause they’re never really on the media. Most probably don’t even know the bills had the 2nd best ranked defense last year and we only got better so 🤷🏽‍♂️

sean richardson

If New York loses it’s DJ time



    You mean New Jersey* lol Buffalo is New York’s only football team. Sorry

    Moneymonkeyman dude

    Lol eli is playing fine it’s the defense

Mobile Bills

Bills are not losing to the freaking giants, Daniel. U know better than that

    Mobile Bills

    @michael thompson no ur not putting facts out there ur just upset people are saying giants are gonna lose and u start spitting nonsense cuz of it

    Matthew's Gaming

    Daniel Jones isn’t even starting have you checked the rosters?

    Beau Christensen

    @michael thompson the delusion is strong with this one


    @michael thompson STFU

    Hubert - Brawl Stars

    I have a feeling giants will win

Sean Bozeman

Bills 20
Giants 14

    Stan ezen

    BUF (25)
    NYG (24)

Doc Brown

Bills 23
Giants 20

Pix Burgh

BUF: 13
NYG: 10

Buffalobills 1990



Eli is not the problem its our play calling on defense what were we doing in that game? The murdered us the were wide open the whole game.. keeping Barkley and that improved offense out of the game and then our defense just gets murdered

Mike Szymanski

Bills D is too good for the Giants. Barkley will be held to under 80 yards rushing and the Bills take it easily 27-16

    Fox04232002 _

    @michael thompson 1 int was off a bad bounce off the receiver, the other was a tipped pass, bills had awful luck in that game. Allen had over 140 pass yds in the first half, if not for the fluky TOs they would’ve had at least 2 or 3 TDs & a field goal


    @michael thompson i hope your giants play better this week dont want them to be a joke 2 weeks in a row

    Freddy FTW

    michael thompson are you just copying and pasting on every comment 😂😂😂😂

    Hubert - Brawl Stars

    I’m a pats fan and I’m polish also and I think giants will win those plus it’s a home game


Bills: 24

Giants: 18

Big John Stud

I understand why Giants fans would take offense to the idea the Bils are favored and many are expecting a Bills victory , the Bills have been bad for a long time and they won a game against the Jets with less than a 2% odds of winning , but here’s the thing Giants fans, the Bills are in year 3 of what was a complete rebuild , 2nd year QB with enormous talent and potential and a defense that is loaded with 6 of the 11 starters being 1st round picks , this defense is elite . Now ofcourse Sequan Barkley will not be stopped, hes the best back in the game, but he’ll be held in check and the Bills pass defense is the best in the business , fans outside of the AFC east know nothing of the this Bills team on the rise, but by December all will have been made aware, so Giants fans, just know that the pain you’ll feel Sunday will be felt by many this year, you won’t be alone.


    You thought you were Shannon Sharpe with the “Heres the thing” lol But to your point, the Bills are just about complete with rebuilding BUT I don’t think they are an elite defense just yet..Maybe once they gel a lil more during the season we will see a great defensive effort from them but I think the Giants offense has a great chance of beating the Bills!

    Big John Stud

    Point taken, only time will tell and I Wouldn’t be betting my mortgage on a Bills victory , its a tight spread for a reason, mainly being an unproven QB in Josh Allen

Big Blue

Our offense and defense could be spectacular. But having a bunch of young players and a horrible coaching staff is just gonna lead to more losses until something happens .
So if the bills win i wouldnt be surprised. I mean hell . Pat Shurmar always says he is gonna fix it when he never takes action.

Landonplayz Games

Bills 28
Giants 14


New Jersey-13


Hope Bills win big!! Eli or Jones continues lol!! It’s only 2 weeks and fun begins in NYC lol!!


This is one of those games I can see eli getting badly hurt

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