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Maripo Hardy

I’m so ready for next week game, BOYS let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Dallas Cowboys #LVE #Jaylon Smith

    Heck yeah!!!! Let’s do this!!!!!! 😤😬☝💪

blacked mirror

Obviously not the 1st stringers in the announcers booth. Come on, man! Say the names when you are calling the games.


    @Walter Diaz im sorry for my bad grammar and spelling, im a fast typer

    Dallas Dee Jordan

    Names didnt matter since many of them will be gone after Saturday😥

    The Dummy

    It’s hard to know everyone names during the preseason bc each teams almost has 100 players each and lots of unknowns and that’s why he have the preseason but still they definitely were boring

    Micah Frink

    Right?! And there was at least one time (maybe more) that a flag was thrown and NO ONE said anything about what the flag was about or why the team backed up. Just so happened that it wasn’t a flag on the Cowboys so nobody said anything about it.

    It was like the whole time if they said anything it was only about cowboys plays. Like you’re commentating the whole game, not just talking about the cowboys team


I think we can all agree sports life is boring without football


    @Juice it’s really not you just don’t understand it. You see guys chasing a puck but are to blind or uninterested in learning the game and see what’s happening both with the puck and away from the play. You’re not understanding that everything is on a cycle because you can’t be still so you’re constantly rotating trading positions. What you see in front of you is a triangle offense similar to basketball going in a rotating ever moving motion. A power play is basically a 3 on 2 at every point on the ice and defensively to counter that teams set up in a diamond or large box. They’ll give them point shots but protect the front of the net. Hitting is just as intense. Look up cronwall big hits. Tom Wilson greatest hits. Point is I know what hockey is , so for you to say otherwise only shows ignorance on your part.




    @jackalwatermelonred when boxing is great there’s nothing better. Gatti vs Ward Trilogy was the best thing I’ve seen. I followed Ricky Hatton his entire career. There’s just too much inaccuracies if it gos to the judges. I’ve seen legit criminal activity , people robbed on live TV. Corrupt through and through. To much so to be in the top 5 of sports.

Hunter Falcon

Wilson is a ball hawk at Safety! Gonna be one of the steals of the Draft.

Cai Vue

Wilson #37 safety yeet that ball in air again. He really have ball vision

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    @Joseph Wiseman Ra Dang man, take some English classes please.

    Jevories Moore

    @Guitarslingin Zombiekiller hes a Russian bot

    Zade Alroubai

    @Joseph Wiseman Ra LMAO What??? LOLOLOLOLOL. I’m in tears! I hope you talk the same way you type LMAO


    With Marinelli and Richard calling the plays with him it’s game over

    Chad Black

    @Joseph Wiseman Ra what the hell are you talking about.. the starters didn’t even play n Zeke doesn’t throw anything


I know it’s preseason but I’m impressed with what Todd Bowles has done to the bucs defense so far.

Even with backups he creating pressure packages. Nothing like the crappy soft Mike Smith defense we was running for 3 years.

But finally Regular Season Football Is Back!!!! 🔥 🔥

aaron rogers

I liked Kellen Moores play calling made the backup players look good

    Sam Howard

    Kellen moore look damn good out there

    Roan Bascoe

    First Last as far as play calling is concerned it’s his first.

    Pumpin George

    @Show Me wrong he was the quarterbacks coach last year go back to Fairweather country

    Pumpin George

    @Show Me u fair weather fan

    Pumpin George

    @aaron rogers well he’s failed in every other role he’s had so why would this be any different

Nick Serritella

Announcers make the game unwatchable

    Lava LifeGuard


    Dallas Dee Jordan

    So Do the players😧


    Well get used to unwatchable games if you’re a bucs fan

    Nakia Irvin

    Nick Serritella it’s unwatchable for you ,because your a jealous hater who has never played football or any sport lol

Ae Saechao

Jalen Guyton 🔥🔥🔥

    Savage Patch


    Cornelius Booty Shorts III

    It doesn’t look like he’s gonna make the team, but at least he went out with a bang

    Sadie Lynn

    Bro yesss

TG Almighty

Donovan Wilson easily made the starting job


    Tavion Harris Minkah Fitzpatrick would be so much more useful than a holding out Zeke Elliott

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    @Lava LifeGuard Wilson more athletic than Heath? You idiot, Wilson ran a 4.58, Heath runs a 4.4. Bozo!

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    @Lava LifeGuard What’s your issue with math dingbat, you can’t count? Heath is in his 7th season just like I said soy boy! Time to remove your foot from your mouth.

    Adam Barnett

    @Allen Da Don Ok. Cool. And who asked what you think? Seems you’re about as insightful as Ray “born yesterday” Clark over here. I think I’m all set on your opinions.

Cameron Pitts

Donovan Wilson’s 3rd pick @3:11.

    Eli daking

    Cameron Pitts one wasn’t this fault but yeah

    Mr. Unknown

    @Eli daking ?

Jamie Hill

It’s like the commentators weren’t even watching the game. They were terrible


    Geoff Foster because they were the ex players, not real commentators


    @CoralCape54 His point still stands. If you want good play by play and analysis you’re not going to get it in preseason. They’re just having fun.


    @ThatBoyNeeds SomeMilk #HolEmDown im sorry if i dont know who they are since i didnt even watch the game i only saw the highlights, if there not commentators then we should of started of there and evaded this conversation.



    Micah Frink

    Half the time they were either taking about their glory days or Miami v. Florida 🙄🙄

Andro Libre

For a game we lost…..I saw potential players out there . Wise and Wilson standout the most

    First Last

    Donovan Wilson better make the 53 man roster. I bet he does, what do we have to lose at safety anyways?

    chris hernandez

    First Last exactly


    That’s all that matters right?

    Destin Green

    Cowboys are trash

    justin miller

    @Destin Green ok…😂


I’m glad football is back but i’m also glad the preseason is over. I want to see some real games.

    aaron rogers

    Hell yea

    Fallen Ninja

    If we are lucky next year we get an 18 game season and only to preseason games.


    Fallen Ninja then there’s gonna be a player’s strike

    Fallen Ninja

    @Perkaholic doubt it. They get paid too much to want to loose out on that money. Beside it’ll only happen if they agree to it during the new bargaining agreement coming up.

    We might see a change on how players get in and out of the game. Maybe starting players will sit out a few drives on the first few seasonal games and not play pre season whatsoever.

    We might get more rotation going on in the field throughout the season.

    Starting QBs might get 1 or 2 drives to sit out in the first 2 seasonal game.

    It might make the game a bit more rotational as a whole which can’t be bad for player safety.

    Levi Sowell

    @Fallen Ninja right!

First Last

Donovan Wilson has earned a roster spot. Tbh this is one of the weak spots on the Cowboys defense, safety. Jeff Heath (underrated but not a super star), George Iloka, Xavier Woods…what would be the harm in giving this guy some reps? He obviously has potential, we just need to see if he has it against starters. Defense was one of our strengths last season, they’d be the best if they could generate turn overs.

    Allen Da Don

    He should start soon. I’m not going to say the season opener because the game speed will change, but on obvious passing situations he should be on the field.

    Mark Badilla

    First Last lmao L. Defense is good but saying heath is underrated is where you lost me 🗑🤡

    hegemony cricket

    I agree with the last statement…if this defense can be honed in on generating turnovers, they could be a formidable unit.

    First Last

    @hegemony cricket I was comparing their stats to who I thought was the best defense, the Bears. They were very similar in a lot of ways, but the Bears can generate turnovers like crazy. Guys like Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson greatly contributed to their 27 ints. We have a couple of guys who could potentially play at a high level like Fuller. Jones, Chido amd possible Brown. But we are missing that high motored safety. Perhaps Donovan Wilson is that guy. It is a long shot that he is an Eddie Jackson but there certainly is no harm in giving him a shot given the company he has at safety. No one there is more than “slightly above average at best”. It is more than likely the missing piece on defense.

    hegemony cricket

    @First Last I certainly hope so. I agree it’s much needed.


Donovan Wilson was #37 looking like a starting caliber safety the cowboys should start him over heath

    West Afrikan

    AARON B I agree with you 100%

    Goldy Bobi

    He most likely is since heath was pushed down to get reps with 2nd team and wilson with first team in practice


Wise, Wilson, and Olumba making the 53.

Bella Dennard

bucs got the w good job number 22 serious on the db secondary

Tony Rivera

9:29 That was a horrible effort by the WR to tie the game. The body language with the palms up to blame someone else after the play paired well with his effort

Dallas Cowboys

If Mike White did not drop the ball like a little baby, we would have won the game 15-7 smh

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