Bruce Arians on ‘Stacking’ Good Practices Together, Running Back Improvements | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Anna Fraley Reply

WHEN are you going to mic 🎤 up the question askers..???
It’s pointless to hear what B A is saying when you CANNOT hear the Questions..!!

    Evan S. Reply

    How is it that difficult to figure out the questions based on what his answer is? Lol

    minus opposite Reply


    Buccaneers Observer Reply

    The Zoom conferences were great for that. You could hear the question plus they said who it was that asked the question. I agree with you that the Bucs communications team needs to get the questions more audible.

Chris Maile Reply

Getting down to it. Go Bucs

This The Breaks Reply

If anyone can pick a LB its Tampa Bay. Look at the history.

Kawe'a Akuna Reply

BA! “MY MAN❤”✌

Buccaneers Observer Reply

I am ready for some football! Let’s go Bucs! Back to back Super Bowl Champions!

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