Bruce Arians Has ‘All the Confidence in the World’ in Rojo | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Todd Fontaine Reply

First! Ha ha!

Eric B. Reply

Game week it is.. Let’s Gooooo!

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

So many people forgot about us. Bruce has only had 1 losing season in his entire carrier coaching. This is the year that shows coaching means everything

    A A Reply

    GoyBoy81 why not? Great proven offense. A defense that we’ve put a huge amount of draft capital into to get back to our defensive roots so theres all kinds of talent on it now. And world class coaching.

    A A Reply

    GoyBoy81 the Rams went 4-12 in 2016, 11-5 in 2017, and then 13-3 in 2018(last year) and went to the superbowl.

    GoyBoy81 Reply

    @A A Yeah but, thats the Rams tho. Bucs aint going anywhere with Winston and that Oline, plus no running back. Bunting and White are looking like busts already. Same ol Bucs.

    Vincent Wright Reply

    Yeah, and I don’t blame them forgetting about us . I try to forget about that horrific offensive line that we have.


Wit out an offensive line we will go 5-11 again we need to adress the online this season bad

    conrad jones Reply

    Thank you make a trade for Trent Williams trade 76 if we can??!! Try to get some late round draft picks for him

RarelyEvenn Reply

Why do people keep asking him about Carolina?

    Vincent Wright Reply

    I am worried about San Fran’s defensive line against our offensive line . 🙁

    RarelyEvenn Reply

    @Vincent Wright Me too, pal. I believe in BA and our guys though.

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

    RarelyEvenn – Because it’s a Thursday night game. You don’t have as much time as you normally do to gameplan.

    Zack Butts Reply

    @Vincent Wright definitely gonna be a problem

tallflguy Reply

Let’s go!!!!!! The run to the super bowl starts this weekend!

    BKK Reply

    Bucs are gonna lose division

Scorpio 863 Reply

Got my tickets, will be there to watch us get that W

BKK Reply

Winston will be eating alot of Ls this year

conrad jones Reply

Maaaannnnn fix that OL then we can talk until then I’ll be wearing my trustee creamsicle throw back hat proudly


can we please get a mic on the ppl asking questions its so hard to hear the questions

    Gibster Reply

    mic isn’t the issue. its just a simple audio boost

    GoyBoy81 Reply

    @Gibster lol ikr all these ppl just need better gear

14 Shots Reply


rc newcoemr Reply

I have this playing on my Bluetooth speaker at MAX volume and still can’t hear anything

GameDog Reply

How to fix the audio. Download the video, play in VLC, switch audio from stereo to mono and boost audio to 200%. Easy Peasy! LOL

Hajile Sillet Reply

Concerned about mike injuries. Not sure if he’ll play or not

Ahmed Mostafa Reply

Let’s go coach

NickTheQuick 224 Reply

My left ear enjoyed this

Mark Sidell Reply

I understand there are hacks to make it louder, but man…. it’s a nfl team. They should be able to do this a little better. Go bucs. Let’s get it. I cant wait until sunday.

matthew kitchel Reply

Turn volume up

jwill13 Reply

Finally a great coach! We going 12-4!


Not even asking questions about the niners? wow! With that weak OL, niners DL will be chasing Winston all game. Sleep on my niners, we will wake u up on sunday😉

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