Bruce Gradkowski scouts the Chargers | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bruce Gradkowski scouts the Chargers | Pittsburgh Steelers

Bruce Gradkowski & Missi Matthews break down Devlin Hodges’ first game, scouts the key players on the Chargers' offense, and more.

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secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch Reply

I have something for the Steelers next year for Super Bowl 55 that they are going to be in so yeah have a really great plan that is going to For preseason first and then we’ll see how the rest of the season goes for next year but anyway though so what are the keys to beat Chargers

Randy Farley Reply

I believe the STEELERS can get to Rivers and get turn overs but scoring on them turnovers is the problem.

Omaha 21 Reply

Pls respond

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