Bruce Arians’ Home Opener With the Bucs & Raymond James Stadium 2019 Season Preview | Bucs Beat – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Sxnowzyy Reply

We winnin lol

    Shea Mac Reply

    Sxnowzyy chill

    BKK Reply

    @Shea Mac not with Winston

Hawk 490 Reply

Easy win

    Shea Mac Reply

    Hawk 490 they’re not an easy win

    RK Belmont Reply

    Underrate anyone as an “easy win” and you’ll be surprised. 49ers are better than you think and they have everyone healthy.

    CEN CAL Reply

    Yea easy win.. For the Niners

    BKK Reply

    @CEN CAL Bucs are horrible

Truth Teller Reply

Is the food free?

    Trill Kingg Reply

    Truth Teller is water wet??

    Truth Teller Reply

    @Trill Kingg not technically lol. It makes other things wet.

    BKK Reply

    The food is nasty

The Meme Boi Reply

I’m happy I’m going



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