Budda Baker on His New Contract Extension | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Budda Baker on His New Contract Extension | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals S Budda Baker and GM Steve Keim react and talk about Baker's four-year contract extension.

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    Antonio Gutierrez Reply


Austin Mitchell Reply

He definitely earned it

B.I.G A.L Reply

Buddddaaaaaa 🥶❄️

James Reply

Deserves it!

Antonio Gutierrez Reply

I’m so happy about this. With guys like James, minkah, and Jamal this is going to look like a steal

    Kody Nez Reply

    That’s what I keep telling people, in a year or two this is gonna be a steal.

    RK Belmont Reply

    @Kody Nez Only problem is Budda is not close to the level of Derwin, Minkah and Jamal

    Kody Nez Reply

    RK Belmont Budda is just missing Ints, he’s played in 3 different defensive schemes since being in the league being placed all over the field. This will be the first time in his career where he gets to be in the same system instead of learning a new one. The Ints will come this year.


He earned it! Great move by the Arizona Cardinals!!!

Isaiah Reply

Lol silly keim budda is 24

Enoch Escalera Reply

Hell yeah Keim!



Paul G Reply

Mom comes first. She deserves it! Budda proud of you. Go Cardinals!

The Dude Reply

Let’s go! congrats budda! 👍

Braedon Lock Reply

147 total tackles last year. Led the league in solo tackles. But people are doging him for 0 interceptions but this is definitely earned. He plays in the box 90% of the time. This man is a dog on the field.

RyRy Tha N8tive Reply

Big bank budda!

Bulldog 71ss Reply

Do glad this high character, high caliber player is a Cardinal.

Ben Tranter Reply

This is such a good interview😂

Lionel Sanches Reply

Now Hopkins

Tomo720 __ Reply

Congratulations Budda much deserved brother integral part of our defense.. 🙏❤️🔴🐐🐐….

SuperNASCARrocks Reply

So glad we locked Budda up for 4 more years. He’s a core piece of our team and our defense. Go Cards.

Gboy 480 Reply

3:48 he was really about to answer that 🤣

C.Isaiah Wright Reply

So is buds baker has a contested ended he is a good safety it’s like when Tryon Matthew played for years and the Cardinals

Evan Berardi Reply

Hes gun be able too do his job so much better now too w Simmons pressure as line backer

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