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saviron hipps

Lets see dean and bunting start bring Eric berry in maybe make a trade for chris harris or even Patrick Peterson. Our secondary has been a issue for the past three years. We can make playoffs possibly if our secondary can be improved

    Spec- Jones

    You right man…I want Patrick Peterson…


Wait, good audio?

Kent Jackson

We need to trade for Patrick Peterson, Jalen Ramsey, Chris Harris one of time those.. go get Eric Berry I’m sure even him 70% of what he used to be is better than what we have


Doesn’t matter who we bring in if we just gonna run zero blitzes all game..we need pass rushers and a zone blitz scheme..carlton Davis is a dog but he’s not the fastest but in a zone scheme he will be a beast..vh3 is a slot guy..Dean is fast but stiff..SMB needs to get a chance on the outside after he gains weight..leave Minter and lvd in the middle and put Devin at the other outside spot..nassib is too slow to drop into coverage


On offense we need more crossing routes for Mike Evans and the tightends..they got the body to shield off defenders on crossing routes and last but not least jameis gotta do a better job at reading defenses and pocket awareness..he’s always 2 seconds too late

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