Bruce Arians Provides Update on Devin White & Praises Chris Godwin – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Good win on the Road, snapping that loosing streak we had when playing away. Let’s keep stacking em! Go Bucs

Bradley Brutus

No reason not to keep the momentum going. With a hopefully healthy by sunday D.White we can contain barkley and show them that this run defense is FOR REAL


    We should dominate the Giants. They’re a pretty bad team. If we can bottle up McCaffrey like we did I think k we can do alright against Barkley. Jameis and this offense need to go OFF

    Golden Eagle

    We can handle the Giants overall there roster is not very good and Eli is starting to regress badly and we should be able to shut down Barkley like we did with McCaffrey

    Justin Gardner

    What makes you guys think we’ll handle the Giants? Our offense is struggling. Penalties, terrible 3rd down efficiency. No use of our TEs , Evans has been quiet. The Giants had NO problem moving the ball on Dallas and their defense is better than ours.

    Dean Sackney

    If not I love minter, he is an amazing fit in this defence!

    Dean Sackney

    @Justin Gardner questionable, dak had 405 yrds and like 4 TDS…


Raise The Flag!

Mark eatinnGuud

Let Cichy get sum of dat p. T dude can actually read and react to run gaps

Spec- Jones


Han Solo

Defense is 100% better than last year. Great move 3/4

    Shre k

    Let’s go Bowles!

    Mongo Slade

    Han Solo absolutely!!!

    Yacan Son of Israel

    Hargreaves still getting smoked in the air tho, what’s your thought on that

Tony G

Shaq Barrett should get 3 game balls. We don’t win that game without him.

    Golden Eagle

    Definitely he was awesome best free agent pickup for us in a while

    Justin Gardner

    Agree, one of the very few good moves I liked this off season. I was shocked the price tag we got him for.

    Aj Sewsankar

    Golden Eagle I know we will most likely extend his contract. But I wish we would have locked him up for 6-7 years before he takes off for the cap.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Can’t spell Godwin without WIN

Kenneth Sarvis

Great mfk job BA !! Get it headcoach ⭐

Collin Sanders

Who’s he talking about when he’s saying “he’s calling out the plays before there coming” I can’t hear if he’s talking about a specific player or the coordinator

    Brandon Stephens

    Collin Sanders Defensive coordinator Todd bowles

    Mongo Slade

    Collin Sanders defensive coordinator Todd Bowles

Thomas Paiva

Just to think we’re missing beckwith, white, Evans, jpp, scotty miller. Granted every team has injuries but those are big ones for us

    Thomas Paiva

    @Tampa is back 5904 yeah it’s been reported. Or at least considering. But yeah I believe he retired or is contemplating.

    Justin Gardner

    Please tell me you’re kidding? Except for JPP. Those other guys are nothing we’re missing. Beckwith already is doubtful to ever play again! He wasn’t a Pro Bowl guy- he was an average LB Evans was 52nd ranked S by PFF when he did play. Scotty Miller looked horrible in preseason and has NEVER played an NFL game!!! D. White? Didn’t like the pick and am glad Minter is in. He played much better and was making the plays White “ should” be making. This team is majorly disfunctional on offense. Our TWO TEs are non existent!!! Perriman is everything the rest of the nfl knew already.. poor hands , poor route running. The 3rd down plays down field on 3rd n 2, 3rd n 5? Just not good. The penalties??? Even the HC are calling double TO’s!! If Cam didn’t play like the worst QB in football we lose. Even if he leaps in we lose as bad as he threw it.

    Thomas Paiva

    @Justin Gardner its called depth my guy . and evans was stillour best safety so your assertion makes 0sense

    Thomas Paiva

    @Justin Gardner beckwith was playing at a high level making plays. I know he’s going to retire but we might get a comp pick for him

    Thomas Paiva

    @Justin Gardner also our defense was horrible last year. Decent pass rush but wasnt consistent and horrible playoverall by our secondary.


Our offense has got to start clicking. With this defense, and last year’s offensive production we should be blowing dudes out



    Cameron Pope

    @leggo0116 good save 😂

    Calvert Williamson

    You are aware that you can edit your comments, right?

andre glenn

In all honesty “Sack” Barrett almost had 5. But if teams gameplan against him next time, you’ll have someone on the opposite side getting in there. Todd Bowles is a SCHEME DEMON

Thanh N.

Run defense has been phenomenal for two weeks now however, how come both teams have been able to pass to WIDE OPEN receivers? All of JW’s passes have been very tight except for the TD to Godwin. We need to tighten up the secondary plz!

    Calvert Williamson

    Our receivers are big, strong, and fast, but lack the quickness out of their breaks in routes to get the separation you see from a receiver like Antonio Bryant.

    Thanh N.

    Exactly. Everyone is saying that JW needs to be cut but he’s put in situations where you have guys running at you and WRs who aren’t getting the separations that other receivers are getting. Look at the Carolina game and count how many wide open throws Cam had.

    Justin Gardner

    Agree to most of what you guys are saying. He has however had a horrible game and one “ okay” game. Kuechley dropped a sure pick and 3 3rd n shorts Winston just threw balls to Evans that had no shot!! 3rd n 2 goes for End Zone . 3rd n 5 wings one 3 ft over his head. The last drive we needed to put it in to seal the W!! He threw a horrible ball . Making it a 6 pt game instead of 10 pt game. He missed Godwin on a wide open on a nice 15 yrd crossing route. That said , I don’t know if it’s our WRs can’t get separation as much as the routes in this new offense. We had a 3rd n 15 and all WRs ran straight go routes 20 yrds downfield. No guy to catch a 8-10 yard skinny post or crossing route to maybe get the first with YAC. Our TEs who were to be a strength are NOWHERE!! Only validating why you don’t take a TE in Rd 1 when you have a decent one already unless he’s one of your top 2 weapons.

    Calvert Williamson

    Justin Gardner Mike Evans missed a perfect pass in the end zone and Perriman missed a perfect pass in the end zone. You are right about the pass that Luke dropped, but every QB in every game I have watched had passes dropped by defensive players.

    Calvert Williamson

    Justin Gardner O.J. Howard has not a played well. In fact he has played very poorly. I wish we had taken Devin Cook.

Robbie Cruz

Congrats Buccaneers hard fought game

Tampa is back 5904

What’s scary is that Evans and Howard not balling right now , but just know they gonna get theirs eventually, and that’s when that offense gonna take off, and if you worried about oj , it’s gonna take time dirk and company knew how to utilize oj they used him similar to the way he was at Alabama , with the fake blocking routes where he hits the sidelines , maybe Arians hasn’t figured it out yet but he will , oj isn’t your normal 7-10 yard possession catching tight end he’s a big play guy

    Juice wrld Songs

    Tampa is back 5904 Bruce knows that he’s just new to the team so he’s trying to get oj in the grove of catching any ball

Drink More Water

Why is the audio so low? It’s fine if using headphones or ear buds but if u are listening from a phone speaker or Bluetooth speaker it’s very low.



Rickey Bobby

Bruce Arians was the biggest addition to any football team ,this offseason without a doubt, including AB… 💯


49ers fan here. I feel a lot better now. You guys D is 🔥. No wonder Jimmy G looked somewhat like 💩 plus his rust.

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