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Escocivo 30

The Steelers were great but Ryan Griffin put up a incredible fight!


    jay foxworthy there’s no way he’s beating out blane. If griffins talent such as his wobbly short pass that could’ve won us the game at the end is good enough for you, then this is why we’ve missed the playoffs for 11 straight years; mediocrity.

    Phillip Saunders

    Rian An he needs more work in the red zone, Winston makes his money there

    A Black Screen

    Tom if u gone hate on griffin hate on the other 2 bums they have at qb too

    Dan Stevens


Solomon Kessington

Don’t let the Steelers winning distract you from the fact that Antonio 🤡 will retire if the NFL doesn’t grant him permission to wear his old helmet

    sons of liberty

    @Cody Kennedy that’s what EVERYONE has been trying to say since he signed his big contract. Ryan Clark said it the same day he was going to be a problem. I’m surprised that pit kept it under wraps for that long. Tomlin never disciplined him and left ben to do the job. So when ab wasn’t getting 20 targets a game and juju was keeping pace or ahead of his stats he was flipping out. Pittsburgh offensive is going to explode this year.

    Cody Kennedy

    @sons of liberty you got that right!


    Solomon Kessington I hope he does retire

    Cody Kennedy

    About Antonio brown, just like Peter griffin said in family guy! OMG who the hell cares 😂😂😂

The Meme Boi

Anyone who was on mrbucsnation’s livestream this just shows how dedicated we are when we treat a preseason game like the Super Bowl
Go Bucs!! Btw this was an entertaining game.


    @Jerome Green Ik but Bush looked really good and i don’t see White being better. Thats my opinion


    @The Meme Boi Mike Tomlin has never had a season under 8 wins


    @The Meme Boi and i never said we were going to the superbowl lol


    @The Meme Boi Bruce went 7-8-1 also

    The Meme Boi

    ThePaperPortal I’m talking about other Steelers fans

John Adams

Devin bush with 10 tackles in the first half what a beast

    Mango Masher

    Pat Willin Jr well obviously he’s not. Getting 300 tackles but I can expect and Darius Leonard type year


    @Pat Willin Jr If I remember correctly he said “if” so it was a hypothetical so I don’t know why you had to come in here guns a blazing like we were all wrong. But okay I’ll let it slide.

    Pat Willin Jr


    Iraq Lobster

    Mango Masher he won’t even get over 100 tackles on Regular season I bet

    Gunshine State

    Barley made any talkes against TB first offense starters only played 1 drive

Mango Masher

Get ready for James Washington’s breakout season

    James Jones

    Let’s hope so.

    Daniel Barwatt

    Word..its his time to shine

    A sad Jets Fan

    Juán Lemus And James made one play against one starter, the rest were on backups


    That’s just one good game for him we’ll see how he does for the rest

Devin M

James Washington will breakout this season.

    Matthew Reese

    Nah he aint anything special there are so many receivers in the NFL

    Daniel Barwatt

    @Matthew Reese he was named the nations best reviever in 2017 while at OK State..and being that Brown is gone and JuJu is the #1 theres has to be a #2 and its his to lose..I think hes gonna have a good year..he has the potential.

    Chase Ellingson

    Moncriefs the 2 and him not running with the 2nd team in the first week of preseason helps the case


    Matthew Reese yeah they said the same thing when we lost mike Wallace and brown was on the come up

    Dan Stevens

    He’ll have pimples?

Jackson Gibson

Did anyone know that Kevin Greene was there taking pictures with people yah I got my picture taken

    Keaton Burson

    I got one with Franco in Denver in the AFC championship game years back. Highlight of my life

    Jackson Gibson

    I met Juju before and Shazier

OsoArrogant 1

Ulysses Gilbert iii #54 a dawg.

    Hugo González

    I really like him hopefully he not gonna be cut

    Amp Da DoN

    Mann he had a pick nd a forced fumble wit a few sacks

    OsoArrogant 1

    @Ken Cranston matekavich gotta go.


    OsoArrogant 1 that dude is one of the greatest specialists remember 2017 season when he blocked those punts? He was injured last year tho

    OsoArrogant 1

    @ThanosButthole Yeah I remember but I’m tired of getting rid of people like Gilbert. Like last year they did it to Mathew Thomas and now he’s a raven.

Pix Burgh

Calling AB a clown is an insult to clowns at this point




    That man was threatening to retire because he didn’t want to wear the new helmets for safety.

    Mr V

    Pix Burgh hahahahaha

    C Ramirez

    Ben Roethlisberhgermeister may in fact be

    Your dad

    Batgirl P

    @DorksandSports I see what you did there!


Looking good so far. Steelers HereWeGo!!!

    G Hobo

    STRIKEFURY no defense is off still gave Ryan 330 yards wtf Mike Tomlin needs to fix this team or next it’s over for him and the Steelers

    Jump Street24

    @G Hobo it was not starter tho. It definitely was not the best. Seemed alright. And we won, preseason dont matter. Let’s get week 1. And preseason learning and getting better.


    G Hobo bro, look at all of the preseason defenses. All of them are vanilla. It’s either man or cover 2. Youll start to see multiple coverages by the end of pre season. This defense is for real this year.

    G Hobo

    DorksandSports I hope so I will give my left arm for my Steelers to win another super bowl this season 😫


    @G Hobo they are rookies, if they where all starter’s I would be concerned.


I hope Ben Rothlecheeseburger Is Well Rested For The Upcoming Season… These Backups play a good game

    Daniel Barwatt

    @Muscle E-Mac that joke is so tired and old..get some new material

    rumich hg

    @Muscle E-Mac we can all tell ur trying too hard to be funny

    Angel Cadena

    IAmVenom its preseason. don’t jump the gun yet. especially when most of the starters are not on the field

Zack Amig

I know it’s preseason but man am I excited about having bush on that defense

    sons of liberty

    @Mike Post I disagree slightly. Every part of his game was great but he was week in zone coverage and allowed the te to find the seem to easy. He was really good in man but that zone is going to take work to get the hang of. I’m sure he can do it. Barron was in Vince’s spot and bush was in Barron’s spot. It’s nice to see them getting work and learning to be flexible. They are so athletic that the 3 of these guys are going to be studs as a whole. Kinda pumped for ne.

    Steve Allen

    Our defense led the league in sacks for the last 2 seasons.
    I look for them to get at least 60 this season..what we need is more turnovers..near the bottom in that stat. They were trying to address that issue in training camp.Lets hope that stat goes up.

    Steve Allen

    @Jackson Gibson Steelers actually had 52 sacks last season…I predict to have 60 or more this season.Maybe 66 is a premonition for this season. 👍

    sons of liberty

    @Steve Allen the problem was last year that the d had balls hit them in a bad spot and they couldn’t catch them. THE HANDS. How many times did we see that. I do think this d is going to be top 3 to 5 maybe higher we’ll see.

    Daniel Barwatt

    Word..im excited about JW too..i think hes gonna breakout this year being the #2 behind JuJu

Kyle Smith

James Washington and Devin Bush really stood out, but Mason Rudolph was right there with them. He looked great.

    Kyle Smith

    @Show Time not what the passer rating says


    @@Kyle Smith sure a tad my point is situational awareness on your godamn goaline on 3rd and like what 14 and ben is out they trust dobbs to come in and call a pass he could of easily been sacked for a safety or any other scenario they believe in dobbs mason isn’t better


    The bomb Dobbs threw was not over thrown, go back and watch it. Washington leaped and high pointed when all he had to do was continue running, this was knock the coaches had on him last year. I initially thought Dobbs over threw it. But it was perfect, Washington just needs to trust his speed and catch it over his shoulder 90 yd td if he does.

    Kyle Smith

    @atwa2neon4staind under threw, not over


    Rewatched that catch Washington could have ran under it all the way to the endzone he did not have to jump.

Pancake 26

James Washington proving the haters wrong! 🔥

    Daniel Barwatt

    Hes gonna have a breakout season

    Michael Castillo

    Wish we had Nate Washington too

    Jorge Martinez

    Yeah, I was impressed with that kid.

nathan c

Winston looked pretty good in that first drive! Arians coaching might have been the best decision for the Bucs.

    blacked mirror


    Full Auto

    Winston is the kinda guy that will throw for 400+ yds. 5 TDs. Week 1.
    then throw 120 yds. 5 INTs. Week 2.
    no consistency. whatsoever….

    The Meme Boi

    He gained 15 pounds of muscle, he’s huge

    Sauce Jackson

    We’ll see wassup when the season start

KdJ2's Twin

Devin bush a monster. Imagine if he got an int to add with his 10 tackles, (swatted at 1:47) but we gotta cut him some slack he got LB hands loll

    Ken Cranston

    Ints are nice, but a punt is just as good.


    Why is the word “is” so uncool these days. I don’t get it.

james cartex

Devin bush was a great pickup, Ik it’s pre season but he’s showing good signs

Eli Manning’s Belly Button

So much potential for us. Also I feel a big year for James Washington. GG bucs


    It was only preason, bucs will still be trash even though bucs scored right away against the Steelers in the 1st quarter. Hope you guys get the steel curtain back. GG Steelers.

Andrew Landsbergen

TB would have won 31-30 if they just went for extra points every time

    Eric bp

    Great chance to practice 2 pt conversions though

    Andrew Landsbergen

    @Eric bp that’s true, I thought that’s what they might be doing

Luis Cervantes

Mason Rudolph looks better than last year but i love the mobility of Dobbs.


    Love Mason and love seeing him hook up with Washington as an Oklahoma state fan

    Steven Enno

    If all else fails we will just have strong and mobile back up

    kyoto vaiau

    Wait.former Vikings ?

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