Bruce Arians Announces 2019 Captains & Excitement for Sunday | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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We going 11-5 change my mind


    Bro what y’all don’t understand is you can go 13-3 with a trash o line but superior offense and rebuilding defense teams have done it before

    Randy Ayo


    OMD OldManDuece

    I’ll be satisfied with a NFC Championship game showing other than that…rather go 0-16 and get a real QB

    Randy Ayo

    OMD OldManDuece Right go 0-16 and draft Jalen….then go 0-16 again 😂

Spec- Jones


    Paul Welch

    NFL bucs Sunday ““oh Ty lord

    Matthew Williams

    Meeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!! Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrh!!!!!!!

    Richard Ndedi

    Bucs nation. Is the. BEST NATION

Blaze_News _

Mike evans gonna rip up this year

BucsFan 727

Jenna with the personal questions. Jenna are you that dumb everyday or just Sunday’s. Keep it to football _-_-_. Couldn’t cut it in the big markets Jenna. We have the worst pin and mic club in the league. There is a few good ones. Rock. Scott and Casey are the best at covering Bucs news. The rest can kick rocks.

    Kobe Jamez

    Cuz scott and casey seem like actual fans

Westcoast 57257

Y’all ain’t ready

    Glenn Cross

    Judging by last season, I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around


    Westcoast 57257 We’re ready trust me and we at home??? Pfft this is gonna be a pounding


    They really have no idea what’s coming

    Westcoast 57257

    Sxnowzyy I told y’all. Y’ALL AIN’T READY!!

Joshua Massey

Section 306 is ready

    Randy Ayo

    Which empty section is that?

Little A The Best Noob Ever. 1234

Fersure Bucs taking an L
😂😂 ThEmpire49


    Youre a 🤡🤡 to think that the assners are gonna beat the Bucs

    Little A The Best Noob Ever. 1234

    @Sxnowzyy u wanna try again u imbecile😂😂 ThEmpire49

    Little A The Best Noob Ever. 1234


Keshawin Gilley

He is really guiding the Bucs in the right direction. Could possibly lead them to the NFL championship

    Randy Ayo


Cristian Rangel

Bruce Arians is the 2nd best coach in the NFL


    But he is soon gonna overtake Gruden.


    Bruce arians stinks


    What a joke


Breaking news hurricane red and gold is coming sunday.


Your job coach is to make sure Evans gets a ring if not you failed us but I like what you’re doing with time of possession soo far and our defense. Also like that you told Winston to worry about playing and leading more then being a vocal person.

John Holman

GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM READY!!!!!!!!!


Mic the press

Randy Ayo

Every sinking ship needs a captain

Greg Donaldson

Our whole offensive line is the x factor in the game. How they perform, is how our offense performs. I am nervous because 49ers dline is very talented like Cleveland’s. Go Bucs!

    Johnny Bucs

    Greg Donaldson agreed, hopefully we go heavy on the draft next year.

Andre Martin

Time for the BUCS to shine no excuses I’m looking for a playoff run

Eric Whalen

The Tampa Bay buccaneers are my love my heart and my team and the super bowl championship is our only dream ❤️

OMD OldManDuece

This is the 1st year…in 33 years
Just not excited
We should be good…I have zero faith in Winston



Sammie Jackson

Trash man

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