Bruce Arians on How to Beat the Rams: ‘Start With Stopping Todd Gurley’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jet Set Inc.

BS, we stopped Saquan Barkley last week…he did get injured but we were stuffing the run. Where did stopping the run get us last week, lit up by a rookie QB. We need someone that can stoop a receiver from catching the ball without committing PI.

    Antony Brown

    @Golden Ages My fear was that we would be such a blitz happy team that it would be easy to get completions when the pressure doesn’t get home..

    Golden Ages

    And Jones did a great job avoiding pressure in the pocket and scrambling too. I really thought Bowles defense was legit but talent is the issue back in the secondary.

    Jet Set Inc.

    Garrett Dixon Oh man, how I wish we could get a corner like Ramsey. He could literally be the Pat Peterson of our defense in Bowles’ defense.

    Antony Brown

    @Jet Set Inc. BUCs don’t know the importance of having dirty players which is why we will be push overs for years to come

    Jet Set Inc.

    Garrett Dixon Yes, Ramsey could be the Pat Peterson of Bowles’ defense here in Tampa. I wish that could happen, then one side of the field is shut down making things easier.


Start by making the extra points and field goals!


    Nah just TD’s and go for 2. The kicking curse is real.

Floridian HQ

Bucs had trouble covering TEs and the Rams have no TEs I know.. soooo

    Antony Brown

    Then that means the receivers will cut us up….

    Nick Mason

    Tyler Higbee and Josh Reynolds? Both very talented TEs

    Daniel Pressley

    Nick Mason Gerald Everett is better and Tyler is injured. Rams fan here I think you guys will play great defense but that offense you guys have idk I’m not a believer that jameis can beat us

    Eric Canfield

    @Antony Brown Cooper Kupp


Don’t lose focus in the 4th and finish with continuous scoring do not let off the gas


And finish by hitting the chip shot game winning FG…

Marlon White

I dont want to see any more press conferences.


    Marlon White Then don’t watch them

    Marlon White

    @RockSolidEJV420 Dont do that. Its been 16 years since a post season win. You know this team should stop with the formalities and focus on showing up on gamedays. Time for fans to stop being passive and put some pressure on the organization.


    Marlon White LoL Look at the Browns. Their fans have all the passion in the world yet the team stay in their losing ways year after year. You’re complaining about a press conference, don’t understand the logic coming here to complain.

shawn C

This team is pathetic. I knew it would be at training camp.


    shawn C Yet you’re still here


Just like start by stopping Saquon right? Nope still find a way to lose because of incompetence.

Jay Bigwood

Rpo??? Tf she talking bout… Fukn joke could be 3 n 0.. Let’s Fukn go!!!


    Jay Bigwood she probably hear the term rpo for the first time on tv and tried to pretend like she knew what she was talking about.

Enrique Miron

Need to score when your in the RED ZONE!!!

Shea White-Toney

start by finding a competent kicker and secondary

Thomas Paiva

We stopped saquan and mccaffery. One wr lost the other we almost lost

Surreal Feeds

I’d be down to give up a first and 3rd rounder for Ramsey…Need a lockdown corner and move Vernon to the nickel

    Justin Douglas

    Surreal Feeds if he don’t wanna play for jags why u think he would play for the bucs

    Surreal Feeds

    @Justin Douglas Cause we’re not the jags


Man! Everybody on here sound like they giving up on the team after week 3. Ya’ll some fake fans. The secondary is made up of rookies or 2nd year players in a whole new scheme. Cant you guys have some patience?

    Nate Pitts

    For realllll

Nate Pitts

I honestly think TB will give LAR a game! If they learn from past mistakes, and play like they did in the first half vs. NYG, they can dominate anyone.

Juan Carlos Perez

Upset alert 🚨 Bucs 28- Rams 21

David Smith

People need to be patient, it ain’t going to change overnight. The improvement is there to see and there is more to come . Jameis is going to be the biggest decision, for me it depends what the alternatives are

eugene moody

It’s going to be a good game period ‼️‼️

Joe Mama

Someone please shut that dumb chick up! You can see the cringe on Bruce’s face. She has gotta be the worst field “reporter” I’ve ever heard speak and makes these difficult to listen to.

Eric Canfield

Jameis Winston vs the Rams secondary??? Sacks and turnovers. Lets not get it twisted the Rams D is sick. Better pass rush and a better secondary this season

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