Bruce Arians on Shaq Barrett: ‘He’s Got a Good Toolbox of Moves’ | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Blak Dice

Smh it’s a Buccs life..

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    Lol factsssss!!!Go Bucs


    That’s what we kept telling each other.

    Jerry Daniels


Antony Brown

Wasted effort from Barrett…SMDH!!!

    Mike Flowers

    And evans

    Antony Brown

    @Mike Flowers Really pisses me off Bro!!!

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    Facts all them sacks for nothing, couldn’t even provided pressure on that rookie QB in the 4th qt when it mattered…

Clutch Sports

Rojo is the starter! Just do it already

    Jo el

    Hate to do that to barber, but rojo is starting to seperate himself

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    Right its clear to see RoJo is a way better back, i wonder what kind of relationship barber has with the staff, because its clearly not based on whose the better back…

Shea White-Toney

i hate everything

Shanta Grant

Lol do he realise he playing against the ram’s

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    Cooper kupp is about to get off, woods and cooks…we cant stop great receviers…Ya’ll remember that ATL game last year Julio and sanu went crazy…js

    Shanta Grant

    @The2ndHoles MyBackyard33 the defense was nun but bad last year rams is just too good as a team who can play both side of ball. I just think Buccaneers wont be ready to focus on passing n running game I think they just need the focus on zone n mix up the blitz

Chill Will04

Need to trade for a corner


    Chill Will04 the corners are trash!

    Allan Hernandez

    Negative. Too many picks invested in the secondary already


    Allan Hernandez well they’re not good so…

    Allan Hernandez

    @rocko17171717 it’s not that they’re not good,they’re rookies…its on of the hardest positions in the NFL..dont u think there bigger holes to fill?? So…

Danny Marrero

We need a #1 corner and push current guys down a spot to have a pretty good secondary

    brenda pryce

    We need put Dean in there and put vh3 in slottt


    @brenda pryce I think Dean is injured at the moment, but if Carlton keeps playing the way he does he’s gonna be riding the bench pretty soon.


Jalen Ramsey please TRADE FOR HIM when we blitz and play man our corners are just getting beat on these short routes

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    I would give up 2 number 1 picks for ramsey because we don’t use them right anyway but he’s not leaving a scrub to come to a scrub…js and if i wanted to be technical about the jags are better than us anyways at least they made the playoffs 2 years ago…

    Allan Hernandez

    Negative…all those draft picks on the secondary to now trade for Ramsey? Nope. There are bigger needs than trading for a CB.

    Buc n Here

    I’d trade OJ and Vita for Ramsey. Then trade young CB’s for offensive linemen

Oliver Lion

We gotta go from 2 points they kicker did it for me I’m still hurting unbelievable, let’s fine a girl kicker

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    lol word let give shawty from the olympic team a shot…😂🤣😂🤣 thank you for this laugh i needed this….🤙🏿

Adam Davies

We are the hardest team in the world to support…… kings of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory 🥺😭 this one really hurts

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    Word i havent felt a loss from the Bucs in a long time, but for some reason when we missed that fg yesterday it just felt like it loosing is all we will know in this new era…lol


The bucs could’ve fixed this problem years ago. All bucs fans have known for the past 5 years they need a top rated corner back but they refuse to address the issue and put soggy bandaids on it. Also the kicking game has killed this team too many times that its mind boggling. And the biggest head scratcher was signing cam brate to a major deal and then drafting O J Howard while dalvin cook sat out there waiting to be picked. Go bucs! Get it together

    The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

    bro ive been screaming this Dalvin cook lookin like a beast cant forget to mention the fact that we drafted vita over derwin james first year rookie all pro and rookie pro bowler…Gm and whoever is in charge off drafting needs to go the only pick we got right was obviously Mike Evans!!!!

Angel Feliciano

Terrible terrible terrible how do you not adjust

Garey Buff

Ryan Smith should be back soon

A G Massacre

Coach is a genius. Only he knows a longer field goal is an easier one😂

    Derek Waters

    It’s actually true. Young kickers with powerful legs struggle right up in front of the uprights because the field becomes condensed and it’s easier to feel the rush when that happens because the trajectory of the kick is different. That’s why the 2nd PAT was blocked.

Nate Pitts

Everyone is pushing for TB to trade for Jalen Ramsey.

1) Bucs can’t afford him.
2) You just want a big name on the roster.
3) Would he be a good fit? Maybe. But big personality issues – Won’t fit the team.
4) Its not worth trading future draft picks this close of becoming a make/break team. Meaning – the Bucs are not a great team right now. But they’re not terrible either. They can’t afford to forfeit some valuable picks when CB is still somewhat of a need. There’s bigger holes to fill than CB.

This loss to NYG is not all on the kicker. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Secondary. Coaching. Defense. Etc.
TB will NOT trade for Ramsey. Not worth wasting the money nor the picks. It would be D. Revis all over again.

    Sean Webb

    Nate, why can’t the Bucs afford him? He’s still on his rookie deal this season and his 5th year option is only slightly higher than VHIII for next season.

    Nate Pitts

    @Sean Webb
    Straight answer – Because he is the best corner in the game. Right now. That man has a BIG contract on his way if he keeps his game up.
    Is it impossible? No. Especially after the showing of the secondary against NYG, I think there’s more of a possibility. But TB put way too much stock and investment in the previous draft of their secondary. They won’t trade some CB’s that they just drafted.
    Besides, money-wise…The Bucs have a LOOOOOOONG list of FA over the next two seasons. All of which are VITAL players and VITAL positions on this team right now.

    Buc n Here

    We should not overpay for Ramsey. Just trade players no draft picks. OJ and Vita for Ramsey. Trade one or two young CB’s for an offensive linemen

Michael Smiley

We need to start Ronald jones and cut perrmain start scotty Miller

NickTheQuick 224

Did Jenna really just ask that???

Allan Hernandez

This was hard to digest man…. especially the record breaking game Evan’s had. Also, it was Ronde Barbers ring of honor night and we couldn’t win it at home! Left which deserves blame for this also with a flat offense in the 2nd half

    Buc n Here

    Allan Hernandez Bucs always ring of honor game

    Allan Hernandez

    @Buc n Here hahah, I didn’t want to mention it but I caught that too..

    Buc n Here

    Allan Hernandez Good news is that will be the last ring of honor game for quite some time. Lol ugh…


Carlton, vh3 and mj are not rookies..

Dilly Billy

This one hurt.

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