Buffalo Bills Celebrate Superfan Pancho Billa’s Life At Home Opener – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Buffalo Bills Celebrate Superfan Pancho Billa’s Life At Home Opener

In a special pregame ceremony during the Buffalo Bills’ home opener, we celebrated Ezra Castro, Bills superfan also known as “Pancho Bills,” for his lasting impact on the organization and Bills fans everywhere.

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TheOmiester Reply

We’ll never forget you Pancho… but let’s go 3-0!!!!! Let’s take Down the Pats like a boss!

    Grooth Reply

    Big man was watching from above and gave Knox the power of the Afterlife that allowed him to stiff arm and truck that DB

    Dan Rice Reply

    @Grooth Knox is taking the Buffalo thing serious. He’s a beast.

    Elliot Eisler Reply

    Grooth that’s going to show up on Angry runs on GMFB this week 👀😅

Hotshotpony Reply

This is such a honor! I will miss you my friend <3 . Thank You Buffalo Bills!

scott devereaux Reply

Y’all cutting onions or what?

samuel harris Reply

Love this he is a true Super Fan

Mike Gloss Reply

It’s easy to love a winner, when you’re there through thick and thin it says a lot. I really wish he could have been with us for a few more

Gonzo Reply

So proud to be a Bills fan

Andrew Colvin Reply

Loved seeing that Bengals fan smile and blow the kiss to the young boy. Happy the bills won on the day of the celebration of Pancho. Viva los bills

helpmenow7 Reply

How about celebrating season ticket holders from 1960.

Justin Hayes Reply

Classy move by a truly 1st class organization and city. What a awesome experience for those kids and that family. Proud to be a bills fan!

Joseph Fable Reply

So Proud to be a Bills Fan!!!!!!

iamrichrocker Reply

Pegula’s are special folks..what he has done for PSU Hockey is amazing and so giving..they know that these gifts are paying it forward..and may we do the same in out own ways…

Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

Wow such an amazing celebration!
R.I.P. Poncho.

David Kelly Reply

As a BILLS fanatic since 1972, and a season ticket holder for 20 years…I wish I had met Ezra, but never had the chance! It’s great to know that other people, like Ezra, are complete Bills fanatics like myself!! We bleed BUFFALO BILLS Red, White, and Blue…and always will!! REST IN PEACE Ezra “Pancho Billa!!” VIVA LOS BILLS!!

Nelson Nelson Reply

Love You Pancho. 4-0???Lets take the Patriots down!!!

Jeremy Deveraux Reply

Ain’t gonna lie. That was a tear jerker. Go Ponchito! And go Bills!

Bada Bing Crosby Reply

That young man has big shoes to fill. But something tells me its all gonna be alright. So glad ezra hasnt been and wont be forgotten. And so glad he has a proud young boy, a beautiful family, and a great charity to carry out his legacy. What a game, I like to think he had something to do with it up there.

Alan McKenzie Reply

What a classy owner! The Chargers owners sure could learn a lesson from the Bills owner on how to treat their fans.

Leonel Lomas Reply

Not the prettiest win, but if I was an NFL prospect and the Bills drafted me I would not be disappointed playing there. This is by far the best fan base in the NFL and how the organization takes care of the fans and how we embrace our players and one another is unreal. We are wild, drunk, but most of all we have each other’s backs. I wouldn’t trade being a bills fan for anything else.

Jon Warren Reply


dark irish metalhead Reply

Rip pancho billa you may be gone but you will never be forgotton you had the best seat in the house today to his family and freinds my heart and love go out to you all bills mafia 4 life go bills

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