Buffalo Bills Select Gregory Rousseau In First Round of NFL Draft! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
_ Cerbeus

Release the phone call

Gong gong Gegato

im a huge fan of #BILLS. good luck.🙏💜👼🏈

Whumpdonkey 247

Amazing pick , he’s a BEAST with MASSIVE UPSIDE , let’s go Buffalo

Matt Coo

Should’ve taken JOK

    Get Money801


    Keimahnee Brown

    You sound dumb, we already have Tremaine Edmunds and brought back Matt Milano, wtf we need JOK for 😂 Greg Rousseau is just as good if not better than him anyways 💯

    Get Money801

    @Keimahnee Brown Rosseau don’t got no pass rush moves If we were going to take a developmental player We should of took Oweh 39 inch vertical ran a 4.36 40 at 6’5 256 lbs that’s insane

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    @Keimahnee Brown has not better than JOK but I do agree with the rest


I believe in this coaching staff. Turn this man into a beast.

    Jayden Taylor

    nah we need to fire Leslie Frasier and get a better defensive coordinator

Gary Brierley

Good luck but he grew too quick. Bills fan but I hope it works out


Beane likes his Genetic freaks!

Bills Mafia


Czyz Obedoza

He will NOT be a bust

Pxlse Pxmp

You could here the boos I think this is a success

    MW4 KK 28x

    Yea not from us tho we accept everybody

Ryan Mercer

Lets go buffalo 💙

sadiq jhearan

I was helping for impact player to help now because we’re in the win now mood but I believe in front office , JOK🤞

Buffalo bills fan165

Let’s go buffalooooo

Cosmic Jerry

🧙‍♂️ Lets Go Bills 🏈


Could be the steal of the draft
Early mocks before the season had him in the top 10
He DEFIANTLY had his draft stock lowered due to opting out
And considering we need to get younger on the d line and be able to generate pressure with our front 4, since etienne was already gone then edge rusher was the smart move. Hell if he put film this year, he probably would of been in the top half of the draft, I think many just forgot about him

Bills could have their franchise pass rusher finally

jeff Danger

He’s a big guy! Now get a huge DT


Welcome to the Bills mafia


Nice pick!



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