Bryon Leftwich Praises WR Mike Evans for His Talents | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Glenn Rickman

Love Byron, watched him play for Marshall many times here in Huntington. Great dude.

Noles fan89

Lets go Bucs been waiting along time for a strong season I feel like we have a good coaching staff that wants to win for Tampa and Buccaneer fans GO BUCS!!

Kenneth Sarvis

Waddup BYROn 🔁🔂🔀

Matthew Williams

We need another blocking full back remember when warrick Dunn was so elusive for his size it could work again for rojo too

After Asteroid Survivor

8-8 will get JW out the gate. .500 or bust.

Eric Whalen

The 49ers have a good secondary and a great pass rush. We are going to need all our blockers and tight ends to play lights out.


    Eric Whalen if we can run the ball we can win this game

    Sammie Jackson

    Tampa sucks

Eric Whalen

I am prepared to play special teams and be a back up. I am very far behind because I had no mini camp or training camp.

Eric Whalen

The great news is I am a fast learner and a sponge for knowledge. By week 3 and 4 I will be ready for more playing time.

Skeam Podcast

So ready for this New Era in Buc Ball!! It’s time to go to work Men!!

Carlos Green

Go niners

Camron Miller

Hope our offense play as well as he speaks…. GO BUCS JW3 MY QB

Joan Melnick

Another olineman will make the quarterbacks, RoJo and hideouts better. JW is a lost cause though.

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