Bruce Arians on Chris Godwin’s Outstanding Performance | Postgame Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Great win! Need to do something with the secondary though.

    EnterTheDragon 1

    I wouldn’t mind jalen Ramsey tbh


    Need a lockdown corner and new tackles, we are solid inside stopped Aaron Donald for the most part… sure up the tackles and we good

    NickTheQuick 224

    Would be nice to see what we have in the rookies eventually.

    George Williams

    More consistent run game will help.. We kept scoring too fast.. Trust.


    @EnterTheDragon 1 Please this. There is literally no one we could pick in the 2020 draft who would be better than Ramsey.

Mike Flowers

Great win now lets really STACK EM UP! Go bucs!


Put up 55 pts against the undefeated Rams!

    Gareth Forde

    A record for the bucs… Unbelievable game, this team is awesome!

Shea White-Toney

good game by jameis overall

LeDevin Green

This is our time…..

Nick K

In Bruce We Believe

Xavier Sweeney

im proud of my team buccs played like they wanted win great win great coching


I’ve been a Bucs fan for nearly 40 years, so naturally I HATE getting optimistic about them, but something about them feels different this season and I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be looking at this game as a turning point in their history.

    John Smith

    Loving the new head coach, he came in and immediately started to push his weight around, it’s what we needed


    @John Smith Yeah, Bruce is definitely the most legit, ACTUAL NFL head coach we’ve had in a loooooong time.

    L G R W

    I’m a titans fan and Bruce is the first respectable coach y’all have had that I can remember since I started watching nfl, I started watching football in either 07 or 08. Tampa finally appears to be on the right trajectory. Looking forward to when our teams meet this season in Nashville! Should be a decent game.


Bruce and his staff didn’t allow this team to pack it up after last game, mad respect for that.

Vandall Harris

Sign Shaq to a long term extension now!!!

    Andrew Coons

    Heard they are working on it!


Crazy game, the secondary needs a lot of work though. Great win I was glad to be at the game.

Eric Houston

Bottom line is that for over a decade we let games like this slip. I think this is the start of the rebirth

Oliver Lion

Now we talking coach, no mercy on them teams let go get them saints. They only putting up 12 points 🤣

EnterTheDragon 1

This is finally the coach that Jamies needed let’s go bucs


Meanwhile Koetters Falcons only put up 10 pts… Bruce > Koetter by a billion

Surreal Feeds

I love this man

Paul Furr

Keeping the foot down when you have the lead is the goal.

Darius Williams

Thank You I retract my last weeks statement my team showed up Go Bucs 🔥🔥🔥🔥

YoungHustler Joke

We a SuperBowl Team 🔥🔥🔥💯

Nate Pitts

BA is transforming the “losing culture” in TB.

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