Browns vs. Rams Hype Video (Week 3) | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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daddykong1 Reply

Stay Together !!! Go Browns

    slight o hand Reply

    Niggas just keep getting raped bruh , let’s trade these dudes for a CFL team

Dakota Hayes Reply


Brian Reply

let´s go browns.

Cereal Killer Reply


Gage Wellman Reply


Review That Reply

15-1 lets gooo browns

    Shoot To Thrill Reply

    LOL… they will be lucky to be 10-6 or 11-5 . Let’s just hope they can get a win tonight.

    Review That Reply

    Shoot To Thrill good joke

GetHooked Reply

Baker has to step up today or we have no chance. Can’t miss open Receivers. Dog Check let’s go!

Tranquility Base Reply

Praying for a statement win. We’ll see.

Craig Cundiff Reply

Run the ball and control the clock… keep Jared Goff off the field… DEFENSE… DEFENSE…. DEFENSE!

    Edward Gaines Reply

    Ground game, if they’re smart. Chubb should be working OT in this game.

    suny123boy1 Reply

    We need to run the ball power run!

Joshua Thompson Reply

Lets go

Edward Gaines Reply

The music here reminds me of Rocky Vs. Apollo! Can The Browns go the distance, even if they lose?

William Paul Reply

Hope the Browns can unify. The sum of the parts. Force one Browns! A house divided can not win.

mmz77 Reply

Are rams stronger defensive of offensive?

Morgan Yu Reply

Let’s go boys. Make the league scared to play the Browns! 👊😠 Bless’m.

    Yogi Bear Reply


    Morgan Yu Reply

    @Yogi Bear Why’re you laughing? Just caught a glance of your tiny pecker again?😄

Frank Joseph Reply

I’m worried about the overthrows

William Deemer Jr. Reply

Nice. Lots of Jets highlights. Good luck!

Sbrabson04 Reply

From Cleveland to LA like Pac said. We’ll most certainly see how good we claim to be today. Lets go DAWGS!

Shoot To Thrill Reply

Hype for what 3 and outs… D on the field all day! LETS HOPE NOT! hope they got it figured out but… guess we’ll see.

mortuary mike Reply

I’ma Mayfield supported I want to see the Browns do something special I’m a New England Patriots fan since the beginning of Brady career and following him and I live in LA I hate the Celtics though LOL go Lakers and Dodgers but anyways playing the Rams now he’s playing with the big boys Tallassee what he’s made of

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