Bruce Arians: Devin White Will Be Ready For Carolina Game | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Charles Wadlington Reply

I kno I don’t play for the Bucs, but im tired of losing seasons every single year same song when is this very talented team gonna atleast make it 2 the playoffs.

    Matt Townsend Reply

    Tampa is back 5904 make some trades we can afford to

    supercaptainamericanmarvelman Reply

    @Matt Townsend we only have 7 million in cap space, we’d probably have to release some people to get somebody good.

    BrutalAsBucs Reply

    Tampa is back 5904 all the dummies get so focused on QB play… you have to be a complete team from Top down

    After Asteroid Survivor Reply

    supercaptainamericanmarvelman Brate,Howard, Don Smith and VH3 sounds like trade bait. Add a 3rd-4th pick and we could get Jaylen, Peterson or any other corner.

    Tampa is back 5904 Reply

    BrutalAsBucs Exactly

Angel FORTNITE Reply

Maybe the saints are real. We did a good job trying to keep up. We just didn’t play good football.

    supercaptainamericanmarvelman Reply

    The saints have been real for years.

    BrutalAsBucs Reply

    Saints shouldve been in the superbowl last year

Nick K Reply

I hate losing but I feel like BA has Bucs games a lot more exciting then Dirk so I feel like we moving in the right direction even tho ik it’s hard right now

    Chelsi Mackin Reply

    Couldnt agree more!!!

    Beware The Bay Podcast Reply

    Yep. Absolutely. Don’t you feel like BA just has it under control? Just a pro. I trust him

Adam Bub Reply

Those challenges we lost was crazy…first they say there wasnt a clear recovery when there obviously was,then say there was no offesive pi

    BatedStudent44 Reply

    I dont agree that was offensive pi but that no fumble recovery was bs and the hit by carlton davis had barely any contact if any by his helmet was also bs

    Beware The Bay Podcast Reply

    Absurd officiating

Gorrnan Reply

Can you guys be more consistent with having the questions mic’d up? I shouldn’t have to put my ear to my speaker to hear a question that BA hears clearly.

Dolls Bill Reply

We are a better team den last year when our team get healthy we gone be a problem…but on to next week

UCON Reply

O line and secondary and a true third receiver will be addressed in the next years draft

    Eli Navy Reply

    UCON that third receiver should be OJ HOWARD

    Eli Knight Reply

    Eli Navy right bruh

    UCON Reply

    Eli Navy naaa .. he should be a threat but we should have a deep threat or a true slot …. this is why the team needed to keep Humphrey.TE is a TE .. we can’t take from that .

G Matlock Reply

Bottom line is Bowles defense can stop the run but not the pass. Need some draft picks in the secondary and the O- line

joe ii Reply

Coach up that secondary Bro

James Beasley Reply

That’s what i like coach keep it real 100%. Vh3 show out this game or go somewhere else with that losing mentality.

Gunshine State Reply

We should’ve went for it on 4th and 3 on that last drive to tie instead we punt the ball and saints score again

Mr Bigpun Reply

Gotta respect Bruce honesty…..hes been upfront since day 1

14 Shots Reply

Win or lose i love My bucs

    Yacan Son of Israel Reply

    What a loser.

BucsFan 727 Reply

Trade for Ramsey or Patrick Peterson please and give Rojo and Scotty Miller in offense more DUH

Eli Navy Reply

We need to use OJ Howard. I don’t care if he’s a tight end, Bruce, he’s a freaking great receiver too. Just play him as a wide out a couple more times if you have to. He’s a deadly weapon the Bucs aren’t using and it’s a huge shame for the team and Howard’s talent

    Mullet Boy Reply

    Eli Navy agree

LeDevin Green Reply

I feel like the play call could a whole lot better we have four tight ends on this roster. we have four tight ends on this roster. I don’t understand why we are not running to tighten sets 60% one plays. We need to right now especially now we need to run the football a lot. O’Jays a slot receiver we don’t have a good slot receiver. You need to feature OJ if you going to win anyting. We need to be playing two tight end sets. Do not need to go three-wide. Roll the block move the ball because our defense is playing terrible right now

After Asteroid Survivor Reply

Blah blah blah… year, new coaching staff same excuses. Our diminutive corners are not NFL caliber players.

Aj Armas Reply

We could’ve beat the saints I just think we played horrible that game . We got to the focus minds get too clouded and lose .

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