Bruce Arians Reacts to Saints Game | Bucs Postgame Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ben Hagos Reply

Can anyone confirm is Jameis is still alive? Trade for trent Williams now!

    Adam Davies Reply

    Yes he’s alive but still running for his life…… EVERY FREAKING PLAY

    Golden Eagle Reply

    Yeah he’s still alive just our offensive line pretty much left him out to dry was running constantly all game

SaggyG Reply

Bench Hargreaves he gets beat everytime the ball comes his way.

    I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

    brenda pryce oh yeah Licht needs to go. I want. Bruce to be a GM/Coach or hire Dungy and see how he can do as GM. I believe he still lives in Tampa as his main residence. Dungy back on our team might break the curse.

    Promoting sadness Reply

    Golden Eagle I’m dead 2 TD

    leek the king Reply

    He’s to small in the NFC n slow

    supercaptainamericanmarvelman Reply

    Hallelujah I’m not the only one seeing that. I know the coaches have to see it. Never like Hargreaves

    Beware The Bay Podcast Reply

    I wonder if he’d be more productive in the slot?

Brock Reply

The key to the game was getting pressure on Teddy Bridgewater. Instead we had no pass rush at all & let him have the best game of his career. Bucs pass protection was horrible and gave up 6 sacks. That’s what decides games.

    Tampa Supreme 813. #Bucsvideos Reply


    Michael Wall Reply

    No shame. Saints have a good O line but have a great D line That is what determined the game . Winston has matured but we kept him on the run. Tampa Bay is putting the pieces together. You all have been horrible for a few seasons. You’re not going to put it all together in one.

    Daniel Diaz-Lebrun Reply

    You might be able to get away with it, if you have a solid secondary, which we don’t. We were in Jared Goff’s face last week, and we were able to pick him off three times, and yet we STILL gave up 40 points. This defense is the definition of inadequate.

    Beware The Bay Podcast Reply

    Brock what a difference a week makes for our o-line😳

Clutch Sports Reply

Refs don’t care about getting caught cheating, it was so blatant and easy to notice.

    Clutch Sports Reply

    @The InvictusSamaritan you missed the push off call, why dont you stop complaining about me having something to say. A bad call is a bad call regardless of a td being scored or not. They are a better team but those plays should’ve been called correctly.

    The InvictusSamaritan Reply

    Clutch Sports I see what you’re saying, I thought you were trying to argue that the refs are the reason you lost. Ever since 2018 the refs have been the worst, and now it’s just part of the game. It’s a shame but that’s the way it works now.

    Clutch Sports Reply

    @The InvictusSamaritan yeah these refs don’t like to admit they messed up. They should welcome the slow motion tech.

    Fullmetal Media Reply

    @The InvictusSamaritan Dude he IS trying to say the refs are why they lost.

Tampa Supreme 813. #Bucsvideos Reply

Is Mike Smith back as DC?our DBs are bbq chicken out there.

    Daniel Diaz-Lebrun Reply

    The DBs are either too inexperienced, or they are too devoid of NFL-level talent.

    softcaramel53 jab Reply

    No Smitty got tha boot

Antwion Parker Reply

Please trade for Ramsey or Trent Williams somehow.

    Antwion Parker Reply

    @GreenCookie_RBLX I don’t care what we have to trade for Trent. Go get him please.

    GreenCookie_RBLX Reply

    Antwion Parker vikings are eyeing Trent Williams. Go trade for him fast!

    Tampa is back 5904 Reply

    Trent Williams definitely should happen but Ramsey gonna be hard

    GreenCookie_RBLX Reply

    Tampa is back 5904 I heard the jaguars won’t accept 5 first round picks…

tempe1d Reply

Tough loss but not end of season. Just get a win next week. Go bucs

    Golden Eagle Reply

    Yeah tough loss for sure defense gotta play better next week especially Hargreaves offensive line needs to be better than allowing as many sacks as they did but looking forward to the game in London

    tempe1d Reply

    @Golden Eagle another chance for team to bond and work on little things. So close in these losses except 1st loss. Still time to get on a roll and win win those close games. Go Bucs

    Michael Wall Reply

    @Golden Eagle We have a defensive line that can get pressure with just the front four. The only way you beat that is get some upgrades on the O line.

    Beware The Bay Podcast Reply

    tempe1d I think we will! Let’s just get on to the next game and take it a week at a time

brenda pryce Reply

Bench harvgraves

    Jaeden Gaming Reply

    But he can tackle

    Harford_ Dropout Reply

    @Jaeden Gaming yeah after giving up a big play

    Ryan G Reply

    He got beat three or four times.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

We aren’t going anywhere until we cut the entire O-Line and secondary

twelker2 Reply

Didn’t help they kicked Carlton Davis out of the game, Questionable call. Vegas (NY) covering their betting line.

    mrsulaiman19 Reply


    Jay Els Reply

    Gerald Stelly not automatically.

    freaksamungus Reply

    Questionable, LOL…… OK

    Fullmetal Media Reply

    Bruh he literally led with the crown for like 2 yards before the hit. There was clear intent.

joe ii Reply

I really just need the volume turned up on the question mic

Andrew King Reply

VH3 is trash, put him on the bench and leave him there.

    Andrew King Reply

    Like the great tackle he made at the end zone before New Orleans last score? Did you happen to see how Latimore shut down Evans? That’s what we need from VH3.

    I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

    Move him to slot. If he can’t even do that get rid of him.

    Andrew King Reply

    He plays too soft he doesn’t deserve to be on the field at all.

    Tampa is back 5904 Reply

    Jaeden Gaming I keep hearing he can tackle , bruh he can’t play outside corner especially against elite receivers , safety may work for him but he can’t stop a nosebleed on that outside

    Daniel Diaz-Lebrun Reply

    @Jaeden Gaming You say that like he’s a kicker with the perk of having tackling ability. NFL defenders, regardless of their position, are expected to be able to tackle in the open field. Being a corner who gets beaten deep as consistently as VH3 has makes your team vulnerable to giving up as many passing yards on a weekly basis, like our team has done for the past several years. You can’t expect to win tight games like that.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Arians stated, “I’m not rebuilding, I’m reloading.” So let’s cut some of our problems and make some trades.

Lucius Maleficent Reply

Regardless, let us never forget the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead.

Hey Duhrl Reply

You think this mega- billion dollar business could provide microphones at all press conferences so we could here the questions?

Cody Wright Reply

The only thing consistent about the buccaneers is that they can’t make the playoffs- life long buc fan

Dozer Boy Reply

Bucs are a pretty good team this year. It’s just that yall played the Saints for Christ sakes. They haven’t lost but like 3 games in the last whole year. They are a powerhouse, Jesus Christ

    Beautiful Mindfulness Reply

    Who’s your team?

    Dozer Boy Reply

    Beautiful Mindfulness Green bay

John Holman Reply


LeVon Carson Reply

Thank God for Arians, even in a lost I’d rather hear him speak truth then hearing Koetters lies lol

supercaptainamericanmarvelman Reply

And Bruce said the secondary was fixed in training camp, smh

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