Bucs Win! Tampa Bay Defeats New Orleans 30-20 in Divisional Round – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bucs Win! Tampa Bay Defeats New Orleans 30-20 in Divisional Round

Watch the day's best moments and highlights from the Divisional Round Game between the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs advance to face the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game.

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Mattmattmattmatt Reply


Nick Rodriguez Reply

Who heard the vita vea news?

    Bubba Harrod Reply

    @The Narrator I’m not a long term bucs fan, I’m a Tom Brady fan who just started watching the team so I’m not real familiar w all of the players on defense

    Clayrock Reply

    @Bubba Harrod he is a star defensive tackle he collapses the front of the pocket with ease

    The Narrator Reply

    @Bubba Harrod I’m sure you noticed the bucs don’t play like the pats. Our defense and offense is always at 10. Either it’s an explosion or nothing happens at all. Shaq barrett, and jpp on pass rush. Lavonte david, and devin white our main LB’s. We got murphy bunting, davis, winfield, dean, and many other in the secondary. Upfront we got the big dogs Suh, and Vita. Plenty of other dogs on Defense like whitehead, jamel dean and etc, but that’s just the guys I can think about. I like the term suicide squad because we blitz often, and rush hard.

    MrGenexxx Reply

    Tevita Tuliʻakiʻono Tuipulotu Mosese Vaʻhae Fehoko Faletau Vea is coming back? Now that’s great news!

    T Rocka Reply

    I love Vita but is Vita healthy and strong enough to start over Roches after a week 5 broken leg is the question.

Jon Snow Reply

I was worried before that Saints game, but now I’m getting good vibes only from this team! On to Green Bay…

    s5 dollars Reply

    @Shadow Curse Kid u don’t won’t no cheese 🧀 smoke better believe that sucker i bet u

    Scooter Reply

    The bucs kinda exposed Rodgers weakness. By instinct, when Rodgers throws a interception, he naturally choosers to not throw to anyone who’s not wide open, and takes less risks. So if you get like 1 or 2 sacks, or get some pressure or turnovers, that’s kinda disaster for Green Bay

    ninjahman Reply

    Don’t sleep on aaron rodgers he can put up numbers

    Jonathan Tony Reply

    @s5 dollars how much you want to bet I got the bucs? For a 100

    s5 dollars Reply

    @Jonathan Tony Cashapp/Paypal

Tempus Optic Reply

The Buccs MVP goes to Jared Cook

    Yrn Quin Reply

    Drew brees*

Squishy Cat Reply

Where’s my real Bucs fans at!??? Fire the mfing cannons

    Adam Wagner Reply

    Im here, I was 11 when they beat the Raiders in Super Bowl 37.

    Adam Wagner Reply

    @Danny Thompson Lol that’s cool. I always wanted Brady to lose but now he’s on my team haha.

    Danny Thompson Reply

    @Adam Wagner lol I that would be awesome if he got number 7…

    Adam Wagner Reply

    @Danny Thompson Why stop at 7? Lets go for 8.

    Danny Thompson Reply

    @Adam Wagner absolutely brother…..

Starlawd Reply

So happy to see the Bucs get to go to NFC championship game

GOATsin City Reply

saints fans are literally sitting at the swings like steve carell questioning their problems right now.

    Cody Vandal Reply

    next year they are really going to be crying. They are 100 million of the salary cap already. Goodluck with that rebuild boys

Nick Pitera Reply

Luv those Rookies!
Go Bucs!
Keep Rowing that Pirate Boat!

David Combs Reply

I want Tampa Bay to win the Super bowl at home. GO BUCS.

    Otis Super6east G Moore Reply

    Yeaaaa…GO BUCS!!!!

    Michelle Ezeugo Reply

    I agree. I admit I wanted The Minnesota Vikings to win Super Bowl 52 in their own home stadium because I was born in St Louis Park Minnesota but I’m glad The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52

    ninjahman Reply

    That be the best thing ever

    ken lounders Reply

    That would be great. But funny that the only home game for the bucs would be the superbowl.

Kos Juludo Reply


Jimmy Steed Reply

We won the one that really mattered LFG!!!!!

Victor Doom Reply

I love this team not playing at home🤣..they play soo much better on the road lol

    MineMaker601 Reply


    MineMaker601 Reply

    They better play like they do on the road during the superbowl tho

Dennis Rivera Reply

What a game! We looking like a real championship team now.

Chris Ingram Reply


Mr. Smith Reply

I was flying around town in my Bucs Windbreaker

a_collection_of_cells Reply

How the turnovers table have turned in favor of the Bucs last night.. One more game left till the HOME SUPERBOWL LETS GO!!!!

D H Reply

Devin White Intercepts! :
” *please try to stop me* ”
(shoves arm down tacklers throat)!

Space Pioneer Reply

The Bucs are going to have to rent out a giant freezer to practice in this week. That’s the only thing i’m concerned about, i’m not worried about Brady, just the receivers and backs holding onto the ball. Great win boys!

    Nick Pitera Reply

    No worries with Winfield and Johnson. Played many games at Minnesota in the frozen elements.
    Go Bucs!

ProfessorVirgo Funland Reply

I have some advice for when you practice for the packers game use fake snow at practice because it might snow during that game and yall barely see snow when you play

James Pastoral Reply

Antoine Winfield Sr would be really proud of his kid, reminding him of who he was back in the day with the Vikings. Kid has heart and guts no matter who you put him against.

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