Bruce Arians on the Chemistry Between QB Tom Brady & WR Mike Evans | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Matthew Frazier Reply

The Bucs are hungry baby 😎

Isaac Medina Reply

Tom Brady the man

Don Breezy Reply

Listen, If Evan’s dont get hurt and Brady do what Brady do, then Evan’s will leap into top 2 WR by next season. Book it!

    Just Another Troll Reply

    Trump Troll says your grammar is atrocious.

    SkittlesBro13 Reply

    Already the best anyways 😤

Embrees Reply

Jenna Laine needs to stop drooling over Brady

    Fitness Guru Reply


    WarriorAngel001 Reply

    Heard she was assigned to ask Brady-focused questions.

WDtip VR Reply

Jenna…. enough!

Chill Time Reply

Dang, I wanna know whats up with Godwin now.

    Brian moore Reply

    Probably just precautionary honestly!

    SkittlesBro13 Reply

    It’s just keeping our most targeted guy as healthy and ready as possible

Nancy Laflash Reply

BA I love your responses, you are an awesome coach and a class act!!!

Corey Buschlen Reply

Is Jenna writing a book about Tom

    Fitness Guru Reply

    If Gisele and Tom are walking from the locker room and see Jenna, Gisele’s gonna pull Tom in the opposite direction. Hahaha

Kathleen Bennett Reply

GO BUCS!!!!!!!!☆=)
GO TAMPA!!!!!!!

Zyptic Reply

Jenna making the football world think we’re some screaming fan girls everyday. We were the first couple weeks but now it’s game time. Stop making the fan base look annoying when we been over it for months now

    Just Another Troll Reply

    Trump Troll says stop acting like a teenage girl

Victor Carter Reply

The Brady questions are understandable given the situation. Look all the sports questions are the same anyway…all the answers are the same.

Donald Talton Reply

Reminder: The NFL didn’t have “pre-season” games for the majority of its life! Remember all the injuries pre-season has?

Moose Keys Reply

Me, going into another day of press conferences forgetting that Jenna Laine only asks about Tom Brady: 🙂

Me, leaving another day of press conferences remembering that Jenna Laine only asks about Tom Brady: 🙁

Gregory Abat Reply

Wow, Jenna didn’t echo. That’s a first. She asked her obligatory Brady questions though.

Florider74 Reply

You can tell coach is sick of questions already

The Bike Watcher Reply

When BA is actually COL Hannibal. This Bucs squad really is The A-Team! I pity the fools who have to play these Buccaneers!


Please feel free to skip Jenna, indefinitely!! Thx, Buc’s fans!


Coach seems down… Anybody else notice this or perhaps, I’m misreading.

    Fitness Guru Reply

    The Florida heat takes the energy right out of you.

Fitness Guru Reply

Jenna: So about Tom Brady…

Ryan Allen Reply

Jenna: [60 seconds of poorly thought out Brady question]
BA: ye, they’re doing good.
Jenna: [60 more seconds of poorly thought out Brady question]
BA: We’ll worry about that later.
Translation: Keep asking BS questions you’re going to keep getting BS responses.

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