Bruce Arians: Every Game is a Must Win Now | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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JJHcars Reply

BA stop forcing the ball deep. Open the mid rage game all the TE and WR got hands. Run play action. Score some TDs THEN throw it deep

    Desmond Bradley Reply

    Run the ball 1st and it will open everything else up.

    Ricky Koswin Reply

    As well as Crossing Routes so the defense has to chase the receivers.

Austin Burns Reply

As high as our expectations are, let’s not pretend like the season is lost or has been bad, we already have as many wins as we had all of last year.

    Unreal Highlights Reply

    The good this is after the chiefs game we play lions falcons and Vikings so we really should finish the season 11-5 or 12-4

    Tqbi ._. Reply

    @Unreal Highlights Imagine 12-4 is coming real!! It would be a X-Mas Gift!!

    Infamous 95 Reply

    Unreal Highlights yeah but we gotta win that chiefs game man I think that would get them rollin again

Andre Persaud Reply

Buck have some of the best running backs and receiver in league they should be lighting defense up

    Joshua Chaves Reply

    Another funny thing is people calling Tampa Bay receivers best receivers in the league all of a sudden that Tom is there but last year you didn’t hear any of that talk that’s because they are good relievers not great relievers now that’s the truth all of a sudden there elite receivers

    Joshua Chaves Reply

    And that offensive line is terrible they have one or two good linemen that’s it you keep Tom up right you’ll see what he can do same issue they had in New England line terrible in 2019 with mediocre receivers Brady has been hit more this year in the first half of the Season than all of last year figure that stat out

    Fred Manning Reply

    Coaching is the missing part

    Me You Reply

    @Fred Manning yep the OC is terrible. With all this talent you need an Andy Reid, Shanahan or McVay type system and this offense would be scarey.

    Me You Reply

    @Unreal Highlights Brady won’t have more time to throw until we get a better LT. D Smith is too inconsistent and Brady knows that his blindside isn’t being protected well which causes him issues in the pocket. It doesn’t help that we run an outdated vertical passing scheme which takes too much time to develop and when the read is long to short instead of short to long there’s going to be issues when you face a good rush/ pass defense. BL needs to incorporate some draws, motions and crossing routes to help slow the defense down.

wrafen Reply

12-4 we will find a way btw i make nfl content

    Tqbi ._. Reply

    I hope sooo much for 12-4!
    Btw Greetings from Germany to my Buccaneers family!👋👋👋

Infamous 95 Reply

This guys ego and gameplans are really frustrating

    FLY HAM Reply

    Their secondary not good and they can’t defend the pass

    Infamous 95 Reply

    FLY HAM yup like why they staying in soft zone coverages they were eating that up all game

    FLY HAM Reply

    @Infamous 95 i swear

Danny Marrero Reply

Our play calling needs to adjust when pressure is killing out oline

stéphane A Reply

Bruce «it’s never my fault» Arians.

lightningNAjar Reply

We let Tom pick his plays “within the game plan” Bruce your game plans are trash bro quick 4 to 7 yard passes should be the teams bread and butter

    Ricky Koswin Reply

    and Crossing Routes.

Jackson Fernandez Reply

Bruce is getting exposed

    Ricky Koswin Reply

    Bruce got exposed when the Cardinals got barried by the Panthers in the NFC Championship Game several years ago.

    Take what the Defense gives you and / or make them chase you with Crossing Routes.

    Also go UP TEMPO to tire out the defensive front.

Jackson Fernandez Reply

Calls terrible plays and doesn’t even play McCoy when he’s the only running back who can catch

    Infamous 95 Reply

    And barely gives rojo any touches after having a career week what a bum

    Ricky Koswin Reply

    Fournette can catch ……. on those throws the QB does not lead the running back you throw the ball at his body / chest area.

Joshua Chaves Reply

Any quarterback in the league will not be successful when they’re laying on their back that many times you have to keep in mind you have a 43 year old pocket passer

Roy Seymour Reply

Bruce don’t even look like a coach He look like he been picking Florida Oranges.. Hahaha

KA Reply

Bucs offence is just too predictable for other teams and so is their defence now.

Rupert Maximilian Reply

Can’t believe are offense keeps going 3 and out with all that talent

Christian M Reply

Thank you Defense for holding your part. 🙏🙏❤️

Kenny Guapa Reply

If they dont figure this out, fire Bruce Arians. Brady ain’t getting any younger.

OperationEndGame Reply

Once again, you abandon the run… Secondary is still a major problem that they can’t seem to fix.

Justin Gardner Reply

Wirfs dominated on just about every replay I saw . The replay of pressure in the end zone he took on two guys. He’s the real deal no doubt .

Ricky Koswin Reply

Take what the Defense gives you and / or make them chase you with Crossing Routes.

Also go UP TEMPO to tire out the defensive front.

Ineffable Reply

Stop using Evans two dimensionally throw the ball high Evans can out jump a defender in the game. That’s was how Winston helped make him get 6 1000 yard seasons.

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