Bruce Arians on Aaron Rodgers: ‘One of the Best There Is’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jim D Reply

The media asked BA about execution. Reminds me of the old John McKay quip:

Media: “What do you think of your team’s execution?”
McKay: “I’m all for it.”

Devin Patton Reply

Stay focused! One game at a time!

Unseatedz Reply

Bout to be a heck of game!

Black Crow Vol 2 Reply


    Daq Reply

    Surprised she has a job!

King Kong Reply

It’s drops!!!

Swiss Cheese yt Reply

Anyone else watching the game on Sunday?

Mark Sidell Reply

3 winston lovers don’t like coach

Alex Garza Reply

On to Greenbay

NFL Highlights Reply

go bucs lets win this ring

Derek Mulling Reply

This coach never seems to give Brady much praise.

    Brandon Stephens Reply

    He gives him credit a lot of the time but he doesn’t go crazy with it. I think it’s done purposely bc he knows Brady’s personality. He’s the type of competitor that plays better when he feels doubted. It’s smart actually. Chess not checkers.

    Ismael Rodriguez Reply

    No need,he is running the offense, showing the trust is more important than, praise 🤔,from a coach prospective

Peter Lu Reply

Bruce Arians reminds me of that Pawnstars guy Rick. “

Justin Gardner Reply

I love his answers. BA is my guy.. He can’t win with national media. If he tells truth on Brady’s mistakes or we don’t win fashionably, it’s his fault. We win it’s Brady’s glory. If he defends his players or team, it’s boasting. They use his quips always as a confrontational talking point. He can’t win. If I was 2x coach of the year n got abused for everything n no credit for the good? I’d be ornery too.
Let’s not act like if we had say..the 20th best ?QB last year we are not a 9-7 team.
His ego did scared me in re:: to running the ball. I’m a believer that Marpet, Jensen n Wirfs should be doing what they love to do , get PHYSICAL.
We have to run in order to have a shot. We’ve done it two games and NEED to definitely do it this week. Imho TB can dominate all facets physically!! Especially Oline upfront.

    Mark Sidell Reply

    Nicely said. I am pretty sure rojo is gunna want to rock every snap this week

Praj P Reply

Make aaron see ghosts

Robert Reilly Reply

Yeah to bad Aaron came out and said he doesn’t believe in GOD, after he has been blessed with the talent and fame and fortune. Good luck with that. Go get that Superbowl Tom Brady.

    Anna Fraley Reply

    Yeah, I didn’t know that… NOT a smart statement for Aaron to make right there..!! 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

Biinkiss Reply



GOO BUCANEERS!!!💪💪💪🏈🏈🏈😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏!!!!

Seacock Nanny Reply

That’s my coach!

Seacock Nanny Reply

I swear BA is sending SOS signals with his blinks whenever Jenna asks a question.

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