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Can joe buck say anything other than “pass iiiiiisss…caught!”

    KevinKnox Playlist



    3:59 how McCaffrey


    he’d be better for ufc


    Kevin Harlan is best


What a game! Great effort by the Tampa Bay D on that last play!


Reminds me of the Seahawks who doesn’t run the ball 1 yard away from first and goal at least a Qb sneak

robert walker

Cam newton arm strength is so diminished..I don’t think his shoulder will ever be the same ,so many under thrown balls


    No idea why they didn’t let him sit out a year to let his shoulder heal

    Andrew Palmer

    Lol ok.

    Happy Hatter

    I hope not he was getting attacked alot


Cam not thinking about football he is ready for fashion week.

    2ND ID VET

    Hell yea ! Walking around looking like a character from the wizard of oz . Big Carolina fan but absolutely not feeling this moron AT ALL.

    Dylan Fristoe

    USMC MSgt i have him on my fantasy

    Urfavorite Gemini


    Happy Hatter

    But fr tho 😭😭

Ben Davis

No one’s gonna talk about how the Panthers kicker was also their highest scorer of the game?



    Brandon Thornton

    Joey Slye. First Panthers kicker to make two 50+ yard field goals in a game since 2006.

    Sonico Animation

    That rookie is one hell of a kicker after that third attempt. He’s got accuracy.

    Frankie Garin

    Ben Davis picked him up before the game on fantasy, got me 16 points lmaooo #GoBucs

    King Greed

    He needs a raise

Bradley Tebo

Philip Rivers has more wives that Cam Newton has passing touchdowns in his first two games

    D P

    Luke Kuechly has more points than Cam Newton


    Nathan Peterman has the same amount of touchdowns as Cam this season

    Jubei Yang

    @Paria Canyon And several mistresses!!!


Some of these plays looked like they never had a chance of working.

    Brandon Thornton

    Especially the last one. 4th and 1 and you don’t sneak it in with Cam as QB? That’s how you know something’s wrong with Cam

    L V


    Hey Jrostey

    Brandon Thornton no the coach


    Anyone else think McCaffrye could’ve cut inside at like 11:30? The potential was there

Elmyda 1537

Anyone else feel like this was watching madden football?


    Madden is trash

    Drew Zuhosky

    They had to limit the camera fleet at the outset of last night’s game due to lightning in the area, which caused a 27-minute weather delay after the 4th and 1 stop was upheld. This is why the camera crew was limited to only two operators early on.

    Happy Hatter

    @‘Seans Vlogs bro rs! 😭

BeastMode Mixes

My man Barret looking like Khalil Mack out there 🔥💀😤

    B Loggins

    being a broncos fan that really made me smile denver made a HUGE mistake letting shaq barrett walk tampa is gonna reap the benefits with JPP out barrett will prolly be tampas sack leader hell hes the league sack leader at the moment lol

    Perry Santos

    B Loggins he was going up against a converted lt who just missed last year due to injury….relax

    B Loggins

    @Perry Santos and your point is? this is a grown mans game either step up or get shut down the panthers converted LT got stuffed not shaqs fault he was just doing his job

    King Of Bokey

    Fr i love it….nice job

Fingering Things

This was such a Thursday Night Football game

    Mr. Carguy

    @Full Auto looking forward to that one.


    More ways than one: compared to the Panthers’ black-blue-silver combo, the Color Rush unis don’t look quite so hideous.


    Why yes.. yes it was. Very good👏👏

    Go Cubs!

    Ya because it was a game nobody wanted or needed


This is why we need to save the endangered fullback from extinction!




    The fullback and halfback position names are wrong. When there is an I formation, it goes quarterback, fullback, halfback. That is mathematically illogical.

    Nick Pyle

    @w9j15g it’s not based on positioning as it is size. The HB is usually smaller than the FB which makes more sense name wise…. ✌


Watching the highlights in Madden view is excellent! Good work NFL Network

Anthony White

Tampa Bay defense is looking impressive.


    NO MERCY cmc only had that cause Ron Rivera was being a idiot and made cam throw 51 times


    @Rance M *12 points

    pao yang

    Until they play everyone else..them they look like thrash..lol

    Alexander Walters

    @Platinum Hercules Concerning the 49ers, Jameis Winston threw two pick-sixes plus another interception. That’s not their defense’s fault. Also, did you see how the Bucs’ defense stopped McCaffrey all night? He posted career-lows last night. (I’m sure someone’s already posted all this – I didn’t bother to scroll down far enough, haha.)


How many field goals do you want?

Panthers: yes

    Digz the Swag King

    Panthers stink

    Happy Hatter


Jonathan King

My fantasy opponent this week picked McCaffrey over Kamara in our draft and i snapped Alvin up at 3, needless to say he will be holding the L on my way to a 2-0 start.

CEE Smith

Cam Newton is 1-9-0 over his last 10 games… Your boy is done..

    Jubei Yang

    Newton’s law of gravity!!!! What goes up must come down and he’s coming down with 5G!!!!

    Andrew Palmer


    Mark Symbala

    Crum newton

    Daniel R

    I wonder if Cam should be traded

Geaux Tigers

Same story every year… wake up panther fans, Cam is over rated

    pao yang

    @Geaux Tigers I agree we need new oline..plus new qb sad..but we be alright.

    Andrew Palmer

    I want to use one of the new kids. I think we would’ve won.

    Zac The Mac

    Geaux Tigers so maybe you should go play QB then since you think it’s so easy. Oh and btw cam isn’t a pocket passer and doesn’t have any elite WRs either but you know.


    252 PQ why are you forcing this to work with Cam? He’s just not the same player he was in 2015. He’s punch drunk. Time to move on.


Cam needs to focus more on football and less on looking like Johnny Depp.

    Happy Hatter



And they try to tell me Cam is at 100% haha he is so clearly hurt wtf sit him, let him heal pls

    Robert Smith

    Maxime he ain’t hurt he just sucks

    Andrew Palmer

    Enough with the excuses. How many years has it been now?

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