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Adam Bub

Should bring the throwback uniforms out for a game

    Problem, bro?

    Can’t do it because of NFL rules involving helmet switches. Because the helmets are different for the throwbacks and the current unis, they can’t wear both. NFL implemented a rule in 2013 banning multiple helmet use in a season.

    Adam Bub

    @Problem, bro? Didn’t know that, thanks for the info

    Tappy OG

    the 2002 alternate black jerseys would be crazy

Cal Friedman

Wearing red… at home games? Are we okay?

Nick Buckner

Why no throwback creamsicle orange?…come on man

    The Meme Boi

    Nick Buckner it’s an nfl rule that they can’t bring back older jerseys

    Problem, bro?

    @The Meme Boi Not quite. There’s a rule against using different helmets in one season that was implemented in 2013, which is why despite doing a throwback in the 2012 season it isn’t possible to do the creamsicle ones anymore.

Adam Davies

I’m dying for the throw back orange to make an appearance 🔥🔥🔥

    Problem, bro?

    Won’t happen, the NFL implemented a rule in 2013 that bans NFL teams from using different sets of helmets in a season. The throwback orange and the current uniforms have different color helmets (white vs pewter) and so they’re not allowed. If it was just a decal issue it wouldn’t be a problem, so we could actually go back to the super bowl era 2000’s unis if the glazers wanted to.

Brian Edwards

Still the worst jersey numbers in football.


Y’all comment the same thing every year about the throwbacks. It was established a few years back the reason they don’t wear them is because the throwback uniforms require the players to use a whole new helmet outside of the one they have already selected. That goes against the NFL’s helmet guidance. Other teams can use throwbacks because they can simply change the logo. However we CANT. The old helmets are white.

    Problem, bro?

    Been explaining that to everyone in the comments.

Austin Brown

Was hoping for a red jersey white pants game or vice versa.

Our Email

What about all pewter with red numbers


Worst jerseys in the league, possibly one of the best logos.

Kenneth Alonzo

Every game we need the W

Rob Miller

No throwbacks for the NFL’s 100th anniversary?!?


Can we just go back to superbowl uniforms??

Bo Evans

This better be the last season we are playing in these horrific uniforms

    bee Zo

    Bo Evans agreed

Tony G

These jerseys are hideous. Laughing stock of the NFL. Change them already. Admit you messed up and redo them.

Mike Flowers

Bring back the creamcicles!!

Dilly Billy

At least we’re not the away team for every game anymore. I’m glad BA takes pride in the RED and pewter, unlike weak koetter.

bee Zo

We need solid colored uniforms with basic number font no extras. A uniform that means business

Little Pillow Princess

This is BS, just bring back our classic Creamsicles! 🍊🍦

Matthew Williams

Touch of old and new. I’d make a black uni with orange and white stripes orange socks and bucco on mirror black helmets to wear on a wintry day. That would be 🔥 af

Austin Kelly

Sick they look the same as past uniforms

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