Browns vs. Rams on Sunday Night Football | Browns Countdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Browns vs. Rams on Sunday Night Football | Browns Countdown

, and Je'Rod Cherry preview the Browns matchup with the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football, discuss how the Browns have played through two games this season and their keys to defeating the 2018 NFC Champions.

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Michael Gainan

Let’s go Browns it’s not gonna be a easy one but we’ll pull through


    Browns lose by 2TD at least.

    Michael Gainan

    Fleetleader101 nope we win no cap

Elijah Cable

We got this…. let Baker warm up and do his thing with Odell

    Danny Burch

    No…do that Baker will have 5 pics!

    Michael Gainan

    Danny Burch ur Trash

    Danny Burch

    @Michael Gainan and your dumb!

Antonio May

Push to pull no mistakes….mg


What in the hell happened, it’s only the 3rd game. I’m concerned that Denzel is always getting hurt. You have to give Greg Williams credit for preparing the Defense and confusing Baker. They played Great defense.

Combat Vet Gaming

Can Freddie. Nice guy; not the right guy for a head coach though.

    Flat-out faggot ass, motherfucking, shit-dick puke.

    Yup, exactly.

    Flat-out faggot ass, motherfucking, shit-dick puke.

    T- 99 You must be new to sports….seasoned vets know a duck when they see one. You’ll learn, kiddo – he’s a trash coach and that’s that.

    Flat-out faggot ass, motherfucking, shit-dick puke.

    Duzzit Matter Stop typing.

    Combat Vet Gaming

    @T- 99 yeah now 3 games. Terrible coaching calls by Kitchens.

Slime Peso

Lessgo lets get this W

Combat Vet Gaming

Been hearing run the ball for a long time now, but it aint happening.

Shoot To Thrill

Hate to say it but this game might get ugly early… If they can’t solve the offensive riddle “ie- pass happy… holding the ball too long” check the damn ball down! 35-23 Rams I hope not but…

    T- 99

    Defense I think will let us down tonight, they will be over aggressive and get screens dumped over there heads all game

    Shoot To Thrill

    @T- 99 Yeah I can see that happening. Our O-line going to get tested tonight hope they can keep Baker clean.

    Michael Gainan

    Shoot To Thrill not a true browns fan

Dr. Gav

I hope we win, witch I am sure we will however Denzil ward might not play

Danny Burch

Pound the 🏈 Rock! Pass short or intermediate The. Pass Don’t Force It if it’s not there balance



Shane Koehler

Browns win by double digits and shock the world!

BillionaireNell 1987

Let’s Go Browns


Baker needs to run the ball. Enough deep passes!

Brian 95

I love my browns but let get real we lose today by 14 or more. Baker will force the ball and the O-line will collapse all game.

phil valentine

Run Chubb more than 17 times. Feed that back the ball and we’ll have a chance.


Start of a tough stretch! Go Browns!

Ashlee Russell

Assistir Rams vs Browns En Vivo

Ryan Caudillo

Check the score. Really, no offense, none, zilch! Browns are imploding fast. Mayfield exposed as average!😎 Mahomes he is not!😁Booyah!

Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS

My L.A Ram’s going to the Superbowl again this year we got the Saint’s out the way the brown’s out the way who esle

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