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Alec Piche Reply

our secondary and o line are our biggest problems right now

Kevin522 Reply

Here’s a few simple ideas: Run the ball, use more short, quick passes and less long, developing plays, DO NOT use Bobo Wilson as a returner, and put VH3 in the slot.

    Austin Park Reply

    I agree. Don’t let jameis throw deep and don’t let hargraves cover deep

    OneBucPerson Reply

    You missed a key one, MAKE ROJO THE BELL COW! Jesus Christ man, BA is too stubborn for his own good, Rojo is clearly the best RB on this roster and needs to be out there every single down.

    Anarzhy Reply

    Aj Armas The first play of the game was a short field pick because Jameis threw to the wrong side of the receiver’s body, right where the CB could get it. Long or short he’s gonna make the same mistakes.

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

    Kevin522 – I keep saying this. People don’t realize how easy it is to just go short. That’s how the Patriots have 6 rings. I do it in football when I’m QB and just hit my check down and it works all the time!

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

We want Ramsey! Trade our 2020 and 2021 1st pick. Our last 5 picks have been

2015 – Winston
2016 – Harvgraves
2017 – Howard
2018 – Vea
2019 – White

All busts, id rather get a super star then draft another bust.

    AJ Southward Reply

    Devin white hasn’t shown that he was worth the number 5 overall pick. I forget hes even out there

    jamonte manley Reply

    @Tampa is back 5904 valid points… But at the same time the game is becoming a passing league and we could’ve gotten Derwin James (who made All Pro his rookie year) and got a good serviceable run stopping DT later in the draft or free agency. Vea is good but he’s not an elite player(as of right now)… But I am pleased with his run stopping ability

    Nate Pitts Reply

    Btw- Ramsey ain’t gonna happen. You can forget it.

    Tampa is back 5904 Reply

    jamonte manley I agree Vea was picked kinda of too early and I definitely wanted Derwin
    But I’m not dwelling on it and I understand who’s the GM , so I just wish for the best with all our picks , but I can go on and on with this team because Davis , Stewart , Bunting starting to look like a waste , throw them in the same category with Agyauo

Willie Baynard Reply

There need to be a change in Tampa Bay how many years are we going to keep watching this team go from worst to worst it’s not the coaches it’s the players the coaches need to use the players skills to make this system work in Winston need to sit by and take a long look at what he’s is actually really doing to the team when we can play good next week you play like you’re a high school student

Brian Samuels Reply

One week it’s Winston INTS, next week in our defense!

    Chrispy Reply

    It’s always our defense. They let every team have 30 points.

    Brian Samuels Reply

    @Chrispy yeah

    Javier Suárez Reply

    Every single week the pass defense has been a problem.

Eddie Castellanos Reply

BA needs to be a professional and put griffin in. theres nothing wrong with trying everthing to win instead of believing in a QB THATS NOT LIVIMG UP TO HIS EXPECTATIONS

Nathan Reply

I hope they bench Winston just so they can still lose and realize he’s not the problem

    Elthenar Reply

    @OneBucPerson truth. he wasnt as bad as his stats in this game but he didnt play well. some of it is playcalling. Many plays dont have hot routes for him to dump it off.

    BrutalAsBucs Reply

    Exactly people dont understand football … the o line is the obvious problem

    Tampa is back 5904 Reply

    Elthenar Exactly on most of those sacks and turnovers , the panthers literally had everyone defended , That was the difference we couldn’t cover for 2 seconds they were covering for 6 seconds that’s a big difference

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

    Nathan – Thank you, I’m a Bucs fan and Winston is not the problem. It’s our line and secondary.

    Michael Filias Reply

    These the same people who thought Ryan fritzpatrick was the answer. We as bucs fans are disgraceful. winston had a bad game, yes, but so did the defense, offense of line, wide receiver, and special team. We lost on every level not just Winston. Winston is going to have these type of games, but What I seen from him is, his will to still fight, as a buc fan that’s what you need in a quarter back one who’ll fight to the end. If bucs don’t resign him, he will get picked up some where else. And he will start somewhere else.

rizzie roe Reply

We need better depth on offensive line and db

Nate Pitts Reply

Trade a 2nd or 3rd for Patrick Peterson.

Trade 1st Rd. picks & P. Barber for O-linemen.

Cut/release/trade Bobo.

Punch Winston in the stinking face.

Atlas Reply

Alright BA. I trust you to help turn this around, let’s see what we get coming out of the Bye. Will be interesting to see what changes.

BG Booney Reply

I’ve been convinced the NFL doesn’t favor the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we’ve got to do better Tampa !

    Aj Sewsankar Reply

    BG Booney your almost right. The nfl doesn’t favor any Florida teams. Tbh. Florida sports in general.

After Asteroid Survivor Reply

Different season, same lame excuses. Blah blah blah. I think it’s the General Manager. Every important position player he’s drafted are trash.

    Aj Sewsankar Reply

    After Asteroid Survivor been saying this for 2 seasons now. Wanna know something to make you more mad. Lol. Go look at all the second round picks Jason litcht has made since he’s been hired. 😂🤣😂

Angel FORTNITE Reply

Ryan griffin… your time is now

Zen Reply

I love VH3 but try him out in the slot and trade for Ramsey/Pat Pete to play on the outside, Start Rojo, Use a Different returner And try to trade for a new RT. I have faith.

Dolls Bill Reply

Doo doo Wilson and mr dbu trash bag university Vernon Hargreaves got to go

BrutalAsBucs Reply


kenneth Picklesimer Reply

I think TB did a great job today …but than I’m a panther fan & I’ve got to say our OL & Secondary depth is great Panthers 3rd LT has started 2 games & he’s a 6th rd Rookie OG & he’s doing great

Quinn Maxfield Reply

Is this coaching stuff joking right know with all bs players and miss calls today really 😖

leggo0116 Reply

Jameis is in his contract year, let him earn his job or commit professional suicide. Dude has to be better and Licht needs to bring in offensive linemen who can keep people out of our backfield for longer than .7 seconds

Golf Clash Kev Reply

“What do you think of the execution of the offensive line” ” I’m all for it” …John Mckay

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