Bryan Bulaga on Aaron Jones: ‘If we give him a little bit of room, he can make the most out of it’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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HighPlainsDrifter Reply



Bulaga been a beast since day 1 in greenbay

William Mitchell Reply

The man!!

Djordje Petrovic Reply

Bulaga on course for an All Pro season

Adande Scrubs Reply

This guy is a beast and he has the right mentality. If he can stay healthy we should resign him to a 3 year deal. 3 more years of big Iowa

SaltyJordy Reply

This guy is the best RT in all of the NFL. Look at all the pass rushers he has lined up against. He stops everyone. We also have the best LT in the game. Lane Johnson from the Eagles is also pretty good but Bulaga is the best.

Jr nu mex Reply

“bryan bulaga. iowa”

    Camren Lassiter Reply

    Kills me every time 😂. Was actually tryna see if someone thought the same thing

Tim Allbritton Reply

And after it all, totally gave the credit to Aaron Jones. What a great guy.

Devin Cheatham Reply

Ok well do it then Bulaga!

Henryk Zaleski Reply

Let’s go Packers! All the best to my favorite team under the Aaron’s capable lead.

Keith Bailey Reply

Week 1 Mack
Week 2 Hunter
Week 3 Miller
Week 4 Graham
Week 5 Lawrence
5 all pro players
Results: No sack given up.

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