Bucs Training Camp Day Ten Highlights! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bucs Training Camp Day Ten Highlights!

Watch the Bucs offense participate in skill work and RB LeSean McCoy make a breakout play.

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Marshalisepic III Reply


Kathleen Bennett Reply

Go Bucs!!!!!!!

Hi There Reply


ryan damon Reply


bowlchamps37 Reply

0:49 He has seen it all, he has done it all and more and he still runs to Chris to congratulate on the pass-catch. Tom loves every second of his football life. And you can only appreciate that.

    Estate of Meredith Reply

    Exaaaaactly! He’s the best teammate you could ever hope for and what an incredible story he has to share about being a late round pick and having so many doubters. This is a franchise-changing year. It’s not just Brady’s accolades it’s his level of accountability and on the field coaching that makes a team better. No one has more high ceiling players than we have across the board and Brady’s presence will help them reach their peak potential. Our players and our organization and fan base are so hungry for a winning program that we are going to play this year with a level of spirit and hunger that no other franchise can match (ok maybe the Browns lol).

    In the NFL everyone is big and fast and talented but it’s the attention to details, the inches and extra millisecond of reaction time on each and every play by each player on the team that add up to yards and points that determine winning and losing. We finally have the mental discipline, toughness and level of preparation to come out on top and win more than we lose.

    CG and ME are of course tearing it up as expected but Scotty Miller is about to shock the NFL. Imagine if Wes Welker or Edelman ran a 4.33 lol. Imagine no more.

    bowlchamps37 Reply

    @Estate of Meredith Yeah, I agree. Brady is that girl in high school where you hold your breath just to hide your belly 😀

Nancy Laflash Reply

“GO BUCS”, this year is going to be awesome!!!

    Derek G Pageau Reply

    They aren’t playing this year . You’ll have to wait till next seaon

    PieForLyfe Reply

    Derek G Pageau your dumb if you think that

    Nancy Laflash Reply

    @Derek G Pageau Yes they are playing you are on drugs!!!

    Nancy Laflash Reply

    @PieForLyfe If your a Saints Fan you better get your crying towels now they’ll be back ordered like Tom Brady jerseys!

High Powered Reply

Go BUCS! This is going to be the greatest football season of all time!

    I Am A Human Reply

    The 1972 Miami dolphins: am I a joke to you

    shannon dail Reply

    are you kneeling for black anthem you better obey and do it

    High Powered Reply

    I Am A Human 😂 they are up there too but Brady is back in action

C J Reply

New Tompa Bay fan

Mattmattmattmatt Reply

For those that didn’t see it, there’s a different angle of that last clip on Instagra with Brady throwing to Godwin with the original audio. Tom runs over to Chris and giggles like a little kid and says “I can’t wait.” Neither can we Tom, neither can we.

    Ceo Of Vibe Check Reply

    Where is it i wanna see it

    Mattmattmattmatt Reply

    @Ceo Of Vibe Check Its on the Buccaneers official instagram, it’s currently the second most recent post. You have to listen closely

    Jacob N. Reply

    I still can’t believe Tom Brady is on the bucs lol it just doesn’t seam real. I hope we win this year!

    bowlchamps37 Reply

    @Jacob N. Me neither. Just imagine 5 years ago, someone would have said, in 2020 you have Brady and Gronk on your team.

AntiKzGaming Reply

Tom looks very sharp this year very sharp

aaronpiper92 Reply

tompa bay gronkaneers

Texan Football Houston Reply

🤘 good for u guys 👍 dam nephew in my gym room where my punching bag is plus need to buy more things for it a great stand family gave me just need to weld a little piece and put the bag up on off great work out 👨‍🏭🤟🤘💪👊

Sixto Torres Reply

The goat this his magic

Ariana Reeder Reply

doctor: “you have 53 seconds left to live”


1motorcitychop Reply

I’ve been telling everybody now the team has something to play for Jameis Winston the defendant reigning defensive player of the year threw so many interceptions the defense barely have a chance to take a rest now we have an actual leader they have so many things that I’m sure people haven’t seen because they haven’t had their true ability to be able to prove it they defense maybe top 5 watch I believe so

Bon Andrews Reply

But he has no more “arm strength”….talk about Lebron’s revenge season. We all know Brady is coming back with a bigger vengeance for what those “analysts gods” said after last years playoff lost..

Scatch24 Scatchell Reply

Let’s bucs Tom Brady baby

Tough Reply

Tom brady really brought relevance to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

LISTENER 2700E Reply

Ever gonna post any defensive highlights? I would have liked to see those Parnell Motley picks.

b metrix Reply

Bob Gonkroski

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