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Fernando Vergara

In the game where all of the top players played well and did their part, they still lose.


This game was disappointing…… very very disappointing.

    Yacan Son of Israel

    Are you new in Tampa?


    Six nah it was awesome



    Bryan Cruz

    @damovee you’re QB looks very good

tra da bucs fan

Very disappointing

    Yacan Son of Israel

    Are you new to Tampa??

Jeremy Jones

6 minutes left and 4th and 2 on the 5 yard line why not go for it and make the score 35 to 25. Even if we don’t get it their rookie QB has to try and go 95 yards on our defense for a score.

Jeremy Jones

6 minutes left and 4th and 2 on the 5 yard line why not go for it and make the score 35 to 25. Even if we don’t get it their rookie QB has to try and go 95 yards on our defense for a score.

    Rawle Springer

    and why did you run 3 STR8 times before that? Did we not learn from the Carolina game where we did the exact same thing?

Alexander Pinkerton

That was the Most Bucs way to lose a game ever… the curse continues


    @Brian Mcfarla Kicker is responsible for what he is responsible for. He had no control over Leftwich being too conservative or Bowles letting us lose an 18 point lead.


    You brought it on yourselves with your pregame hubris. Be humble always. That’s your lesson for the week.


    This “it was only the kicker” has got to stop. The whole team failed in the 2nd half. That should of been a 40+ game on the bucs end there should of been no need to kick at the end.


    Daniel Diaz-Lebrun crazy but this is the bucs

Dtm Jax

You cut the wrong kicker.

    Kevin is Nice

    bring back the other kicker

    Blak Dice

    @Kevin is Nice he plays got the Titans now lol

    Tim Scharbach

    Bring back nick folk 😂😂

    Blak Dice

    Cairos Santos I’d rather have him and be 10/10 on chip shots then make a 50 yarder and hold my breath every time he kicks

    Nowel Bobke

    Tim Scharbach If the Buccs were to bring back Nick Folk that’d actually be my last straw and I would no longer be a buccs fan lol

Oliver Lion

I’m sick in my stomach, first game we fire them cannons, then just stop ..this reminds me of Dirk 😪😪😪😪that kicker got paid from somebody

Dewayne Walker

We need to change out Davis with Jamel Dean so we will have speed and hands.

    Carlton Davis


    The Jet lounge

    Dewayne Walker he was injured from the Carolina game. He didn’t play today

    blacked mirror

    Carlton “all hands” Davis.

After Asteroid Survivor

Different coaches same excuses. Oh well, there’s always madden.

Daniel Diaz-Lebrun

So Licht DRAFTS ANOTHER unreliable kicker, and he is rewarded with a contract extension? How many games were lost because of this failed, reckless draft experimentation? How many more games must be lost at the hands of a GM who misses on so many draft picks?

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    lets not forget he also drafted vita over derwin james knowing we need help in the secondary…


    @The2ndHoles MyBackyard33 Derwin James would not have saved us. Then QBs would just throw to the other field. Vita Vea is currently our highest ranked player, the best ranked DT by PFO. There is a reason that currently only Donald gets doubled teamed a higher percentage of time.

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    James would have made a lot of these Qb’s especially a rookie like yesterday respect our pass defense but because we have now savage all pro type safety of corner Qb’s now they can get off on us…Tell me a super bowl team in the modern day football from 90’s until now that has won a super bowl with no all pro safety or corner? Derwin James made all pro rookie season and rookie prow bowl, not too many players in 100 year history have done that at any position… And also the difference between donald and vita is that Donald is beating a lot of those double and triple teams to get sacks…Pff stats dont always mean anything or tell the true story of what happens directly or indirectly on that field on sunday…just saying


Kicker lost us 5 pts… but Needed to blitz or spy on last play… can’t leave a mobile QB unaccounted for


Plain n simple he got cocky lol .


    SEAN ROCK TAYLOR Overconfident.

Thomas Ortense, Sr.

What is up with the Bucs secondary? Were they on the field in the the 2nd half? Same as last year.

ivan rupee

“we were gonna make Daniel Jones beat us” ….

Big mistake Bruce, … Big mistake.


a part of me has literally died

mike varvara

Thanks Bruce for giving the kid credit for a nice debut . Class act

Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

I would have taken at least 1 shot at a touchdown before going for the kick.

zane brown

We will trade the bucs Justin Tucker for 2 first and 2 seconds

Dan Dereks

2:49 is a shocking statement. Kicker cost them this game no doubt and to pretend otherwise is laughable.

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