Bucs Training Camp Day Eleven Highlights! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bucs Training Camp Day Eleven Highlights!

Watch as Bucs QB Tom Brady connects with TE Rob Gronkowski and RB LeSean McCoy.

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Andrew Thomas Reply


Live Love Life Reply

Go Bucs

Shafkat Ahmed Reply

The music for these videos is always heat

    Christopher Law Reply

    I’m not feeling this one tbh

Marvelous Marv Reply

Tom still got some spin on that ball for sure,uh oh pundants might be time season that crow up 👀🤣🤣✌️💯

    danteswar1 Reply

    Right? How many times would that be now? At least 3. I think the only person that will know when he doesn’t have it anymore is Brady himself.

    Marvelous Marv Reply

    @danteswar1 Exactly 💯

Manchild Does Dumb Crap Reply

After 2019, I know what it’s like to be a bucs fan

    Asherz Reply

    No leave

    Manchild Does Dumb Crap Reply

    @Asherz no u. We had the worst QB combo in the NFL

Food for thought Reply

Cut the MUSIC off please. Thank you 🤞

Opposite George Reply

That offense is gonna be a machine

AaronsVids2 Reply


danteswar1 Reply

The impact Brady is having on the Defense is really not being talked about enough. Iron sharpens iron. Even the offensive line is looking great. His presence is elevating the team in many more ways than his play alone.

    Jay Els Reply

    How can you tell

    Bucsfansince '80 Reply

    That is all the defensive players talk about when Brady is brought up. How he’s helping the young dbs.

    Bucsfansince '80 Reply

    @Jay Els I guess this guy doesn’t watch all the interviews. Pretty much every time any defender is asked about Brady so far it’s talking about how accuracy and ball placement is on another level. How his looking off defenders and quick reads helps them prepare for the best qbs they’ll be facing.

Jackluck2 Reply

0:28 tell me if I’m wrong, but that looks like ANOTHER pick by Parnell Motley. I know people were high on him , but that dude seems be be doing better than any expectation and is balling out!

    dillon mathew Reply

    @Bucsfansince ’80 undrafted rookie has such a negative tone to it compared to late round picks in my opinion, but those players usually have a bigger chip on their shoulder when it comes to game time

    Bucsfansince '80 Reply

    @dillon mathew Wes Welker, James Harrison, John Randle, Priest Holmes, Jeff Saturday. I could name a lot more but these are some of the big names off the top of my head that didn’t get drafted.

    dillon mathew Reply

    @Bucsfansince ’80 yup exactly. I don’t really know any from the Bucs that worked out long term for us, but this guy seems like the one

    Bucsfansince '80 Reply

    @dillon mathew Dotson our ex RT was undrafted. Graham had a decent season on our last playoff team. Williams a stud return man back in the 90s and early 2000s. Michael Bennet has an interesting history with the team. He was picked up undrafted by the Seahawks. Then waived and claimed off waivers by the Bucs. Had a few good seasons.

    Bucsfansince '80 Reply

    @dillon mathew Warner and Moon were so obvious as undrafted greats I didn’t bother mentioning them in case you were wondering why I left them off.

Jason D Reply

Look at their schedule lol I bet they go 12-4!

jmeryllman Reply

Rojo will have a monster year.

Kevin Coles Reply

I can tell all u new fans now……the energy is the locker room is magical….Brady has definitely made these boys feel they can win…and do it easily…..THIS IS A SCARY TEAM…..MY GO DOWN IN HISTORY……

Axilrhon Reply

Love the music choice. Keep it up.


Hey bucs ! This Music sucs !

Hudson Williams Reply

Bruh Brady doesn’t even got a chinstrap on💀🤣

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