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Armin Cakar

Game starts:

Defense: aight ima head out

    William salter


    Lmaooooo 不 不不 不不 不不 不



    Trappacino 202

    This is funny

Sheika 01

I am loving this 2019 season… so full of upsets… lol… Rams have been exposed now sad to say…

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Ty Nao very true

    LikeNative MikeTV

    @red88alert Not when you give up 55 points in one game they no longer had the kind of defense that can make it to the Super Bowl

    Fuzzy Tabby

    Rams looked totally unprepared for what TB was doing on offense. but good on Winston and TB for playing a great game.

Captain Cortez

More Tampa Bay logic:
Home game against Giants: *L*
Away game against Rams: *W*

    Brandon Watson

    Ty Nao

    Rams have no home stadium lol

    Dhaval Sakaria

    at home, they are more scared of their wives. that might be the reason XD

    Jordan Golde

    I mean they lost on a shanked field goal sooooo. Saints would’ve lost at home against the Texans if they didn’t have a helluva kicker.

Nemo 05

When niners beat the bucs they just the bucs, but when the bucs beat the rams everyone quiet

    Ty Nao

    The Rams are trash they need referees to win

    Joel Nevarez

    @Joe Cool Berry seahawks lost to a team without there qb

Date Masamune

Yoooo wtf is SUH 40time??! That behemoth of a man can move!!

    A A

    Real stat: Suh hit 18.4 MPH on that TD run


    Natrone meaner



Sentinel creed

This is a totally different Winston than we saw last year, hes making reads, throwing the open man, evading pressure

    Zayne simard moore

    Sentinel creed Yeah, I say they still pick up a rookie.

    Dj Milford

    That was way more of a great defensive play rather than a winston mistake. Go watch film

    Dj Milford

    If you actually watched the film and reviewed it you’d see EASILY 2of them werent his fault same with the other but the other was a winston+barber mistake. GO WATCH FILM

    Dj Milford

    Ok at this rate bucs will go 8-8 or more the only 2 great qbs will be gone jake fromm is no nfl caliber qb. Jacob eason is the only one that MIGHT be there, it would be a waste of a pick, we are literally 2 OL and 1 vet CB away from a SB team especially since our whole secondary is 1st and 2nd year guys all taken in rounds 1-3

Logan Sayers

Bucs are so underrated, they have the nfl sack leader, a great wide reciever duo, a qb who is doing well, and some great line backers.


    And y’all are overrated

    Ross Cardenas

    replace linebackers with running backs and i agree. go 9ers.

    Jordan Golde

    They have some hella players and even a great head coach now, but the QB is a major problem. I don’t trust Winston and it’d take a full season of this to change my mind.

    Crimson Koba

    Winston is a giveaway machine, if they had a better QB they would be 4-0

    Dj Milford

    You do know he’s 5th in passing yards atm right? And disregard week 1 he has 8 td 2 int. If you think they’re not 4-0 because of winston, you obviously dont know football


Wow, this was a great game. Well done Tampa. I honestly wasn’t expecting you to take the Rams down at home.

    Ty Nao

    its LA its Mexicos and Hollywoods home not the Rams lol

HotShotGuy 01

Brady: I’m gonna rock this week

Winston: Am I Fitzpatrick to you?


    as a Dolphins fan, I approve this message haha

    Ohio state

    @krayzie191 bruh i feel bad for ur team lol

Tony Vang

Honesty to me hes been playing probably his best season in my eyes. Winston

    Bleeding Silence

    Hell yeahhh. He pullled a Mahomes scoring 50 on the Rams. I thought he was a bum lolol. Hopefully Winston keeps it up. Be nice to see the Bucs do something.

    A Random Guy

    Other then the first game Winston has been solid, 7 TDs or something these last 2 games 1 INT

    Cian Naughton

    Yea he looks impressive and u gotta love the QBs who are hated and come out and play really good proving everyone wrong

    Julian Robinson

    His rookie yr was big. But u may have a point.

Izzy Jackson

Are we gonna ignore the fact Marcus peters got rocked?

    The Patriot TB12

    Nope, not gonna ignore that nasty hit.

    Tray Mack

    18 wheeler vs Peter’s

    Chewbacca Flocka Flame

    @Alex Serrano helmet to helmet

    Alex Serrano

    @Chewbacca Flocka Flame to be fair, from the initial angle it looked like it was clean, but some of these videos do show it may have been helmet to helmet. So if the league fines him, then I can understand.

    Lee Bollinger

    wish it would have been a little harder tbh

Symb Spin

10:34 I still dont know how marcus peters got up from that

    Jon Shomo

    Only his body did: the rest of him is vacant…..


    He was plotting on that hit lol

    It's yah boyKe

    I hope he ight

    Alex Serrano

    @Jon Shomo His sould woke up this morning after that hit like “Did I do it coach? Did I win the game?” For real, I hope he’s not hurting today after that.

    Jon C

    Symb Spin He didn’t. That was a Weekend At Bernie’s moment for him I’m sure.

Christopher DeLaCruz

“49ers are pretenders, they beat the Buccaneers”

So why didint the rams beat the bucs?

    Edward Gaines

    @Internet Troll Don’t be too sure. Kyle Shanahan used to be the Browns OC.

    Joel Nevarez

    @Internet Troll they said that when they played steelers and the bangles


    and watch the browns beat the 49ners then the confusion will continue lol

    Captain Sum Ting Wong

    That’s not how it works. Every week is different. It’s simply too early to make judgments like that.

Stephen Carroll

Rams: *hold Brady to 13 pts in the Super Bowl*
Also Rams: *give up 55 at home to Jameis Winston*

    Sojo R

    So that means Winston is better than Brady. 1+1=2

    Andrew Hall

    Did that happen in the same season? No. Then what is your point?

Victor Contreras

So were just gonna ignore the fact that Marcus Peters head was shot to Pluto by that lineman as he scored the touchdown?

    Jake Nate Shawn

    we’re just gonna ignore the fact that the officials stopped a hurry up offense at the goal line twice which could have caused 2 TDs?

    raynard j-m ford

    Eddie 1925 they called it ? Looked clean to me

    saviron hipps

    @Jake Nate Shawn right!! But led goff do it in the redzone and Gurley scores,the oj hold was bogus too rojo shoulda had over 100 yrds rushing they didnt want us to win

    Darrell Covello

    Hopefully it was just the helmet.

    Elton Grigley

    @Eddie 1925 nah it was clean Einstein

Just Another Random Guy

Bucs straight up bullied the Rams at their own house不不不


    The Shams thought they didn’t need the refs help against a non-threatening opponent.

    Fifth Angel

    The Bucs need to quit playing soft after getting a big lead. WTF.

    Ty Nao

    Rams don’t have a house LA is everybody’s house

Anunnaki J

The most impressive win this year so far

    Carlos Cortez

    What about the Steelers vs 49ers, they had 5 turnovers and still won the game.

    Nololo Popolo

    Ohhh Yeahhh Man! It might be early in the Season, BUT, Tampa Bay is showing a lot of REAL fighting Spirit!!!

Lil Kayta00

193 dislikes on this has to be rams fans堆

    Darrell Covello

    Definitely not 49er fans, we happy

    Vloged Gamez

    Darrell Covello that yall going 9-7 clinching wild card

    Darrell Covello

    @Vloged Gamez sure I’d take that at this point.. I don’t think we lose 7 tho, prolly 5-6

    The Patriot TB12

    lol Yup

    Kevin Divel

    Yeah all 193 of them


9:20 Mmmmmmmmmmmmike Evans

Rodrigo Barboza

Marcus Peters really paid for that pick six when he got leveled

    FakeUser NameTwo

    and they still lost

    the professor

    He got the CRAP knocked out of him!!

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